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Unlike the Obama administration, I’m going with ISIS rather than ISIL. The “L” stands for the Lavant — an area larger than Syria and Iraq (including Lebanon and Jordan). I don’t want to give the Islamo-fascist state’s ambitions more play than they deserve. Anyway, the remote control gun above indicates that ISIS is nothing if not creative in its desire to control the oil fields that sustain its economy. The sooner and more convincingly they’re destroyed the better.

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    • Beat me to it. Daesh. Nothing else. It refers to them in the perjorative and they don’t care for it. Why do them any favors?

      • Well, Daesh is the acronym in Arabic for al-Dalwa al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham. The western tongue would say it like “daysh” or “dayesh”.

    • You really think a name is going to get under their skin? They laugh at it. The name daesh as an “insult” to ISIL started in Europe where that was the best limp-wristed response they could muster.

      The B-1 responded with 10,000 JDAM over the course of 18 months, with tens of thousands of EKIA. Suck on tritonol, bitches.

  1. Daesh is the name they’ve sworn is the greatest insult to them and will bring great fury yada yada yada…. So I say it all the time. Daesh Daesh Daesh!

  2. Mr. Farago, kudos for your unapologetic use of the apropos term “Islamo-facist”, which is verboten in the politically correct spheres of the media.

    • Walter made one out of a garage door opener. That was made using a vehicle flywheel. Pretty good actually!
      Being a mechanic, when I watched that episode, it occurred to me that it would have been much easier to use a windshield wiper assembly (the transmission) and wheel bearing hub assembly for the rotating base as opposed to a garage door assembly.
      Heck, I even made some sky blue Breaking Bad meth! The hard part was getting the color just right.

      • The garage door opener came with its remote control and therefore suited his requirements better than a windshield wiper assembly.

  3. Yeah Daesh. Like”shite-head” only worse. The whole Levant thing is(I believe) a reference to Israel and the fact that Bury Soetoro hates them. Syria,Israel,Palestine,Lebanon and Jordan. And it give power to the daesh demons. Sea of glass…

  4. Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, whatever the hell they want to be called or hate being called means nothing to me. Kill them all, make every attempt to erase every one of their names from history, and be done with it.

    Dirka dirka, Mohammad jihad click click boom. Screw ’em.

  5. These bastards are like WWII era Nazi Germany. They are ideologues committed beyond reproach to their fanatical goal.

    The problem is, like the Nazis, they’re also some pretty damn smart folks behind the scenes. This is what makes them more frightening. They have the ability to rig up something sophisticated like this in a country that has entire swaths of the population living in conditions we in the west haven’t seen in around a century.

    We can’t play Neville Chamberlain any longer. Something must be done, preferably by forcing (through trade manipulation) the local countries to deal with the problem, otherwise, if we let this cancer fester, it will consume the entire region.

    • Actually, much closer to Stalinist Russia.

      DAESH! isn’t much of an insult. Doesn’t even call into question their ancestor’s or personal practices. Or dogs, pigs, donkeys etc

      • Ahh, beat me too it.

        But yeah… that’s one thing that most people don’t get. That you can build just insane things with simple off the shelf components. I remember seeing people building auto tracking sentry airsoft guns from off the shell components all the way back in the early ’00s. Hell…. holophobes talk a lot about 3D printed guns. What the hell are they going to do when you start seeing people carrying home made laser guns or something? Because that’s probably coming up. 😛

    • Closer to Stalin, plus the Germans gave us massive loads of new tech while the Islamic hordes uses tech against us and results in more and more liberty killing laws/regulations.

  6. Bad as they supposedly are, they still keep showing up with much cooler guns, than the ones we supposedly “free” people, are “allowed” to have.

  7. Remote control rifle, eh? Looks like some of these Islamo-fascist martyrs-to-be are not terribly thrilled or overly eager to meet Allah. So, it’s he who shoots while hidden away, can live to shoot another day?

    • Distraction guns . Fire off this piece of sh_t while you flank those who are returning fire . We need lots of eyes in the sky on these mooslem whackos , sneaky little bast_rds . Tiny little drones to give us the advantage . I think we should swarm them like locusts so they are swatting drones away like flies , oh wait , I think they would just let the little eaves droppers climb around all over their faces .

  8. Call them cupcake, maggots, or turds . What they deserve and we should deliver is multiple forms of lead & steel. No nation building just hunt down and murder them with ruthless blood lust efficiency. So much that when they hear rotors they run and drones note direction and artillery blankets the area. Hit them so hard they break and if they don’t, accelerate them to their death cult.

    Our problem is we work to salvage when the effort to clear the region is easier. Rome destroyed all opposition, cleared cities, then killed the remaining who came out of hiding. If they’re not shitting themselves were not dining the job. And when finished, cold beer, steaks, wine and women to the Warriors for the job well done.

  9. The ANZACs did something similar in the withdrawal from Gallipoli but that was a time-delayed “Odd-Angry-Shot” to convince the Turks the Allied troops were still there.

    The “machine gun” looks like a Dragunov type rifle minus the butt-stock. The 3rd most common item in the middle east after AK-47s and RPG-7s.

  10. So is this alleged machine gun a) semi-auto (there would have to be a cutout for a mag), b) single-shot or c) some non-functional mock-up?

  11. How can the US effectively mount a campaign to exterminate this enemy when our various government entities can’t even agree what to call them?

  12. Do you think it may be time to do some more nuclear bomb test ?
    This may be a good area to use as a testing zone , lots of sand to turn into diamonds .
    I’m sorry , I know this is un-Christian of me , but I have my moments and do occasionally entertain these thoughts . I will try and contain my wicked thoughts better and keep them in my head .
    This area is Megiddo , is it not ?


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