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It's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Or not. (courtesy

Note: the headline comes from the press release. And what’s the bet this low-turnout rally will get all kinds of media attention, whereas the delivery of 65,000 signatures asking Governor Brown to veto the slate of gun control bills lingering on his desk never made the top of the Google news search results?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

TONIGHT:  Candlelight Vigil at State Capitol Urges Gov. Brown to Sign the LIFE Act, Enacting Common Sense Gun Safety Reforms in California

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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — On Thursday, October 10th at 6:30pm PT, activists and concerned citizens from around California will gather for a candlelight vigil urging Gov. Jerry Brown to sign the LIFE (Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act and expand common sense gun safety measures statewide.  At the vigil, activists from, joined by PICO, Physicians for Social Responsibility, California Federation of Teachers, Bend the Arc: A Jewish Alliance for Justice, California Church Impact, Cleveland School Remembers, the Brady Campaign and other concerned Californians will read the names of the 1136 Californians’ that have died since the Newtown School Shooting to remind Gov. Brown how much California needs this set of legislation . . .

WHAT:  Candlelight Vigil Urging Gov. Brown to Sign the LIFE Act

WHO: Concerned Californians and activists from, joined by members of PICO, Physicians for Social Responsibility, California Federation of Teachers, Bend the Arc: A Jewish Alliance for Justice, California Church Impact, Cleveland School Remembers and the Brady Campaign.

WHEN:  Thursday, October 10th.  6:30pm PT

WHERE:  West Steps of the State Capitol. Sacramento, CA.

SPEAKERS INCLUDE:  Eddie Kurtz,; Rev. Damita Davis-Howard, PICO;  Julia Schardt, Cleveland School Remembers; Nick Wilcox, Brady Campaign.


“Over the last 20 years, California has adopted some of the strongest gun laws in the nation, and as a result, deaths from gun violence have dropped 56%,” explained Paul Song, executive chairman of “In other words, gun safety laws work. That being said, the Santa Monica College mass shooting happened on June 7 of this year, and at least 1,136 Californians have died from guns since Newtown. We must do more. California must lead where Washington has failed.”

For more information, or for interviews with, please contact Brett Abrams at 516-841-1105 or by email at [email protected].

# # # # # is an online organizing network that empowers more than 750,000 grassroots and netroots activists to push for progressive change and full equality in California and across the country. As a leading multi-issue advocacy organization, Courage Campaign’s work is supported by thousands of small donations from our diverse community.


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    • For those interested there were about 20 people there.
      Our counter protest was told to leave because we did not have a permit. We know this is not true as we have a right to counter protest without a permit. They needed jack booted fascist thugs to keep us away.

      Tons of media there though.

  1. The Gov. isn’t going to put his name on any of this and hope that no one blames him for it on either side. Only hope is that the courts strike most of them down but that could take years and might never happen when you consider how fucked up CA is politically.

  2. I think that this set of bills, especially the one banning virtually all centerfire semi-automatic rifles, is so over the top draconian, that they will not stand up in court. The whole “common use” principle. There’s little doubt now that they will pass, but hopefully they will be overturned down the road by the Supreme Court, setting a precedent against these useless bans for all states nationwide.

    • I don’t know the details, but I thought that a somewhat similar kind of ban on rifles in DC was upheld by a federal court.

    • Not high. It is has been almost a year. With 38,000,000 people you would expect a significant number, no? 1 in 8 Americans live here. Actually, it is funny. Liberal sites (e.g. Slate) claim 27,000 “gun deaths” (claiming they have not included suicides, for the most part). Which means, proportionate to its population, California should have 3,375 deaths.

      Heck the number is actually very low, even if it does not include suicides. If anything it shows a continuing downward trend and thus undermines the need for more laws

      • I wonder how many cop killers will be on the list, or others shot by the police while resisting? How many violent gangsters shot by another violent gangster?

      • Here’s to hoping that their hippy hemp clothes are flamable enough to be ignited by their hippy candles. Then all that would be left is their hippy shoes and hippy shoes can’t cast votes.

  3. Just about everyone seems to expect all of these bills to become law. And yet, unlike people like Cuomo and the Governor of MA, Brown had not been expressing support for all of these bills before they passed, and there have been reports of him having had doubts about some of them going too far. Any chance he might veto a couple?

    • I’d like to be optimistic, but in reality, we can only hope that he sees political capital and justice in using his veto power.

  4. How about a common sense vigil?

    I get that your candles mean you are concerned. But that doesn’t change the fact that my right to bear arms is not up for grabs just because you get scared of what you see on the news

  5. We are gathering the troops, this will not be quiet or civil.

    Hope you guys got bail money ready!
    We will not be silenced.

  6. How much has violent crime risen over the last 20 years in Kalifornia?

    Here is a better idea: Ban pedestrian traffic on the golden gate!

  7. Time for calguns to get out there and counter rally. By making it clear that you support the grieving families and victims of violent crime, and you do it by not becoming victims yourselves.

    Or not, if you guys are too busy. Like some of you have been for the last 20 years, current company excluded, obviously….

    • CalGuns is the one that delivered the 65,000 signatures.
      To that end they are not the protesting type.
      Tea Party, GRAA, etc are.
      We got caught off guard on this one.

  8. This is why I treat Californians like sh*t when they come to TX. They move here like locusts because CA sucks. 90% of the time they are progressive democrats who are too vapid to realize that the reason CA sucks is because of progressive democrats.

    I want them to tell others of their kind not to move here.

    • I just moved here from CA. Trust me, if one is not a pro-2A or “red state” voter, one would never want to move to TX. Texas attracts TTAG folks like myself. I have liberal friends in CA who, because of TX’s ethos, would NEVER move to TX. Stop being a jerk to CA transplants. Many, like myself, are professionals who add great value to TX! The host of this site, RF, is an east coast transplant and now lives in TX. Why do you think he moved here?!

      • I am an east coast transplant myself. However, I have yet to meet a CA transplant who wasn’t a statist zombie… and I’ve spoken to a metric ton of them. Then again this is Austin, the SF of Texas.

        I’ll welcome any pro RBKA/small gov’t leaning person from ANY state here to my adopted home. But I’ve met MANY Californians who were more than happy to sell their “values” up the river to save on their taxes (most progressives don’t actually have ideals, only feel-good platitudes). Of course they won’t bother to shed their voting practices when they cross the border, so you’ll excuse me if I say f*ck the CA transplants and I’ll sort out the few good ones as they come. You’re the first one I’ve spoken to that didn’t say “I like TX but (insert leftist bullshit here),” so for that I say thank you and welcome.

    • Chill
      I left CA and now reside in Kansas. Not to change Kansas, but to enjoy freedoms lost in CA. That would be the same if we moved to TX.

  9. Brown vetoed half of the gun-control bills, signed the other half last time. I expect much the same “let me try to look like I am taking the middle path” calculation.

  10. Gun laws do not stop criminals! Please VETO VETO VETO!! truth about guns??? Guns protect guns save lives! You people do not speak for me or my family or my friends! Your supposed truth is nothing more that misguided lies

  11. Their phone number has a 516 area code. That’s NY. I hate NY But I am stuck here for the time being…at least I know not to move to CA.

  12. Wish the anti crowd would hurry up and move on to something else like hospital deaths, falling off ladders, or parachuting accidents in Nepal.

  13. Duly noted is that the presumed outcome of acquiring of experience and knowledge on the part of the individual is achieving increasing measures of that otherwise elusive goal only vaguely identified as ’understanding’. Some have suggested that the element most often missing when ‘understanding’ has not yet occurred is an absence of suitable ‘References’.
    That said:-
    Having previously stated to the effect that the underlying basis for the illiberal, digressive secularist, statist movement to be that of attempting to manifest the relative comfort, safety and security of the ‘Garden of the Womb’ into the societal structure — with regard to the question of ‘GUNS’, the answer is simply stated as: “NO GUNS ALLOWED”.
    ( Exception given, of course only to authorized agents of government. )

    • Damn!

      Do you write doctoral level thesis or scientific research reports for a living? That is the most unintelligible “dazzling with brilliance or baffling with bullshit” I have ever read.

      What did he say – in normal English please?

      • I know that you believe you understand what you think he said. But, I am not sure you realize that what you heard was not what he meant.

      • Given that the ‘birth event’ entails no less than being rudely expelled in an untimely manner from the ‘Garden of the Womb’ into the harsh and unforgiving environment of the so-called ‘physical / material’ Realm, each person is thus inherently instilled with an abiding sense of “Victimization”.
        “Victimization” is then easily and readily utilized as a common theme in a virtually infinite variety of manners and methods.

        While those having personally achieved measures of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and accepted personal responsibility ( read: relatively Independent individuals ) would be the least likely to recognize the profound implications of the word “Victimization” — careful scrutiny of this idea clearly reveals the irrefutable facts that as a Morally-conscious, ’Rights’-respecting, Law-abiding American Citizen you’re being “Victimized” in nearly every manner conceivable.
        As a ‘responsible Citizen’, you’re necessarily a target of blame for all of society’s ills — such as the unfairness and inequity the Great Welfare State was implemented to correct.
        You also represent an everpresent threat to the Digressive Collectivists both within and external to ‘government’ intent on magically transforming ( devolving ) the American Constitutional Republic into their Utopian dream of the new and improved Nanny State / Obamanation.
        GUN OWNERS? Irrefutably the absolute worst of the lot. You and your killing machines, your evil implements of mass destruction and weapons of War have no place in Civilized society.

  14. This is all a bunch of crap and some of the responses on here are too. Welcome to the Communistic Republic of California. Ridiculous. Never in life would I give up my right to bear arms and I don’t care what laws are in place. If those numbers are true (which I doubt), gang on gang killings are at the top of the list. I reserve my right to protect myself and my family if the need ever arises. Gun control will not stop low-life criminals…. Who knows what the loony bird governor will do, but he’s an idiot just like all the other progressive democrats in this state so I won’t be surprise nor do I really care. I was born in Arizona and I will be calling that home soon.

  15. Notice that all of these groups are for socialistic change?That means they are communistic organizations,probably with strong ties with most other communist groups,here and abroad,this is the path that Boobama also wants for this nation,a totalitarian government in place with him as the figurehead at the top,backed by his NWO handlers,this is the type government that they have planned for most of humanity,but not themselves they will be the ruling elite and will expect everyone else to bow to their every whim.Why is it that the UN really never gets the peacekeeping gig right?Because they don’t want to,they want to keep strife going until the next phase of the total takeover,I kand of got off on another tangent ther but the gun control talked about here is just another cog in the machine.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  16. California’s murder rate above national average despite gun laws. The more violent areas of urban centers have murder rates close to twice the national average.

    Texas and Virginia, gun friendly, both have murder rates below national average.

    Gun control produces no measurable reduction in crime.


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