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The following [not the above] was released today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA):

The ISRA is condemning a proposal that would levy a 2% “sin tax” on retail ammunition sales in the state. Sponsored by Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), HB5167 would exact the tax on law-abiding firearm owners as a means of funding a yet to be established “High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund.” Supposedly, this grant fund would provide funding to hospitals to cover the costs of treating indigents involved in violent crime . . .

The ISRA considers HB5167 to be a punitive infringement on the law-abiding citizen’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Therefore, the ISRA will be working vigorously in theIllinois House to defeat this measure. The ISRA is certain that a healthy majority of legislators will find HB5167 to be totally unacceptable.

“The lawful firearm owners of this state are under no obligation to pay medical bills racked up by gang bangers, druggies, and other violent criminals,” commented ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson. “The assumption behind HB5167 is that somehow the state’s hunters and sportsmen are to blame for violent crime and, therefore, should be forced to pony up and pay for others’ misdeeds. Sorry, that just isn’t going to fly.”

“HB5167 is just another scheme concocted by the Chicago Machine to punish law-abiding firearm owners,” continued Pearson. “The gun control movement has been learning a bitter lesson in the courts these past few years, so we expect to see all sorts of desperate firearm taxation and regulation bills being floated in the General Assembly this session. Lawful Illinois firearm owners may rest assured that, as fast as the gun-controllers introduce these extremist proposals, the ISRA will be on the spot to knock them down.”

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  1. The ISRA is condemning a proposal that would levy a 2% “sin tax” on retail ammunition sales in the state. Sponsored by Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), HB5167…..

    ****scrolls up****

  2. Everyone here in IL knows that a tax like this will go no where but into the general fund to help cover the massive deficits the state is running. They’ll then claim that this fund isn’t being funded and we’ll have to raise the tax to 3%, then 4%, then 10%, etc… Everyone who can will either order online or visit a neighboring state. Same sh!t, different day with these @$$holes.

      • Yep, I remember when NJ had no sales tax, then they got a “temporary” 3% sales tax oooooh about 25 years ago I guess. That grew to 5% then 6% and now 7%. I can see the vary same thing happening with this ammo tax.

  3. Sounds like a great plan: force the law-abiding non-felons to pay for medical treatment for the gangbangers and criminal underclass who are predominantly the people who get themselves shot.

    Anything goes in the Land of Lincoln, I guess…

    • Indeed. Unlike the taxpaying gun owning Illinois resident, gang bangers and Latin Kings have paid representation in the Chicago government structure. The politicians are simply voting with their wallets.

  4. I don’t mind paying additional taxes–honestly, I dont–but not it if it just targeting me and “my kind” for exercising a civil right.

    The FOID sticks in my craw just as much, even though it’s only $10 for 10 years. Sadly, I don’t hear annual reports of proposed legislation to strike the FOID from my expenses. (Where are you on that one ISRA lobbyists?) Why, what’s to prevent a Public Speech ID card from being instituted? Or a Due Process Pass good for ensuring fair treatment upon arrest or traffic stop? Oh, those are already guaranteed civil rights protected by the Constitution? Well so is my right to have and carry a firearm or other defensive tool! Stupid Illinois …

    • WRONG!!! It is $10.00 for FOUR years. Yours is most likely expired by now if you think it is good for 10 years. Better renew now.

  5. “The lawful firearm owners of this state are under no obligation to pay medical bills racked up by gang bangers, druggies, and other violent criminals,”

    No they aren’t! when will some people in this fricking country understand that? the logic of statists, whether liberal or conservative, never ceases to amaze me, and instinctively causes me to facepalm. They think the government is the answer to everything. I view Chicago as a great city within the Roman empire: large, corrupt, with a political system that acts outside the fundamentals of the charters that every american is protected by (rights not privileges). Of course, these rotten, diseased institutions eventually fall…thank goodness for history’s cruel fate.

  6. As a former IL resident I have absolutely nothing good to say about that crummy state of crooks. However I will say that YOU, RF, are really baiting all the red blooded males that regularly visit this site. How can you put up a photo like that and not expect someone to say some such crap like, “I bet that’s not the first hot load she’s had decorating her chest”. I mean you are just immature and despicable, and so is your blog. Hehehe

  7. I think RF is really enjoying this new sexism scandal or whatever you want to call all this reaction from overly-sensitive female readers and male readers pretending to be overly-sensitive. Everything on TTAG is NSFW for me, so I certainly didn’t mind when I saw this pic while TTAG’ing at work. This one might be getting pretty close to damaging the credibility of the site, though. Oh yeah…something about her being a crew-serviced model.

  8. Hey could you cut this sexuality out? There are teenagers and younger people like me, who while we don’t own firearms, we are interested in them, our rights to them, and other things involved in these areas. It would be much appreciated if you guys made yourselves a little less likely to portray such indecency that annoys people like me so much. It lowers the standards of a well written site like this.

    • Indecency? There are lots of adult men here with long lifetimes of experience encountering society’s indecency lectures while being told to go be good cannon fodder for government and work slaves for the ex. We’re enjoying ourselves.




  10. OMG! Somebody cover her up real fast. Her belly button it’s it’s showwwwing!

    This photo fits into the sexist, misogynistic, and disrespectful category. When are you guys going to grow up, submit, and be all what others want you to be? It’s time to man-up and behave, right?

  11. IL politicians can come up with all the taxes they want to concoct – this is only going to drive more state residents to shop more out of state. With proper planning, it is cheaper for most of us living in the Chicago area to shop once a week for groceries and clothing in Indiana. We’ll just shop more out of state. Can’t wait for this state to go bankrupt – that will get the political machine tossed out and help it pick up afterwards.

  12. Well, it’s good that I didn’t have any expectations for the high moral character of TTAG. Congrats on fulfilling every stereotype in existence about gun owners.

    And this is why gun culture is the domain of OFWG’s (old fat white guys). I’d claim to be disappointed, but I expected it to begin with. As long as flame bait and tits pull in those advertising dollars, I suppose that’s the way it’ll stay. Pity really.

    I’m just waiting for a bumper sticker that says “I love guns but I hate gun owners!” I’m sure you’ll make a few more bucks if you get it up on Cafe Press or what have you. Better hurry though.

  13. Does they realize this only affects legal owners who shoot for fun and competitively. A criminal looking to kill or rob should wont care about a few bucks per box.


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