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Gotta watch out for those Internet friends trying to cozy up to you.


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      • Hey it’s only a faint luminescence. Big thing is just don’t fedpost or engage with those who do (even odds actual fed or retard who may get more attention then they are seeking) if they go after you for opinions well we are all fucked anyway.

  1. I have always assumed that TTAG is being monitored by all factions. The Government and civilians left or right.

    • Yeah all those holier than thou types with ” I ain’t on any social media”.Or “I never watch pro sports”. I assume TTAG is worse than fakebook in many ways(except sane folks don’t use their real name). I wonder what happened to that russian guy who went on rants. Or the lunatic who assumed I was JWM(all old white man aren’t the same guy). That’s what happens when you hang around for 10 years🙄🙃

      • Your thinking of pwrserge. I miss him. Loved his anti-commie light shows. Quirky and abrasive at times, but committed.

      • Not using your real name (clearly I don’t) only protects you from the lefties as long as the feds don’t tell them who you are. The fed boys and big tech data mining means we don’t have many secrets any longer. Still, I refuse to live my life in fear so I carry my pistol to deal with the criminals and the nut cases that may decide I would make a good target. I am too small and inoffensive a fish for the government to bother with.

      • Yeah all those holier than thou types with ” I ain’t on any social media”.Or “I never watch pro sports”.

        Both are true for me. Never had a social media acct, and never watch pro sports (Super Bowl was the only exception, but the NFL ruined it when they went woke and embraced Kaepernich – or however that fooll’s name is spelled).

  2. That’s why I pull up in a 67 VW Bug with a sunroof. And and a couple of M72 LAWS. Hopefully one for each soccer mom van.

    • Heh. I saw one of those yesterday morning. Old dude (well, I think he was older than me, anyway) was in the store making a purchase. Tried to use his store gift certificate, cashier told him he couldn’t use the certificate unless the purchase was bigger than the cert was for. All disappointed, he pulled cash out and paid, muttering all the while. My purchase took 45 seconds, and I walked outside to see him climbing into an ancient VW beetle bug. I figure he probably bought it new, way back in the sixties, and he’s still driving it today.

      • Had a ’64 bus. Speedo went to 90, but 63 was top end. Then one day was westbound on the loooong downhill into SoCal, and a runaway truck passed us. On a whim I drafted him. Buried that bitch! Got to be a record, cruising over 90 in that deathtrap…

        Passenger woke up, looked around, turned white as a sheet, so I had to bail.

        • We have a ’63 Corvair van, belongs to the Mrs. Needs a lot of front end work, so it’s not all that safe to drive at speed.

        • Got a good laugh at that, X. I don’t think I’d want my obituary to read that I died in a VW bus crash, so I’m with the one to your right on that. My wife would write that in just out of spite, and I’d never live it down.

        • we’ve had at least one air cooled dub since ’65, mom’s beetle looked like it had a sunroof because it had a patch to cover rollover damage. i got my squareback over 85 on an adirondack descent. last one left is the ghia ragtop.

  3. Been shooting a couple of times with folk whom I thought knew something about guns. Taken aback by their sloppy, unsafe handling. Now, I only go with folk whom I know to be competent and careful or who are willing to take instruction.

  4. Reading about the gov owned shuutin range in NY makes me (paranoid?) wonder if any others are run by Alphabet agencies to record who owns what. My local indoor shuutin alley worries me. Guess it’s a little late since I’ve taken most of my range tools there already.:(

  5. Don’t have any Interweb ‘friends’. Have a few acquaintances, that I don’t really know. Friendship is not something I throw around willy-nilly. I have a lot of acquaintances in the World, but only a small few I would call friends. Hell, the Mrs. doesn’t even know where some of my ‘things’ are cached and won’t know unless SHTF or I kick the bucket.

      • I haven’t seen any of Letterkenny. I basically don’t watch TV or movies any more.

        The last show I really watched was The Expanse where I watched every episode in about four days when the lockdowns started in 2020 because I had nothing better to do other than lift, do some stuff around the property and go for hikes so I was pretty much out of things to do by noon.

  6. i think it’s pretty cool that fww and d. griffin may have gotten together. also g. flag and possum chatting.
    what i’m really hoping for is a duh bra/ geoff rendezvous, dirk and shannon not withstanding.

    • It probably already took place in a nondescript Motor Inn located off of the main drag, just outside of Des Nyall, Kansas. Chosen for the available three-phase power for some unfathomable reason.

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