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YouTube commentator Daniel Michnewich is not happy with this video: “So this is wrong on many levels. First you don’t see how far the targets are. He just says they are 300 yds or over. Not to mention that the bullet drop from the ‘rainbow’ effect by taking one step back is not significant while shooting at a human shaped target. Taking a AK sighted for 300m and taking a shot at 325m (assuming a muzzle velocity of 730m/s, 122g ammo, max range of 2300m) the drop of the bullet will be 10.4 cm. So let’s say he went 1 m back from 300m the bullet would drop 4.16mm! That is insignificant for the typical AK shooter. I can stand two feet away from a target with an AK-74 and not hit a target if I don’t want to. Its called aiming!” Fair enough?

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  1. Isn’t the rainbow effect of a parabolic nature? You can’t just divide the 10.4 cm by 25 meters to get the per meter drop as the farther the bullet travels the faster it will drop. This shouldn’t make that big of a difference, but it’s still not a linear relationship. Unless I’m missing something

    • You aren’t taking into effect the rotation of the earth, curvature of the horizon or the gravitational force of the moon.

      It’s like how if you try to shoot a 308 over 800yrds the bullet stops in mid air and drops to the ground. Everyone knows that.

      • I’m sorry your best subject isn’t mathematics. Unless you have something useful to contribute then move along. Your comments referring to the “rotation of the Earth”, “curvature of the horizon”, and ” gravitational force of the moon” to try to be a smartass just made you look like an idiot. Air drag and gravitational force of the Earth are not trivial when talking about the path of the bullet, which is what would give the bullet a parabolic trace in flight.

  2. Don’t let satire bring out your ire.

    Enjoy the Phuc’in hilarious video, and FU (as in, Firepower United).

  3. For one of this guy’s more hilarious videos, YouTube search “fine motor skills, gross motor skills.” Then search 3 Gunner John McClain’s response video.

  4. Unsolicited white guy racist comment of the day….Asians can’t drive a car, nor a gun, or speak English well.

  5. If the 7.62×39 was good enough for Serbs and Bosnians to peg each other with in the 90’s, it’s good enough for me to take out those evil watermelons. I’m pretty realistic about my sub-par marksmanship abilities, cheap steel-cased ’39 works just fine for me.

  6. I know it’s not serious. Mkay. But I do like the 7.62×39. And the x54. Every once in a while I flirt with the idea of one of those CZ bolt guns in x39.

    • I have to pry myself away from the one 7.62×39 CZ bolt gun I see from time to time at the gun show. Usually I’m broke as a joke and can’t buy it, but when I do have money it is ALWAYS on the first row of the show! (I can’t drop all my cash on the first row… the OCD won’t allow it.) By the time I’ve walked the whole place, I’ve either found something else and/or totally forgotten it was there.

  7. What an interesting fellow, that Phuc.
    Defintely has some good AK skills.
    I’m not really lookin to shoot 7.62×39 for accuracy at 300 yards, let alone 301 😉
    But i get it, he really like his fie foe fie 😉

  8. I love Phuc Long!
    I laugh my ass off every time he posts a new video.
    Great quotes from Phuc “contact rear!” (as he bends over and shoots behind him between his legs)
    “Leggo my eggroll”
    “Russians switched to polymer stock to save the environment”
    And “Okie dokie Artichokie”
    He sell t shirts on his web site

  9. Gotta be the funniest shooting vid ever posted. I particularly liked the ” poison bullet ” reference. Anyone who knows AKs at all can see the whole thing is a farce. Except the mans’ shooting and gun handling. No joke there, dude knows his shit!


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