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Even though we’ve never been there, it seems that Harrisburg, PA could use a few more concealed carriers. “A Harrisburg man was robbed and then shot when he had nothing in his wallet to give the robbers. It happened just after midnight the 1800 block of Swatara Street.” The man’s friend coughed up all of $8, but because his wallet was empty, the two muggers plugged him like Forrest Gump – in the but-tocks. A short time later . . .

The same two yoots “burst into a home on the 400 block of South 16th Street. Again, one of the robbers, the short one, had a handgun. The victim told police the robber held the gun to his head. The robbers demanded money.” The 64-year-old homeowner fought back, though, and the thugs left empty-handed.

What’s the best mohaska to use in situations like these? The one you have on your waist under your shirt. Or in your pocket. But you have to have one, you know, with you.

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    • Alternatively, offer the gun buyback price directly, and discuss the importance of doing the right thing (for the kids).

    • Wouldn’t want to offend anyone, would we? “2 bright but confused gentlemen attempted to rob me. I’m sure it was just a brief lapse in judgement on their path towards a productive, fulfilling future.”

  1. Off topic, but can we make sure Aaron Hernandez gets an IGOTD shout out for shooting his buddy in the face after a little trip to the neighborhood strip joint?

    • You’re assuming lack of motive. Given the current situation – including the destruction of his home video security system – that may be judging him a bit too favorably.

      • I’m referring to an incident from earlier in the year which recently came to light with the current investigation of the murder of his acquaintance. This guy in question refused to cooperate with a criminal investigation but is filing a suit against Hernandez instead for “accidentally” shooting him in the face.

        But you’re right, if this murder story continues to develop it looks like he’s got bigger problems to worry about…

        Good thing I hate the Pats!

        • I was actually referring to that same case. Given the smell of the current situation, I’m not certain that the previous incident was an “accident”.

  2. About the video (and slightly OT)…
    While Krav-Maga type martial arts training is no-doubt useful from muscle-memory point of view (especially if surprised in a SHTF situations), I’m struck by how often these scenarios are presented as 1-on-1.

    If you’re surprised enough that someone gets the drop on you with a handgun (as in this video), is it wise to assume in training that only 1 person is involved? Yes, deal with (or disarm) the proximate threat. But then? If you disarm someone, shouldn’t running the f##k away be the default option in case the disarmee has a friend?

    Maybe I’m over thinking this… Too much coffee today.

    • Initially in Krav you start out in 1 to 1 scenarios, plus from day one in Krav, you always scan and assess after the engagement. As you progress through the levels, that’s when the fun begins, like 1 on 2,3,4,5, etc. Plus always wear a cup in Krav. Always.

      • Of course. That makes sense – I’m drawing incorrect conclusions from a small set of youtube videos.

    • Very slick moves and look effective if you can keep your head (no pun) in that situation, but I’d feel a whole lot better about this video if the gun was blue. Just sayin’.


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