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A homeowner, having been burglarized before, set up a web-enabled camera to capture the miscreants in the act should they ever return. When they did, she was able to watch online from work, call 911 and give the dispatcher a play-by-play report of the burglars’ activity . . .

You can hear in her voice how traumatic it was to watch the two wander through her home among her docile pets. The four responding officers appear to have arrived relatively quickly. But the two suspects – one armed with a tire iron – had plenty of time to invade her home and have the run of the place looking for loot.

Had she been home at the time of the break-in, the cops might have been called on to administer first aid for someone with blunt force trauma. Or call the morgue. Here’s hoping she secures that dog door. And buys herself a gun to protect herself and her family.

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  1. I’d fire those dogs! And I was impressed with the responce time of the local P.D. In my neighborhood, the police get there about an hour after the fact.

  2. Why is it that when ever I hear recordings of 911 calls, or from the few times I have had to call 911, the dispatchers that the most frustrating people in the world to talk to. It’s like they go out of their way to be difficult to talk to.

    • Honest question: what would you have them say? All they can do is keep the person on the line and get details from them while they wait for the police or fire or whoever to respond.

  3. This is one reason that I have a large (70+ lb) Black Lab. There is no way that he would have docilely wandered around while a couple of strangers entered the house. He would have most certainly taken a “bite out of crime” if the burglars had indeed been stupid enough to enter the house. Having a gun is also a good thing, but a large dog with big teeth and an attitude goes a long way as well.

    • Labs, 70+lbs or not, are more than likely to wander around your house watching the intruders. Sure, they might raise a rucus but once they were inside a lab would go docile.

      As I have noted before, I have two coonhounds. My oversized 80lb male Plott would give a few bellows and then run and hide. My 55lb red tick would be in the guy’s face. Would she bite? Probably if she felt my 80+ year old feeble mother-in-law was at risk but if not who knows.

      Few sporting breeds are reliable guard dogs. The only one I can think of that would go at an intruder would be a Chesepeake Bay Retriever. They can be pretty nasty to anybody except their owner.

    • My two Labs were not meant as any kind of guard dog. Any intruder would face no greater danger than being kissed to death. What they will do is bark. That is all I ask of them. After that, it is up to me and the 12 ga.

    • A mastiff is a guard dog. A lab, not so much. Not to say that labs are bad dogs, they’re not. They’re just bad at guarding.

    • I’ve owned three different labs. Great dogs and intimidating for the uneducated. Labs are not very territorial and have a very low bite rate. My very atypical Australian Cattle Dog is the best home defense weapon I have, She has taken a chunk out of a unfortunate (for he and I) of a friend of mine who walked in the house uninvited and un-introduced to her. She was leaping for his neck when he blocked her with his arm.

  4. Her reaction is telling of the importance of mindset. When you are faced with an encounter with the criminal element one should not be surprised. Crime is commonplace all over the world, and no citizen should believe what happened on this videotape can’t happen to them.

    The homeowner is losing her composure due to the incident, and she *isn’t even there!* I do not say this to imply that I would be calm as a cucumber at seeing two degenerates in my house live plundering my things, but this woman is scared and she’s miles away from the incident! It is unfortunate that she persists in a state of “Condition White” after being a victim of a break in once already.

    As an off topic aside , it is great to see police officers observing the rule of trigger discipline.

  5. What I noticed were two immediate inaccuracies.

    Both miscreants were on screen together at 30 seconds in, but she was two and a half minutes into the call (and the police were on scene outside) before she told the dispatcher there were two guys there. She kept saying “he” and “him” regardless of which one of the two (if not both) was in front of the camera.

    Hoodie guy had something that looked like a pry bar, but when the dispatcher asked if he had “any type of tools that he probably used to break in in his hands,” she answered, “he (still in the singular) might have come through the doggy door.”

    • This. There seems to be a delay in the whole thing. She realizes at the very end that there’s 2 guys in her house, and I was like “well they’ve been 2 since the beginning you know” haha

  6. B&E

    They were probably out on bail before this video hit the web.

    That said, who gets robbed once, and then fails to do anything to secure the home other then install a camera?

    That doggy door, would have been gone. Along with the useless mutt who uses it. Or at least get your self a trained guard dog that would earn its keep. And how about a silent alarm, or maybe a couple “Home Alone” traps. A few swinging paint cans to the face. Anything???

    I STILL cant get over how useless that dog was. This lady might as well have 2 cats. Because both those animals acted liked pussies.

  7. I’m sure if the media gets a hold of this video they will focus on the fact that she said there was a black man in her house and how that was very very racist of her.

    • I know that was sarcasm, but for the record, the video is about two years old, so the media’s already got it. Here’s an older video that’s a video grab from CNN. The video feed is heavily edited, but what got me (and prompted this comment) was that the CNN reporter says “…within minutes, eighteen (!!!) officers surrounded the home…”

  8. The problem with using dogs for security is that most dogs haven’t been trained to be security. They’ve been trained to be friendly to people, even strangers, because otherwise one has to worry that they will go all Cujo and maim a toddler. It’s a shame that Discovery Channel doesn’t show (to my knowledge) the show It Takes A Thief anymore. The burglar would break in and at most the dogs would be barking. Mostly they seemed confused because they didn’t have their pack leader – you- there to let them know there was a threat. They knew there was a man there they didn’t know, but they didn’t know if it was a friend or an enemy. If the dog seemed especially upset, sometimes the burglar would feed them something. Since feeding is only done by friendlies, he must be a friend.
    So, yes, dogs will defend you if you are personally attacked, but on their own (if they are not trained guard dogs), they will most likely be confused and frightened and not provide the security which you need.

  9. saw a guy catch PETA tards setting his animals free in the backyard, with one of those mounted outside: called his son at home who ran outside after them.

    “I like the fact that he decided to start eating cheese in the middle of a robbery.”

    cops just caught a guy here that robbed a business and took the owner’s valentines day chocolates box: they just followed the discarded wrappers to his house 200 yards away.


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