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Police on Monday encouraged licensed gun owners to carry their weapons to synagogues over the High Holiday period, as the security establishment registered a rise in terror alerts in the lead-up to the Yom Kippur fast day.

Police said in a statement that there has been a 15 percent increase in terror warnings compared to the two months before the holidays and that security forces were at a heightened alert level due to the threats.

Licensed gun owners were urged “to carry their gun in these times.”

The police statement said the number of alerts will likely rise further in the lead-up to Yom Kippur, which begins on Sunday evening.

“Therefore, we call on worshipers who have licensed gun to bring them to prayers. In addition, we call on the public in general to be aware and report any unusual incident in real-time to the police 100 hotline,” the statement read. …

Gun control in Israel has traditionally been relatively strict, with licenses generally only granted to those who can show a need for extra security in their line of work or daily life. Citizens in nearly all cases can own a single gun and only 50 bullets at a given time.

But far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, an advocate of relaxing the laws, has moved forward with easing ownership regulations, claiming having more licensed gun carriers could help combat waves of terror attacks and criminal gun violence that police and security forces have struggled to contain.

— TOI Staff in Police Urge Gun Owners to Carry at Synagogue as Terror Alerts Spike at High Holidays

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  1. Israel and gun carry has some parallels with the USA.

    When the Left has the reigns, few permits get issued. When the Right is in power, things loosen up.

    Which is really weird, because terrorism over there is more acute than here.

    I’m really beginning to despise the Leftist-Marxist-Fascist Scum ™… 🙁

    • You expected hard doses of reality to be relevant to government/employees thereof? I am mildly surprised they are a bit worse off than NY if anything.

    • Israel has been dominated by socialist policy since it’s inception. But I guess when you’ve been persecuted for millennia and slaughtered by the millions somehow you wise up🙄. With the possibility Israel has 100-500 nuclear weapons I guess they have. Unlike Ukraine!

        • @Texican Remember Dementia Joe threatened to not give Ukraine $2,000,000,000 unless they fired the prosecutor investigating Buresma and Hunter. Now he’s giving them 100x that amount.

        • They could have an existential deterrent as they were all strategic level missiles with a minimum range of between the Urals and Vladivostok. What they would have needed are medium to intermediate range systems.

  2. They should be recommending to carry every day, as criminals and crazies don’t make appointments as to when they will show up.

    • Isn’t it nearly the same in the Island of Muslim Rape Gangs (Tea & Crumpets) ie. the pUKe? From what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) one must save and return their expended rounds before being granted permission to purchase more ammo. And really how can one expect to become proficient when limited to one fifty (50) round box at a time? Damn Jewish Bolsheviks like Golda Meir, an avowed Communist, they created this mess.

      This crap, restricting the amount of ammo one can possess, is a Democrat’s wet dream, as opposed to outright disarmament of the citizenry they believe limiting ammo is the next best thing.

    • I still recall the account of a veteran of the Israeli War for Independence, 70 years old or so when the Yom Kippur attacks began, he dressed, stuffed his pockets full of ammo, took a small knapsack, kissed his wife, shouldered his Enfield, went down to the street and begged for a ride to the front. It wasn’t long before a truck full of soldiers stopped and hoisted him aboard, sadly fifty percent (50%) or more of current Israelis nevermind the young adults there would ever consider doing the same thing.

  3. 50 bullets….who is counting?

    BTW, the Rod and Gun Club monthly auction is offering 3k rounds of Blazer Brass 9mm for $20 per ticket. Only 60 tickets will be sold. Think I will purchase a ticket or two.

    • That’s a great money making idea. Thirty tickets (or so) go for the prize and the remaining helps Club expenses.

      I may pitch a similar idea to our small private Club. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. They basically live in a perpetual warzone either as occupiers or as defenders against onslaught depending on your point of view but that doesn’t matter. It’s still a warzone and they should all be armed all the time. Anyone suggesting their people should not be armed in a perpetual warzone is giving comfort and aid to the enemy.

  5. “National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, an advocate of relaxing the laws, has moved forward with easing ownership regulations, claiming having more licensed gun carriers could help combat waves of terror attacks and criminal gun violence that police and security forces have struggled to contain.”

    “an advocate of relaxing the laws”…..what a novel idea.

    How about that! A shame our politicians don’t wake up to the views of their National Security Minister.

    • @Hush

      “…our politicians don’t wake up to the views…”

      Israel is fighting for their survival as a country..while the Democrats are fighting to “re-define, re-imagine and re-make” the essence of the USA as a country…polar opposite stances. When you think about it the BDS movement is almost exclusively a Democrat philosophy in the US. Even odder is the almost universal BDS support given by the Jewish members of the US Congress…almost as if they place their Party above their G_d…substituting the morality of the Party for the morality of their age-old teachings.

      Fortunately, in most States, the People still have the Right to defend themselves, their loved ones and homes against criminal actors. These individual Rights are anathema to the collective rights envisioned by CCP / DNC Party Planks. These Rights must be systematically removed in order for the “benevolent new society” to take it’s rightful place guiding the USA..

      • “Israel is fighting for their survival as a country…”

        You don’t think the US is in the same predicament? The difference is- the US is being destroyed from within.

    • I have heard that’s an old habit from back in the days when the guns they could get were not mechanically reliable. Not really necessary with modern guns, but once a habit is established, people keep doing it, even if the reason for the habit has passed.

      • Theres a guy in the DFW area that teaches Krav Maga and shooting and he advocates for Israeli carry. I’ve seen videos of people getting killed because they couldn’t use both hands as they were fighting and couldn’t rack their slide. No thanks on that method of carry!

      • That was my understanding as well. Specifically because when Israel was first created in its modern iteration, they didn’t have their current robust arms manufacturing capability and they needed a lot of guns *fast*, so they’d buy whatever they could and then ended up with a hodgepodge of small arms with wildly varying degrees of quality. Not all of those weapons had reliable safeties, hence Israeli Carry. Of course now it’s just a case of institutional inertia because IWI makes damn fine weapons

  6. I know how we can stop those violent attacks in Israel once and for all: we simply educate the Israeli people and their surrounding ethnic groups about the awfulness and wrongness of ethnic-based targeting–especially in recent History. That will do it.

    Once the surrounding ethnic groups learn that targeting and attacking someone based on their ethnicity is wrong, they will stop.

    Who knew that simple education about the wrongness of subjugating/attacking people is the key to ending subjugation and attacks?!?!?!?

    (The above is satire crafted specifically for people who think that popular support for “gun control” will evaporate if we educate the citizenry about the wrongness of subjugating/attacking ethnic groups in recent History.)

  7. The Jewish people should be the most acutely aware of the need for armed self protection. They were the first people the Nazis disarmed, and it went downhill from there.

  8. “Citizens in nearly all cases can own a single gun and only 50 bullets at a given time.”

    From American gun control history. Free black folks in America were limited to 9 rounds of ammunition from the old Virginia Colony laws.

    “But far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, an advocate of relaxing the laws, has moved forward with easing ownership regulations,”

    And it’s the left-wing, Liberal Jews, that are making sure that you can’t have, more than 50 rounds of ammunition.

  9. And exactly what has this to do with gun ownership in the USA?? Apart from acts of terrorism GUN crime in Israel is extremely rareIsrael is also very strict as too who and who cannot carry firearmes irregardless of the fact that ownership has been widened . There are also very strict controls as to HANDLING requirements and there is certainly NOT a Universal entitlement to gun ownership and neither is it written into the Israeli constitution. I visited ISRAEL back inthe early sixties and there were Rifles and Sub-mahci ne guns is meeting places, clubs etc. to grab if the shit hit the fan but as I sayvery very little gun crime Indeed every body living in a KIBBUTZ over the age of 16 had a sub-machine gun ready to hand and every one knew how to use them
    Even her inthe UK I jo9ined the ARMT V CADETS at the age ot14 and started to recuieve instrcution on the Lee-Enfield No 4 and Bren Gun right away. By the time I joined the Royal Air force as an ARMOUrER APPRENTICE I was a UK Army 1ST cLASS Marksman with both thwe Enfield ..303 and the BREN LMG

    • Cool story grandpa. Were you wearing yellow or white onions on your belt at the time?

        • Yes, I have heard that children walking to school had to walk in snow knee deep both going and coming. UPHILL both ways.

        • It wasn’t uphill both ways for us, but it is true that our school superintendent lived across town from his office (population ~800 in those days), and if he could get to his office in the morning (he owned and used a snowmobile), the buses went out. Our bus driver had a chain in a box, and at least once each winter we would encounter somebody in the ditch and the older boys would hook it up so she could pull them out. Thinking back, she kinda reminds me of Granny of the Beverly Hillbillies. Took no guff, but always gave us each a Hershey bar as we got off on the last ride home of the school year.

    • Albert, if you can’t see the relevance, then you need to have your head examined. Terrorism is a CRIME both here and in Israel. Each time you are a crime victim, you have been terrorized. Please mind your own business? Europe has plenty of crime involving knives. Do you want to ban them as well?

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “And exactly what has this to do with gun ownership in the USA??”

      and what exactly does anything you post here have to do with “gun ownership in the USA” ?

      you are a British subject living under a modern day form of feudal tyranny in the UK and haven’t the slightest concept of what inalienable inherent individual constitutional rights are. You have nothing at all to do with it, so take your ignorant BS elsewhere.

      Oh, and stop it with your stolen valor false claims of having been in any part of the UK military. You never were and we’ve shown that here before using your own words and admissions.

      • A J and “your stolen valor false claims of having been in any part of the UK military” has absolutely noting to do with our “inherent individual constitutional rights”.
        If you want to be a “subject”, that is your business. Stay comfortable under the thumb or uncomfortable makes no difference.

        • No UcK subject of the crown has any valor -especially the Redcoats. Only citizens can have a chance for real valor

    • “GUN crime in Israel is extremely rareI”

      That being the case, then why A J are the police encouraging their citizens to carry?

      Could it be because of: “Apart from acts of terrorism “?

    • Albert Jerking off in the Hallway..

      I’d suggest that you quit sniffing your Enfield bore cleaner before getting on the computer.

    • Albert L J Hall,

      You stated that you visited Israel in the 1960s and that Israelis had rifles and sub-machine guns all over the place ready for immediate use if someone attacked–and yet violent crime (in terms of Israeli attacker and Isreali victim) was non-existent. Thank you for making the case that a LOT of READILY available firearms do NOT cause copious quantities of violent crime.

      What does cause copious quantities of violent crime? A large number of sick people who do not respect the inherent dignity and value of innocent human beings.

    • Albert L J Hall,

      Furthermore, ask the Ukrainian people how glad they are that their society effectively banned civilian firearm ownership prior to Russia’s invasion.

      And, not to put too fine a point on it, here is a fantastic summary that U.S. 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski wrote several years ago:

      “The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed — where the government refuses to stand for re-election and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.”

      Again I say, ask the people of Ukraine whether or not it was a mistake to disarm their populace.

    • Albert, do you remember me? I was the guy that helped you install the screen windows in all them HMS submarines. Remember I got tired of repeating myself and brought that tape recorder to work, “Lefty loosey, Righty tighty.” Seems you’d remember that, you heard it for six straight years.
      Well anyway, I sent you another Birthday Card, it’s got 20 bucks in it.

  10. Once again, it’s “the right-wingers” that want you to have guns. And it’s “the left-wingers” that want to confiscate your guns.

    • Barney Fyfe got by with just the one round that he carried in his shirt pocket. Andy was right to make him do that.

    • While I doubt it will pass good to see it being talked about……. hopefully including the various other civil rights we saw trampled the last few years.

  11. I just returned from a trip to Israel and the west bank. Observations:

    The west bank (Habron area) is not more dangerous than Israel.
    I saw more females open carrying rifles and pistol on the sabboth than men.
    Israel is more gun friendly than knife.
    The tension isnt religious as much as “whos land is this?”

    • Good observations, especially the last.

      I find it interesting that the “Palestinians” who have had no country of their own, and who have been rejected by other Arab states in the immediate region, believe that they have a legitimate claim to Israeli land.

      • yet some immigrants from Europe that were handed a country by the UN in 1949 are more legitimate and have a claim 😆? The same Yiddish, Polish, and Russian speakers that literal had to create a language out of thin air to call Hebrew and make the national language of their new found nation. Imean, I suppose enough British people can claim they’re the true Japanese and move there and demand it be given to them too😆. I swear, Boomers say the darndest things. The whole region isn’t our concern in the first place. The fact boomer republicans obsess over it with their Israel first politics instead of adopting the true American faith of non interventionist libertarianism ala Jefferson, Paul, Paul, Massey & Co is just icing on the cake.

        • “yet some immigrants from Europe that were handed a country by the UN in 1949 are more legitimate and have a claim”

          Yes, that’s correct. I’d attempt to discuss history and precedent with you, but those concepts are beyond the grasp of a common troll, and I’m tired of wasting my time with assholes who wouldn’t know from a hole in the ground.

    • The Arab states have to keep it this way (palestine wanting their “own” state/country) so their leaders always have a nice microwaved excuse to stir up their own people about something for various reasons

    • “The west bank (Habron area) is not more dangerous than Israel.
      I saw more females open carrying rifles and pistol on the sabboth than men.”

      The late G. Gordon Liddy told the story of him visiting Israel, and Liddy was turned on by the young ladies armed with rifles flung over their backs wearing holes in their jeans from the magazines… 🙂

  12. Holy crap, this is insane! Itamar Ben Gvir thinks that armed citizens are going to be a solution to violent criminals and terrorists. Everybody knows that never happens! insanity, I tell ya. in-SANITY!

    Won’t someone think of the children!?!

    • RYNO, you see, we are thinking of the children. A good guy with a gun will counter the bad guy each and every time. God save us from fools and control freaks.

  13. Free at last Free at last, 2000 years of building pyramids. Free at last.
    I say celebrate by worshipping a golden calf.

  14. whatever they do is their business…but restricting arms in a place like Israel does seem a bit curious….

  15. I want a picture of me riding on a camel. How much.
    But for $30 I will give you a picture of an Iraqi riding a camel.”
    Uhhhh, thanx but I’m not into that kinda sht.
    Which reminds me, ain’t the Iranians helping Putin fck up all the $$$ the United States of America is sending to those Cranes?
    Somebody told me for every billion “theBiden” sends it gets 1/4 of a billion back.

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