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Demand Action to End Gun Violence is yet another head of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Bloomberg-financed gun-grabbing hydra. The Tweeted pic above is part of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex’s new front in their endless campaign to vilify guns, gun owners and gun rights groups. It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the post-Newtown universal background check thing ran out of gas, the Navy Yard slaughter didn’t move the needle, so . . . why not? We could debate the efficacy of laws that disarm men accused of domestic abuse (before a court appearance), but why bother? Despite the word FACT above, an OPINION by the rabidly anti-gun New York Times (whose owner packs heat) in this image, gun control advocates have no interest in facts. Because the facts aren’t on their side. Nor, thankfully, are millions of law-abiding, right-thinking Americans. The battle continues.

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  1. I agree that people accused of “domestic violence” should not on a federal level have their firearms removed. Just as I agree those who suffered the violence should have a firearm put into their hands and given some training.

    • +1

      This is all about taking away guns, any way and any where they can. It doesn’t matter to them that several women will be stabbed, strangled, bludgeoned, or beaten to death – Women who could have protected themselves with a gun. They’re just collateral damage to the gun control industrial complex.

      What cold-hearted monsters!

    • This is true. Remember, a lie spreads instantly while the truth takes time to catch up. The antis have to use the general public’s lack of information and emotions to manipulate the general public. That’s why more and more newspapers, cable news shows, network news shows, and local news will be as misleading and dishonest as they can so they can try to exploit the misinformation they peddle to further their own personal agendas. Leaving key details out, or just not covering a story are their favorite tricks of this trade.

  2. Seizing private property without due process is yet another blatant violation of the Constitution sanctioned by the black robed “judges”.

      • I’m hesitant to draw everyone’s ire, but I’ve said it before on this blog, and other people have too…. Wayne’s more trouble than he is worth. You don’t have to alter the color of his skin to make him look demented. I live surrounded by liberals… they’re not scary, hard to deal with or manage… unless you are a reactionary, mental midget, fear mongering reactionary – because frankly… that just doesn’t fly anymore. His time has passed. He’s gotta go. He knows it too, and the NRA knows it. Otherwise he’d be out front acting like a leader instead of cowering and “strategizing”. He’s not leading. He’s reacting. The emperor has no clothes. The thing that amazes me most is everyone’s fear of liberals. Really? Have you ever hung out with them? I’m telling you… It’s like being afraid of kittens. Yeah, they’re sneaky and whatnot, and they’ll try to get away with whatever they can… but they run, hide and are more than happy to divert their attention to subjects they can “win” when the going gets tough.

        Think about it. Think about how quickly they all came out of the woodwork after last December. When they thought they had it easy… when they thought they could sneak away with the ball of yarn – sneak an easy win under the wire. And what now… we’re facing down some “moms” and Eddy Vedder. Jesus christ, grow a pair.

  3. Dean Martin was arrested for carrying a 1911 in a shoulder holster. A reporter asked him “Do you think everybody should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon?” Strait faced, Dean replied, “No! — Just me!”

    Seems to be the mantra of liberal gun owners everywhere. . .

  4. How do they do it, over and over and over again?

    They always choose a problem to attack. OK, that’s a good thing on its face. Then they choose to support a solution for that problem, which will either be COMPLETELY ineffectual or will actually make the problem worse. They do it EVERY time.

    Could it be that they don’t really want to solve the problem? That they just want to take away guns, any way they can, and that they will use, or even manufacture, any reason that will further that end?

  5. Can the liberals please back off fried food tobacco and guns ill eff my body and my targets up however the hell i please besides i don’t tell them how to subverse the Constitution so please but out of my life kthnxbai

  6. I’ll get behind this Demand Action group as soon as they agree
    that anyone making a false claim is charged with a felony and
    must serve a minimum 5-10 year sentence. Also, they must
    fight for stiffer penalties, including prison time, for those that
    abuse children.

    • Yeah. They made him look like a zombie just before he finished turning. No doubt on purpose. They have no limitations, no boundaries. I just don’t like liberals.


  7. If domestic violence wasn’t so vague and the laws regarding them so abused, they’d almost have a point.
    trouble is, sometimes yelling counts as DV, and the one who has the wounds is the one taken not necessarily the one who started the fight. And, bear with me, sometimes a punch is asked for (regardless of gender). By that I mean FOO comes home starts yelling and being aggressive to BAR, is not unreasonable for BAR to do a preemptive hit. Also as others have pointed out false accusations are abound.

  8. Fact: the NY Times are a bunch of poo poo faces.

    See how easy that was…
    Just put fact in front of some nonsensical statement and it’s automatically true.

  9. The term background checks is a very fluid one. A true background check involves more than just a cursory glance at a list or a phone call to the state police.
    To have one’s background investigated takes weeks or even months and costs a fortune. There are not enough people or connected databases to perform background checks at a level which would ever satisfy the Left. Indeed the WNY shooter held a Secret clearance granted in July 2013, so much for background checks.
    The result would be years of delay while you waited for them to approve you. And of course it would face renewal and review.
    The 4473 and related call to the NCIS is far from infallible but does represent a background check of some kind. I’m not sure why the media insists on telling people there are no checks. Many non gun owners thing there is nothing being ran now.
    Christopher Dorner was a police officer, if he wigged out then how are background checks supposed to protect us in the first place? Let’s start with really clamping down on revolving door justice systems and the plea bargaining that goes on.

    • When challenged on the “no background check” statement they will retreat a little, but then point out that in most states the check only applies to retail (FFL) sales, and claim the loophole makes their statement essentially true.

  10. This is actually an opening.

    Here’s the ad.

    You show a huge angry threatening guy, clinched fist and a menacing stare, looking at a terrified women, then show police taking the terrified women’s shotgun, and saying, “He has filed a domestic violence complaint against you so your firearm has to be confiscated”

    Then it goes black and the text and women’s voice over is;

    He used to live here, he knows how to get in.
    He said he’d kill me and there was nothing I could to to even try and stop him.
    I just pray my children aren’t present when he does.

  11. Opens up the door wide open for Gun Grabbers.

    What is Domestic Violence?
    Screaming? Yelling? Throwing things around? a slap? a shove? a kick?

    How many cases have there been of people making slanderous accusations in custody cases?

    Any heated divorce case is automatically going to involve each side accusing the other of abuse. This is standard operating procedure for lawyers.

  12. It seems like a misdemeanor decided by a magistrate translating into a major felony at the Federal level would be a major violation of the 6th Amendment and possibly the 5th. In addition, it seems to trample the 9th.

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