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When Piers Morgan heard that Iowa issues concealed carry permit to legally blind citizens, the lame duck CNN talk show host was apoplectic. He used the blind people with a gun? meme to beat the hell out of his pro-gun guests, not one of who had the balls to say “So ‘effing what?” TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia pointed out that blind people A) have a right to keep and bear arms and B) have a pressing need to protect themselves from bad guys. Anti-gunners would clock the video above and point out that the blind man couldn’t see it coming. Literally. The People of the Gun know that brandishing a gun is a great way to stop an attack in its tracks. And using it against an attacker may be the only way to save your life. See what I mean?

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    • I agree. However, this is one toke over the line: The university I went to, and later lived near, has braille buttons on the elevators to their parking decks! Think about that one.

      • Finding one’s way to a car is not the same thing as driving it.

        Besides which, my father-in-law, who has been completely blind nearly his whole life, actually has driven a car before (on side streets with a navigator, not in a parking garage, but still…driving). And he’s a gun owner, too. One badass old dude.

        What really makes me shake my head is when fast-food places have braille on their menu boards…behind the counter. Or suspended 7 feet overhead. Real useful.

        • Didn’t you know? All blind people have superpowers. Some end up like daredevil, with superhearing, but in fact most of them end up being able to stretch like the stretchy guy from Fantastic Four.

          Remember Fantastic Four? Good god what a terrible movie.

      • I did think about it Mr. Burke and it’s a good way for a blind person to meet someone on the correct parking floor. It also allows them to leave the parking garage and go into the main building.

    • ATM production is made cheaper by standardizing them, rather than having a drive thru and a non-drive thru product line.

      • Lots of people in the Central Ohio RKBA movement know me. I’m pretty active on the local and state level. The anti’s head explode at the thought though.

        • We’re fortunate to count you among our RKBA minded gun owners here in Ohio. You’re knowledgeable and personable when discussing the RKBA with others who are less informed. You also dress way sharper than me.

          (SW Ohio checking in. We first met at the Waverly trial, BTW.)

  1. My daughter is totally blind, and I taught her, when she was 10 years old, to shoot and be safe with a gun. I would trust her with a gun more than I would trust some lamebrain wussy Brit with a microphone.

    • Likewise, Ing. TWO shitheads on the corner, a third shithead walking by who turned to look at the ongoing beat-down and simply continued walking. What two-legged turds.

  2. Ugh. You stay classy, Philly.

    Videos like this are why I have a CCW…at least I can in Philly with only moderate fuss compared to most 90% dem-voting cities.

    Also, those blue-light cameras are as worthless as 99% of surveillance cameras out there. Yes, it proves that a human-shaped thing beat another human-shaped thing, but a positive ID?

    I think the blind man could see better than that camera.

    • Stay classy indeed. Don’t you like how people (I counted 3) just stood there (or walked away) and watched? So much for the, “we are supposed to be safe in public because there are other people around” meme.

  3. In Pa, there is nothing that prevents a blind person from getting a LTCF. I have a blind friend that I took to get his LTCF. The deputy who processed the paperwork made all kinds of calls trying to find out what he should do. About an hour later it was issued.

    • This is good to know because I plant to make a trip to PA to get a non-resident license. PA doesn’t honor Ohio’s concealed Handgun License and I occasionally go there to visit family.

      • Research the county you’re planning on visiting. Some counties will issue on the spot, others will not. Some counties are great about out of state residents, others are not. As long has you have an Ohio CWP/CHL/CCW/LTCF you’re good to go. There is no training or education requirement in PA.

        • This is true.
          Chester County won’t issue non resident licenses but Delaware County will. Berks County requires 3 signatures to certify you are a nice guy. The rules seem to be different in each county. The good news is a permit from one county is good in the entire state. The look and feel of the permits varies greatly as well. Don’t even bother with Philadelphia County.

          the middle counties are going to be your easiest bet. They might not even charge for the fingerprints like some do.

  4. So, if i was one of those guys on the corner wathing the beatdown, could i legally draw my wepon and shoot the attacker? As a CCW carrier, dont i have the right to protect the lives of myself, my family, and also fellow citizens whos life is being threatened?

    • Short answer: maybe. Here’s the relevant law in PA.

      18 Pa.C.S. ยง 506: Use of force for the protection of other persons
      (a) General rule.–The use of force upon or toward the person of another is justifiable to protect a third person when:
      (1) the actor would be justified under section 505 of this title (relating to use of force in self-protection) in using such force to protect himself against the injury he believes to be threatened to the person whom he seeks to protect;
      (2) under the circumstances as the actor believes them to be, the person whom he seeks to protect would be justified in using such protective force; and
      (3) the actor believes that his intervention is necessary for the protection of such other person.
      (b) Exceptions.–Notwithstanding subsection (a) of this section:
      (1) When the actor would be obliged under section 505 of this title to retreat, to surrender the possession of a thing or to comply with a demand before using force in self-protection, he is not obliged to do so before using force for the protection of another person, unless he knows that he can thereby secure the complete safety of such other person.
      (2) When the person whom the actor seeks to protect would be obliged under section 505 of this title to retreat, to surrender the possession of a thing or to comply with a demand if he knew that he could obtain complete safety by so doing, the actor is obliged to try to cause him to do so before using force in his protection if the actor knows that he can obtain complete safety in that way.
      (3) Neither the actor nor the person whom he seeks to protect is obliged to retreat when in the dwelling or place of work of the other to any greater extent than in his own.

      • Short answer, he was fair game for a DGU. In New Jersey it would be a different story. The Blind guy would be obligated to run as fast as possible.

  5. My exwife is legally blind. She as less then 50% vision in one eye, zero in the other. She learned how to shoot, and is a fair hand with a rifle or pistol. There are a lot of blind folks who can see shadows, distinguish shapes, and get along pretty darn good. We need to educate Piers on the of Shall not be infrined, then send his commie keester to Cuba in a leaky 55 gallon drum.

  6. People wonder why I always carry in Philly. I may not be blind but I’m not going to be a victim. Note the casual stroll away from the act with several people watching it go down. This is Phily raw.

  7. I was so hoping to see a video of a visually impaired person taking care of business but then that wouldn’t have been a “It should have been a DGU” post, would it?


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