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courtesy Kahr Arms

There are some ‘ifs’ in this article on Karh Arms’ potential move out of the Empire State. But scribe Beth Brelje includes enough kinda somewhat they look like definitive statements to make a Kahr Arms exodus sound probable. The gunco’s currently headquartered in deep in the heart of SAFE Act land: Blauvelt, New York. Their production facility is in the equally inhospitable Worcester, Massachusetts. Two states that have made it abundantly clear that gun makers, their products and their customers aren’t welcomed. If the report at Pocono Record article is to be believed . . .

the 70-mile move from Blauvelt to Pike County, Pennsylvania would be a relative hop, skip and a jump for company brass. Yanking the manufacturing operation out of the Bay State would, of course, be a little more involved.

Already the company has hired engineering, legal and real estate firms to work on the project. It is conducting an executive search for an operations manager to oversee the building phase.

And that’s not all . . .

Some company executives who will work at the new offices have already purchased homes in Pike County, (Kahr spokesman Frank) Harris said.

If Kahr goes through with the move, Governors Cuomo and Patrick will see the first significant fallout of their post-Newtown civilian disarmament enthusiasms. It couldn’t happen to two nicer people.

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  1. Great Company… They sure took care of me when I put my PM9 together wrong (the index marks are there for a good reason). I wish them the best of luck in PA…

  2. It’s patently unfair one has to be on FARCEBOOK to enter. I vamoosed from that Esperanza nearly three years ago and never looked back. I wonder if they have any idea how many gun enthusiasts despice Farcebook? The answer would seem to be no.

    I have zero interest in supporting a medium whose founder refers to his users as “a bunch of dumb f*ckers. I am NOT a glutton for punishment or derision.

    • I won’t go there either. I saw the writing on the wall about 5 years ago after yet another of their constant privacy-eroding “improvements” — disabled my profile and haven’t been back since.

      The thing about Facebook is that it’s not a free product: when you use it, YOU are the free product. Facebook’s product is your information — your likes/dislikes, friends/family, photos, website visits, and eyeball time are all being tracked, bought, and sold. Not that there’s any true privacy in the digital world, but I’m drawing the line where I can. For some people, the transaction is worthwhile…but not for me.

      Kinda sucks that so much stuff happens there by default these days, and I wouldn’t mind being in the running for some of those prizes, but I figure less time spent on Facebook is more time spent in better places.

    • That chaps my hide as well. A lot of comment sections only accept FB, Twitter and the likes. We’ve been effectively silenced for now…

  3. Is Kahr owned by the moonies? Have they ever been owned by the moonies or is that just another urban legend?

    • For what it’s worth, the Wikipedia article says you are correct.

      Therefore, it must absolutely be true.

    • Who cares, jwm. They make guns and they’re not kissing the G’s @ss. That’s enough for me.

    • Nah.
      The Moonies just happen to have ALOT of property near by.
      They use the farms for their inductrinations……… I mean for living and farm work.

    • Kahr is owned by a son of the Reverend Moon. He may have slanted eyes. but whadaya know, he’s AMERICAN! And their factory and offices are in America. And their workers are American. The kid may have a strange pop, but at least he seems to have shown that he doesn’t like strange bedfellows who despise his company and product.

  4. PTR just announced that it’s moving out of CT and relocating to Horry County, South Carolina.

    Ruger and S&W are swollen with our dollars and aren’t going anywhere. Colt is a government contractor and won’t go anywhere because it doesn’t want to piss off the G. We’ll see about any of the other players, including Magpul.

  5. I used to live about 15 miles from the old Auto Ordinance facility, and if Kahr didn’t leave NY.
    The gun loving folks in Ulster and Orange county would have pushed them out and taken their equipment for them to Pennsylvania.
    They are relocating maybe a 90 minute drive away and its about time.
    You wont see me buying a thing made by Remington as long as they stay in NY.
    Or from any fire arms related company staying in a slave state.
    You hear me Colt???

  6. “It couldn’t happen to two nicer people.”

    By the time the move(s) is finished they will be out of office. Those two towns will lose an employer – and possibly others in the town will lose their jobs as the previously employed gun makers do not have money to spend in town. Oh, and the states will lose revenue. In government work, you pay for the previous generation’s mistakes and the next generation will pay for yours (thats why law suits are not a deterrent when dealing w/ gov. men). But hey, we had to do something . . .

    • The voters who elected ’em will still be there.

      And NYC f–ks upstate over? Secede. Not like they have guns in NYC..

  7. Good job kahr, the more money taken from New York the better, I am driving across a couple states to our cabin in New Hampshire, told the wife we either stop for the night in Pennsylvania or fuel up there because I’m driving straight across New York without stoping.

  8. They could just split the difference and move to New Hampshire. They could join Sig and Ruger.

    • Hey, not all of New England is a lost cause, just the southern part (MA, RI, CT). Remember, the original Constitutional carry state is VT, NH is no permit for open carry and only $10 four 4 years of shall issue CCW (no prints, no training required either), not sure about ME but I understand OC is legal there too. We are just trying to fight an invasion from the south, those Massholes are trying to escape the hell they created only to try to recreate it here (NH).

      • Yeah, that is a good call regarding south vs north NE. However, in my opinion, VT is just as much of a hell hole as MA and CT are. NH and ME are all thats left. NH will soon become like Colorado.

  9. It’s notable the Kahr doesn’t manufacture assault-style weapons and a large portion of their pistols don’t carry more than 7-10 rds anyway. For them to move just on principle when the legislation only affects them minimally is admirable in this day and age.

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