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While antis insist that civilian disarmament is key to preventing an abuser from shooting their victim, the truth is that early detection and intervention is a far more effective approach, both in terms of isolating the victim from the abuser and isolating the abuser from the victim (e.g., incarceration). If you suspect someone is being abused, please inform the authorities. That is all.

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    • Although I did watch parts of the video, I thought the “If you see something” meant you saw the abuse taking place in front of you. I subsequently realized that I wasn’t sure what it meant and that this might be too complex and full of pitfalls for me to comment as I did. Of course, the delete button didn’t work:-(

  1. The problem is If you suspect someone of that you better be damn well sure that is what is really going on. If you’re wrong You can send an entire group of police to someone’s house To be harassed Possibly charged And ruin their entire life By getting them fired from their job Getting their firearms taken away And so on and so on.Not to mention The pissed off neighbor who calls and reports you just because they can’t stand you. I tend to mind my own damn business If someone is in that type of relationship They got themselves into it There are is enough help out there That they can seek help and get themselves out of that relationship without me meddling in their business.

    • Yep. And a lot of people will operate from a position of fear because of the potential impact.

      Our daughter was born with a birthmark on her behind. She’s half Asian and the type of birthmark (it was around 10 years ago, I can’t remember what they are called) has a bluish tint to it. It looked like we were spanking a newborn from dawn to dusk.

      As a result, we were very wary of hiring a baby-sitter for years and made sure we talked to any pediatrician about those types of birthmarks – before any visit.

    • “If you’re wrong You can send an entire group of police to someone’s house To be harassed Possibly charged And ruin their entire life By getting them fired from their job Getting their firearms taken away And so on and so on.”

      There are those who would consider that a sweet feature and not a bug.

      Such as…

      Got a beef with your neighbor? Tell the cops and get his gun collection seized with near *zero* chance of reprisal.

  2. You know the term never blame the victim? Well if you’re in a relationship with a cokehead alcoholic that likes to beat you up Don’t you think maybe it would be best to leave that relationship Jesus criminy.

  3. Domestic abuse is a common problem in my community, and the police have a zero tolerance policy. I have only witnessed a single incident– the husband striking the wife, apparently after a prior argument, attempting to get her into his car through hands on physical abuse including slapping and hitting. I called 911, as did three other cars all in the same place at the same time (this was out in public). There have been more than a couple of wives that were friends with my wife who were abused–and showed the effects–even though they denied it. And these were not drug addicted down and outers, but middle or upper middle class people who had their kids in private school. We have had any number of shootings, beatings, and stabbings related to domestic abuse, regularly reported int he local new rag. So yeah, make a difference and drop a dime.

  4. I was at police station renewing drivers licence when male dragged his wife past by the hair like caveman cartoon. Lots of yelling and screaming. Sgt. went out and stopped it. She didn’t want to press charges

    Two weeks later I’m on a work call and it turns out to be their house and they are all cuddly. You can’t fix stupid sometimes

    • Got a lady a divorce from a hubby who left a six-inch scar on her rear end (she didn’t tell me exactly how it happened, but it wasn’t consensual). About a month later I see them walking thru the mall hand in hand like high-school sweethearts. Happens all the time I gather.

    • Sometimes the victims of abuse are disturbed themselves. I heard 65% of DV, cases are reciprocal violence between both partners. Alot of times the abused are abusive to any children they have. Supposedly many victims of abusive relationships had abusive parents when growing up and they are just attracted to violent people because of it. Even when a victim leaves their abuser, they often shack up with another abusive jerk.

  5. Didn’t we just recently discuss overreacting to “something” that turned-out to be nothing, like in North Dakota? Since no one can be sure every “suspicious” (whatever that means) event is actually threat, how do we manage this? When does “see something, say something” become its own form of swatting?

  6. If you include child abuse in the spectrum of domestic abuse, which I don’t see why we wouldn’t, women are, then, more likely to be abusers…

    Fun fact.

  7. Grownups can take care of themselves. The state is burdensome enough as it is. No point giving them more excuses to exist. if someone assaults you, “domestic” or not, shoot him. Or not. Your call, your life, your bed, you go lay in it. Alone or with your so called “abuser.” That turns out not to be enough of one, for you to bother doing something about after all.

  8. Domestic abuse is a minefield for a third party who tries to help the victim. The first question is whether there is abuse or whether it’s just a tactic in an ugly divorce. Even if the abuse is real, the victim may be too emotionally invested in the abuser to do that it takes to break free. Cops hate domestic disturbance calls for just that reason. It’s not unusual for the victim to be less than grateful for their assistance. A few weeks ago, Grant Cunningham discussed the subject on his blog and offered advice on providing help without risking your own life or freedom.

  9. Fact: 75% of all “male-on-female” domestic violence claims are false and only used to gain an advantage in a divorce or child custody dispute. In 13% of the cases the bitch deserves it and the last 12% is made up of possibly actual incidents but we will never know the truth because broads lie.

    Best we mind our own business, these people are adults they should be able to manage their own affairs and if they have fingers they are perfectly capable of dialing 911 themselves.

  10. If you want to contemplate a real nightmare, consider the position health care professionals, teachers and a great many other people find themselves experiencing. As a nurse, (as with many others) I was obligated by LAW to “report” any hint of “abuse” of any kind: women, children, elders – though I don’t remember any admonition to report abuse of men. Men and women are about equal in perpetrating abuse, of course, but men don’t seem to count in the ranks of the victims unless they are elderly.

    In any case, it is a no win situation for the nurse, teacher, etc. We are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. A report that turns out to be wrong will get us sued or fired, as will any incidence of abuse later that someone believes we should have reported and didn’t. It’s all subjective and based on emotion and power structures, not actually the health and safety of the supposed victims.

    The real answer is, of course, that people must accept personal responsibility for ALL of their choices and actions. When people do that, they won’t tolerate abuse of any kind usually, especially of children. If they do, it’s really their problem.

    Of course I always kept copies of a list of various resources, so when I saw possible signs of abuse I could give them that information and encourage them to take advantage of it. I reported any real “abuse” I did see, especially with children involved, and just hoped for the best. But that’s one reason I retired early.

  11. You won’t get sued or fired.
    You can go and make all the abuse reports you want.
    In my divorce, my ex called the police every day of my 2 week summer child visitation.
    The police came every time. The same officer 3 of the 14 times.
    They walked thru my house, saw a clean house, food, toys, a bed and kids playing.
    I demanded to know why they kept coming over every day.
    I knew and they knew it was my ex making a false report, even though these reports are confidential
    They just said they had to check out every a abuse report.
    There are no repercussions for false reports

  12. Libertarian publications for years have done stories on government intervention into private family affairs. The mistakes made have destroyed everyone’s lives and not helped anyone.

    Libertarians say you have the right, the freedom to destroy your body with drugs if you wish.

    Why don’t you have the freedom to destroy your life with the worst husband you choose to live with?
    You ask what about the children of the abuser? Well what about the children of the drug abuser?
    A huge part of the welfare industrial complex is government over site of families.

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