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Sorry, but I could not improve on Gizmodo’s headline. I was thinking “It’s Like an Apple Store . . . ONLY CLEANER!” But then the second you hear the voice-over, you know this gun wunderland is Deutsch. (The only other options were Swiss or Malaysian.) Pointing out that this store is neat and tidy would be like highlighting the fact that a trailer park has a meths lab. Or two. Or three. Anyway, we’re up for a European TTAG shooting tour this fall, stopping at Müller Schiess Zentrum. Gehen wir! Meanwhile, script translation by Gizmodo commentator Niklasnik after the jump. Thanks to ace TTAG scribe Brett Solomon for the link.

Thousands of years ago made to survive, shooting became a demanding precision sport. A sophisticated mixture of stength, concentration and body control. To exercise this sport reasonable and with delight in match, this is what the largest shooting facility was made for.
Welcome to the Müller Schiess Zentrum Ulm. Unique in Europe, the 3.000 square meters large and 22 meters high clay pigeon hall enables concentrated training in every season. Air-conditioned, perfectly illuminated and without disturbing environmental influences.

There are “rabbits”, *No Idea* or the classic clay pigeon and furthermore the olympic disciplines “Skeet”, “Trap” and “Double Trap” *or something like this* possible. 3 distances, 3 challenges. The 25, 100 and 300 meter long, subterranean firing ranges and cinemas are computer-controlled, heated and complete air-conditioned. Ideal conditions for gamekeeper, sport rifleman, policeman and security services. In a large range of more than 150 3d-hunting-simulations, real movies and sport scenarios are shooting situations realistic rendered. All firing ranges and cinemas are equipped with fixed cameras to control hits.

Only in Müller Schiess Zentrum, you can experience our unique 3d-battue-simulation and do a nearly real hunting. Analyse your hits in a 3d model of your shot animal. For evaluation, the corpse is shown transparent inclusive all bones, organs and the bullet channel. A complete new experience of battue training!

Smooth dimmable night simulations enable testing of gunsights.

Our Shop offers weapons of all kinds, brands and their accessories, hunting equipment or clothing for women and men. On 1.200 square meters, hunting- and sport riflemen are able to find the right equipment for their passion. For maintenance and repair helps our professional gunsmith workshop. In the large nature-diorama are exclusive weapons to fascinate customers in a seperate room. *Seminare* Shooting Sport needs responsibility and conscientious contact with the weapons.

The education and seminars at the Müller Schiess Zentrum offer funded knowledge to the topics muzzleloading, recharging and general weapon knowledge. Mediated by experienced riflemen and registered coaches. *Sicherheit* Build to match all actual environment guidelines is the whole facility on the most recent state of security. A special environment concept takes care for the professional disposal of brass. *Cafè* Conservations, Feelings, Thoughts after a exciting day. That‘s what the Müller Schiess zentrum Cafè is for. Precious design, exquisite materials, balanced atmosphere.

In passion for a tradition-rich sport. Re-experience shooting sport. In Europe‘s unique shooting facility. Welcome to the Müller Schiess zentrum Ulm.

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  1. It has an indoor skeet range, for Chrissake people! And I thought Cabela's was a destination store…

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