Mayhem, Misdeeds and Macs.

I’m a recent convert to All Things Mac. From the PR emanating out of Cupertino, you might think that Macficiandoes are all sunshine, sweetness and light, who all join hands for the morning groupthink and Shambala sing-along. Um…not so much. Perception, meet (a nasty dose of) reality, at least in San Diego. The NBC affiliate reports […]

“It’s Like an Apple Store . . . WITH GUNS!”

Sorry, but I could not improve on Gizmodo’s headline. I was thinking “It’s Like an Apple Store . . . ONLY CLEANER!” But then the second you hear the voice-over, you know this gun wunderland is Deutsch. (The only other options were Swiss or Malaysian.) Pointing out that this store is neat and tidy would […]