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Since I finished my 300 BLK SBR, I no longer needed the full length version that I had been using. So I put it up online and a week later there were no bites. I was finally able to sell it — at $700 below list price. And when I walked into the local Cabela’s and saw racks upon racks of AR-15 rifles (pictured above) for sale, I knew why . . .

After the gun control scare earlier this year, demand for AR-15 rifles went through the roof. People were maxing out their credit cards on fears that America’s favorite firearm was about to be banned by the powers that be. This cleared the entire available stock of guns, and made manufacturers ramp up to meet demand.

It was good times for manufacturers, but now the AR-15 bubble has burst and things are looking downright depressing for manufacturers.

By now, everyone who “needed” an AR-15 has found one. Even if they emptied their bank accounts to do it, they have their rifle. But with sales slowing down, the price of an AR-15 is cratering. People are no longer willing to buy at the inflated panic-level prices, and dealers are starting to discount the guns in order to clear their shelves.

The good news is that cheap AR-15s are about to flood the market. If you’ve been waiting for the “right” time to buy a good entry level gun, this is it. Over-active manufacturing combined with people selling off their panic purchases to pay off their credit cards mean that you have the pick of the litter when it comes to guns.

The bad news is that ammunition is still scarce. It’s on the shelves, but stores haven’t lifted their “one box per person” limit yet. So while you can buy a gun, you still can’t feed it. And God help you if you need some .22lr.

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    • For the last year I’ve been drinkin’ a beer and laughing at the mayhem. I acquired my weapons and ammo well before the hurricane sale. And when the weapons ‘shot through the roof’, I bought cheap plentiful ammo. Now, I’ll buy a few more rifles at the ‘fire sale’. My armory is about complete.

      • Buy a few boxes of 22 rimfire at the firesale prices of what 6.22 to 18.00 per box, how about some HMR at 39.99?

        • If you bought .17HMR at $39.99, you got F*cked HARD.
          The great thing about HMR is that it was largely unaffected by the ammo scare. 5.56 and .22LR went through the roof, .17HMR stayed right where it was, maybe a $0.20 increase per box of 50rds, if that.

          I have been buying .17HMR ammo since before the ammo scare, and I have never paid more than $20 for a box of 50rds, usually less.

      • When was this “cheap and plentiful,” ammo around during this latest gun ban scare? Also, how do you drink 1 beer for an entire year?

        • Ammo didn’t start shooting through the roof until the run on weapons started, b/c no one thought that there would be an ammo shortage. Reloading supplies were still cheap too. As far a the beer, you’re really anal aren’t you?

      • I like to look at a site where people buy and sell all types of guns. The listings for ARs is funny. I love the line ‘Like new, paid $x,xxx’ the price you paid over a year ago isn’t relevant

    • Make a quality gas piston AR clone for -$500, and it[s] ‘”dude, I am there!”‘

    • Istarted buying my ammo and weapons last year when the newscasters caught Obama telling Putin that he could do more once he got re-elected. There was my sign!!! Weve spent nearly 6,500 bucks in three months. But, I also got some great early deals.

  1. If you don’t have a Black Rifle, now is the time to buy. To paraphrase a certain book:

    “For the anti’s are filled with fury, because they know that their time is short.”

    • I am green with envy, sir. Think its about time to pick up a 2nd black beauty, “for the wifey”. She may murder me for doing so, but she’ll be loving me after about a week. Too bad I wont be there to share her excitement. And she’ll have 2 AR’s. On 2nd thought, maybe i’ll hold off…

        • I believe he means he won’t be there because she would have murdered him for having bought it…

        • I think he indicated that it’s difficult to talk when you’ve been “murdered”, lol…

    • You lucky SOB. I thought I got a tremendous deal getting one brand new at $995 during the panic. That price is actually a little cheaper than many places were selling it before the panic.

      • I was building them before obama & could do nice ones for 500 or less.even could build the pistons for cheap.should have sold some but I get emotionally attatched.luckily enough got plenty of ammo,miss the 1200 rounds for 90-100 bucks though.

    • I remember when I had many M16’s and all the 5.56 I could fire. Other ordinance, too. Back in ’72 in RVN…

  2. I fully expect the same thing to happen with ammo. When? I dunno. But, demand will drop off a cliff once everyone’s closets are chock full of overpriced ammo that’s not being expended at the range. Prices will drop accordingly, and I’ll restart my strategy of “buy it cheap and stack it deep.”

    • Not if the government keeps using our tax dollars to buy it up before it’s manufactured, we won’t. Might take another whistleblower to make the administration shy off.

      • Ammo will take a while, we just took on a couple of millionnew shooters and they all need to feed their guns even with out stock piling the demand is to great right now

      • Here’s what I don’t get. If the DHS is buying up all the 9mm hollowpoint so they can kill us all… why is it impossible to find 22LR?

        • The shortage is a result of panic buying. There are just so many ammo manufacturers set up to produce just so much ammo, and just so much available materials (bullets, primers, powder). For many years gun and ammo sales were basically stagnant, so the ammo manufacturers make only a small decrease in production, but keep prices up. They are riding a profit wave. People are still in ‘panic’ mode, buying up and stockpiling ammo; it’s pure insanity. No one needs thousands of rounds of ammo, even if SHTF. Pretty soon there is going to be a severe glut of ammo. If SHTF before that, I’ll just remove extra ammo from the dead!

        • 9mm and 22LR are the 2 most popular calibers in the US, for defense and practice at the range.They’re cheap to shoot and was easily available at almost any sporting goods store. then the anti’s started their “ban montage” and everyone bought everything available. during the panic,every store was wiped out.manufacturers ramped up production, but law enforcement gets 1st choice, they triple their orders so they don’t run out.once those orders are filled,whatever is left trickles to the sporting goods stores. so it’s intermittent at best.

    • I was on gunbot last night looking for .308 and noticed that supplies are up and prices have dropped, some.

    • Ammo is a consumable, so I think it’s less likely to have these kind of swings. That said, it’s clear that prices there are falling: commie calibers have nearly gone back to normal, and it’s mostly .223 and 9mm that are showing persistent stickiness in high pricing. (I can say with pride that I have not spent more than 35c a round on 223 or 9mm thus far… but it’s been tricky.)

      The AR-15 market was falling like a rock a month ago, and it’ll probably stay really low until the next round of panic buying. Remember that there are TONS of people making AR-15s – I’d wager it’s the most produced kind of rifle in the US. The supply shortage there would be the first to rectified.

      • There are a bunch of AR-15 makers but only 4 companies that make the barrels that they use in their builds.

    • Who is this “everyone” you speak of? Most people I have talked to refuse to buy ammo at these prices, I personally refuse to check the stores like a hungry orphan waiting.

  3. If Colt ever does a run of 6720s I will pick one up. The issue now is finding ammo amd magazines, no fun getting new guns but with no mags or ammo for it.

    • No one was taking anyone to the shed, unless someone somehow forced you to buy something. The market value was one thing in January; now it’s another thing. Supply, demand, etc.

    • I, for one, am happy that a few sellers took the path of raising prices instead of rationing.

      Because, I’d rather be able to buy ammo at $40 a box than not buy it at $10.

      There’s a store about an hour from my home that raised prices and still has ammo in stock. Good to know that if I really need it, I can get it.

      Think of it this way…the sellers still have to make money even during shortages, because they are open and paying their employees every day, whether they’re selling ammo or not. Electricity is still on, insurance is still being paid, etc. Those are fixed costs, and they don’t stop just because there’s a shortage. They have to find some way of keeping money coming in even though they aren’t selling as much. Raising prices lets them do it.

      You always have the choice to shop elsewhere.

      • You must have missed what CTD did with pricing…
        I was able to find anything I wanted (but little 22lr)
        most of the time without paying more than about double, and mostly near normal prices. Had lots of LGS not “gouging” but prices were higher.
        CTD was GOUGING and charging up to 8 times normal pre-panic prices. PMags for $100? thta is 8 times higher!
        We decided to call CTD by the new designation, DTS 😀

        DTS = Dumber Than SH!T lmao

      • I’d rather have a retailer raise the price, than have opportunists buy it all as soon as it shows up in the store, only to show up at a gunshow to sell it at at four times the price. When things were craziest, there was one online retailer (Sorry, I don’t recall which one, but I think I have them bookmarked for future reference at home) who raised their prices, with the difference going to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation; I think I liked their approach best of all: They didn’t want to gouge their customers, nor did they want to facilitate gouging by people buying from them to resell.

        • I believe you are referring to Midway. Their prices have stayed a whole lot lower than all of the other sellers and they do give to “Wounded Warriors”. I shop there often. Very good store for on-line buying. Only problem I have with them is their shipping cost.

  4. Good! I hope every scumbag dealer and flipper chokes on their rifles and ammo. I consider them worse than the gun grabbers for turning on their own.

      • Well sir, I think we all know that they were within their rights to charge all the market would bear. That doesn’t mean we like them. I think Solomon put it thusly: “He that with-holdeth grain the people will curse, but he that selleth it shall be blessed.” Price-gouging may not be against capitalism, but it won’t win you many friends. And remember “A good name is rather to be chosen that great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.”

      • There is a difference between supply and demand and greed/taking advantage of a situation. Ammo Brothers raised their prices they day of sandy hook. Cheaper than Dirt was on Good Morning America and went Hollywood. Their prices are not competitive and I will not buy another thing from them. I protest with my wallet. Hello SG Ammo.

    • Make your life easier. Spend $5 at amazon for a used copy of Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson”.

        • Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell…highly recommend it to everyone. Allocations of scarce resources…if more people just understood that concept

      • This. Enormous increase in demand, with a relatively static supply leads to price increases. Hell, the dealers have to be able to replace the stock you just bought, and since it’s uncertain under those kinds of conditions what the resupply price will be on their next order, they have to build in an “uncertainty” premium. It’s just the way it is if you’re trying to buy when everyone else is.

      • Stop with the economics BS please!! Price gouging is illegal during emergency/disasters and not nice when unnecessary. Why were some suppliers able to keep their prices down? Turners in Orange CA has kept their prices very reasonable and was one of the ONLY lgs you could get ammo at a Fair price during the chaos. Same with their ARs. They will always have my business.

    • I agree.

      Maybe those bevis and butthead types that loitered around walmart and the other stores before the doors opened will finally give up ammo scalping and get a real job.

      It is very true that the market dictates the price, but its also the peoples fault for buying the ammo. stop buying it.

  5. The bottom has fallen out of the ENTRY LEVER market.

    Still can’t find a lot of high-end parts like Noveske barrels and handguards, Spikes uppers and lowers, or LMT anything.

    Ammo is the real problem now as well. I haven’t seen 110gr or 125gr 300BLK in probably three months.

    • I’ve got 125 boxes of Barnes copper 300BLK cartridges coming in the next few days. Rifle ammo is quickly catching up.

      • I would hazard a guess that ammo is produced in batches… one caliber this week, another next week or some such. Once they get caught up, the price will moderate. That’s assuming the buying slows down to allow them to catch up. As MothaLova stated…”supply/demand”.

        • Everything is made in batches. Ammo is no different. It takes tooling time to swap calibers, I’ve talked to some friends at Hornady and Sierra and they’ve said if they swapped every machine to .223 they still wouldn’t catch up with orders.

          With that said I believe most every company has had orders placed with every ammo manufacturer and once they start seeing ammo they’re likely to cancel which is why they’re not expanding capital.

          If this bubble pops you’ll see some of the smaller companies dry up and once everything is in stock you might start seeing rarer calibers being produced (I’m looking at you .30-40 Krag, I would kill for a V-max loaded factory laod)

    • “Still can’t find a lot of high-end parts like Noveske barrels and handguards, Spikes uppers and lowers, or LMT anything”


      And this is what I really care about. Ive seen DPMS and other entry level ARs since April in Sportsmans and Cabelas.

      Not interested. If you are desperate for a AR, then go for it i guess.

      I fear well be waiting a long time for top tier AR stuff.

  6. I think demand for higher-end units: Noveske, JP, FN, PRI, and even Spike’s, Mega, etc. is still quite high and those will remain appropriately priced… cheaper rifles that were super inflated, $2600 Bushmasters for example, will drop through the floor. If you want a cheap AR, now is the time to get one. I saw a factory Colt with Magpul furniture at Wal-Mart here in AZ for $997!

  7. Where are y’all funding these cheap rifles? I have a rifle kit backordered at midway since December and the only info I can get is that there is a shipment due in September. Will I get one of them is the million dollar question.

    • You are probably better off looking for black rifles cheaply at like gun shows and larger gun shops that do consignments and buy guns. The market will be the people who picked up another couple ARs just in case rather than the new buyer with his Bushmaster.

      Also flea markets.

    • Take a look at Palmetto Stare Armory’s site. There aren’t complete rifles available but the parts are there.

    • We have had a gun show almost every weekend and I have been seeing ARs at steals since late March even on DD rifles. One dealer I have done a lot of business with had some great deals last week made me kinda sick I just built 2 piston guns he had a Stag model 8 that is piston driven with Diamondhead sights for $1050. My guns both have better barrels and built with Centurion and Samson rails all kinds of fun stuff but I have way more than that in both of them. Check out PSA I was in one of their stores the other day and they actually had uppers in stock they had complete lowers for $200, stripped lowers for $100 even a sale for the weekend on blem lowers for $70. Our local Walmart has the DPMS Sportical I think they call it the base model for $615 and they had Sig M400 Enhanced for $917 Colt 6920 for like $1050. I have seen AR10 type rifles for $1100-1300 the DPMS and S&W M&P for that cheap I been wanting one for a while would love that S&W @ $1250 I saw one for even had the Magpul mags for the $20 range.

  8. It really just depends on what sort of AR-15 you bought, in additon to what you bought it for. Premium brands, POF, LMT, Noveske and others are gonna hold value better than some hacks New FA plastic lower with a bargin basement upper thrown on it or well anything from DPMS.

  9. To anyone who went to a store or gun show in Nov 12 and then again in May 13; this ‘news’ comes as no surprise.

    As far as ammo; I’m seeing plenty of .223/5.56 showing up at Walmart and Academy around here.

    To anyone with bought high thinking they would make a quick buck; serves you right. Good luck dumping that $2000 AR for anything over half of what you paid.

    • .223/5.56 at Academy?

      My local Academy ONLY has the Russian made, lacquered steel case Monarch brand (Academy house brand for Brown Bear) for $11.99 for a box of 20. 60cents a round for lacquered steel case .223 is simply too high.

      Last fall NOT on sale it was $4.99 regular price , $3.99 on periodic sale, and $3.49 on Black Friday.

      Unless it’s an emergency, I will not pay 140% to 300% more for “low-budget grade” .223.

      I can wait …

      • I have never had any of the Monarch steel cased but the brass is good quality PPU re-packed as Monarch. All the Academy’s I been to have a one box limit too. I have been able to find plenty ammo lately at reasonable prices and I had quite a bit I got Oct-Dec before the craziness didn’t pay the nut prices. I just got a 420 round can of Fed m855 for $175 a 1000 rounds of Wolf .223 $300.That dealer had cases of PMC Xtac for $420/1000 rounds not to bad and 900 rounds of that Australian ADI 109 stuff they been importing for $450 in a 50 cal can. Bass Pro has no limit on Independence m193 either its still a little high but $10.50 a box buy as much as you want. Check out too it is a sort of Walmart ammo tracker I have used it with some success got that can of m855 few 100 packs of Fed 9mm and .45acp there.

      • our local pawn shop has rem brass cased 223 for 9.90/box, and federal ar-223 for 7/box, no limits. they have close to 40k rounds… ammo is out there. i personally picked up almost 4000 rounds of 22 LR to shoot this weekend for less than 100 bucks too.

  10. I ordered two RRA uppers last October. Still no delivery. I ask every two months. They say it could be several more months.

  11. I’ve been finding 22lr in Western NY of late… I think that’s starting to ease too…

  12. Think maybe the prices of AKs will come back down? I mean the freakin things are still going for $700+. I had my eye on one in a local store before this mess, $400 with the wood stock and handguard… now, STILL $1100

    • Yeah I have been waiting to pick up an SGL-21, they went from $800 pre panic to over $1300 to this day. Every gun show I have gone to has ton’s of AR’s but I am lucky to see 1 or 2 entry level AK’s.

      • I have heard that some of the price and availability issues are related to the restrictions on imported parts in AKs. I could be wrong but isnt there a law or something that says how much of an AK and what in it can be imported?

        • I believe you’re thinking of 922r. I’m not a hundred percent, but it mostly has to do with magazine capacity and Eeevil Assault Rifle features… you want a 30/40rd AK mag, or an Eeevil Flash Suppressor, or an Eeevil Shoulder Thing That Goes UP? You can have no more than 6(?) imported parts.

        • you can get everything imported except the receiver & barrel. ATF has a list of 20 naughty bits, only 10 of which may be imported on any given (semi auto) rifle/shotgun. AK rifles have up to 16 (less if no muzzle attachment, 1 piece stock/pg, milled reciever- no front trunnion)

      • If you just want an AK JG Sales posted today PAP rifles for $599 and WASR for $650. One of the dealers I have bought quite a few guns from at our shows here in SC has the Arsenal Samr I think it is its the milled receiver model he had them for $1150 last few shows if he still has them might buy one on Sat. The dealer set up next to him had PAP and WASR for $900 nuts when you can get milled awesomeness for a couple hundred more. First AK type rifles I have seen reasonable prices on in a long time been seeing ARs at normal or close to normal prices since March around here.

        • Just saying.. As a guy who collects AKs, I would take a quality stamped rifle over a milled rifle. They both have their own unique advantages. Milled is not always better or worth the extra price. Having a milled rifle in your collection is great.. I would not pick it over the stamped receiver for a rifle that I actually had to get out and use.

        • Still rather high… I think before the panic, WASRs could be had at J&G for $399 if memory serves.

      • 922r deals with the number of US manufactured parts that must replace factory parts on an imported rifle. On the SGL-21, Arsenal replaces stock, grip, etc to make it compliant. My suspicion is that the price increase is more related to the market than any limitations on imports. That being said, I got an SGL-21 about a year before all of these shenanigans started and it may be my favorite material possession.

    • AKs have remained high when ARs fell fast but I have been seeing them lower quickly now too. Check out JG Sales they have WASR for $650 and the PAP rifles for $599 posted today. I was at a show last week if he still has them at the show Sat might buy one. Dealer I have done a lot of business with had the Arsenal Samr I think its called it is the milled receiver model for $1150 the guy across from him had the PAP or WASR for $900 no brainer pay the little extra and get a Arsenal.

    • Glad I bought that Norinco Mak90 from my dad’s friend that needed money back in Oct. The Mak90 was converted back to its former glory came with 3 mags and 500 rounds of MFS 124 grain ammo for $400. Few weeks later at one of my local monthly gun auctions there was a perfect in box looked like it was never fired Mak90 that sold for $425 wish I had bought it. I have seen quite a few of them through the scare I probably could have sold it and got enough money out of it to buy that Arsenal I mentioned in the other comment and still had enough money left over to buy 1000 rounds or so of ammo to feed it. Seen a lot of good deals on 7.62×39 lately too SGA Ammo had Golden Tiger 1000 rounds $250 and $20 to ship the other day they had 400 cases. I got some more WPA military classic at the last show $150 for 500 rounds out the door too same with the .223 figured I would try it never shot any steel in my ARs but worked great in the piston gun I ran it through.

    • I love my LGS… Granted, the guys mostly sell Fudd gear and pistols, but they haven’t jacked up their prices much… WASR-2 sporter going for ~$600. I want to jump all over it but the lady friend put me on gun-buying restriction until she gets either a Pink Lady or a Glock 17.
      And this place has every caliber you could possibly want, as long as it isn’t 5.56 or .308.

      • “but the lady friend put me on gun-buying restriction”….

        Is it your money or hers?

        • Oh, both. It’s a team effort, I gotta at least agree to something she wants me to do, and I will never give up beer.

  13. Now, if everyone would slow down on the panic ammo buying, the ammo shortage will right itself as well. I saw a fair amount of rifle ammo on the shelves this week but pistol ammo is in short supply in Minneapolis.

    On another note, I was in a Dick’s Sporting Goods store and they had a couple of boxes of .45 ACP. I grabbed one and headed for the checkout. They asked me for my DL to make certain I am of age (I’m 68 and don’t look a day over sixty and the girls hold the door and call me “sir”…talk about an ego buster) but I digress. I surrendered my DL and they then asked me to sign the debit/credit machine attesting that I was a citizen of the US. SAY WHAT? The conversation got a little tense after that and I nicely told them where they could put the box of ammo, retrieved my DL and left the store. Recently, I have purchased ammo from Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, Fleet farm and Ahlman’s and none have asked me if I am a citizen. I have vowed to never darken the door of Dick’s again. All that information ends up in a database somewhere and questioning my citizenship really pissed me off. I survived Tet ’68 and if you question my citizenship, I just might poke your sorry butt.

    I thought y’all might like to hear about Dick’s policy. Just saying……….

    • In NYS Dick’s asks for a NYS Pistol Permit for .22lr, even though it’s most popularly used in longarms which require (for the moment) no permit (except in NYC) to possess and use.

    • Dick’s should already be on your boycott list due to them stopping sales of all black rifles.

      • Yeah, I gotta say that in Oklahoma there was plenty of buzz about Dick’s Sporting goods opening some stores in the metro (OKC) area. Then the whole panic and their response of reneging on their back orders of scary black guns. and pulling them from the shelves. All this just to say screw Dick’s; I see no reason to ever set foot in any of their stores. I had a friendly acquaintance tell me that, yeah, Dick’s has ammo. My response was that I’ll never need ammo that badly.

    • I wish I wasn’t four hours north of the Cities; however, there’s plenty of pistol ammo up here.

    • My father-in-law was in Hue for Tet ’68. If he were still around, he would have reacted very similarly to the way you did.

    • I bought something in Dick’s some 15 years ago at one of it’s chain store’s grand opening sale, NEVER BEEN BACK!

  14. I’m still waiting for Noveske uppers to actually be available for purchase again. Rack-grade product is readily available but supply of high grade arms is still months behind demand.

    On the plus side, premium components are coming available again. My next upper may not be a Noveske but it’s now possible to build an upper to spec with quality components.

    • “I’m still waiting for Noveske uppers to actually be available for purchase again.”

      You poor, poor man.

      Anybody who is deprived needless of a Noveske anything has my utmost sympathy.

      Just wait until you get your first one. Youll justify buying a second…then a third…

    • Check out PK Firearms they kept decent supplies up through the crunch and everything on their site is in stock ready to ship. They have uppers they build using high end parts last I looked they had a lot to choose from using Daniel Defense barrels and rails at reasonable prices. I think they had some using some Noveske parts as well. I just built a couple guns starting with uppers I got from PSA on Black Fri that had the PSA(FN) CHF barrels think they call them the m249 machine gun barrels. Right now they have a nice upper on sale for $450 with that same 16 inch barrel with carbine length gas low pro gas block covered up by a 12 inch Midwest Ind modular free float rail. Nice upper for the money still gotta buy a BCG but you can get a nice DD, BCM, Spikes, WMD whatever you want if you can find it. PSA had some sweet KAC .300AAC uppers too the other day when I was in the store think they were like $1100 they had complete rifles too for like $500 more and they had some awesome billet Head Down rifles that had their new keymod rail, Geissele triggers, Raptor charging handle. NIBx coated bcg. Would look nice with my forged Head Down rifle.

  15. You mean the bottom fell out of an already over-inflated panic-driven market, don’t you?

  16. Yep, just about like the ’94 situation. The price spike was higher than the last time, but the time duration was about the same.

    The thing that the anti’s don’t “get” is that after ’94, AR-15’s were more popular than they were going into the ban. Back in ’94, lots of people owned AR’s, but the aftermark, the high-end market, the new-new chamberings – none of that was there.

    Going into this buying spree, AR’s were more popular than ever, then came the buying panic and now AR ownership is more common than herpes. And it will become only more common from here.

    For the anti’s reading this: I don’t think this was what you had in mind.

    • DG…Excellent observations. I’d guess there are a good number of AR owners (and gun owners in general) that weren’t around for the ’94 shortage. We can be our own worst enemies by running the market out of supplies and then paying the high prices. It was time to back off buying a long time ago. We’re just prolonging the agony.

      • The good thing is also that in 93-94 I remember 9mm being $20 a box.

        It did come down again. Won’t come down as much due to commodity pricing, but it will again.

        $12 a box for 500 .22 LR could be a reality again….sure wish it would drop to $7 like before.

        • At a local Walmart near me they had 100 round boxes of Federal 9MM for $21.37. Pre Sandy Hook it was $19.97. Also white box 100 boxes but there was no price tag, and there was plenty of both. Usually when I would go in that particular store, there was always at least two others checking out the supply, this day no one! Maybe the panic buying IS slowing down.

          And my LGS today had over ten AR’s in stock, most for around $900.00. Bushmaster, WW and others.

  17. It was predictable: market saturation. Does this mean TAVOR prices will drop? I won’t hold my breath, but you never know.

    There was understandable buying panic, but it had to end sometime.

  18. At the recent Raleigh, NC fun show the entry level AR-15 rifles were plentiful and for the most part only slightly marked-up from fall 2012 prices (15 to 20% by my estimation). Only a few smaller vendors were trying to sell $1800 Bushmasters or $3000 Colts. Bulk brass-cased .223/5.56 was available for 55 to 70 cents a round. The surprise for me was seeing bulk .308 for 75 cents a round rather than the $1 plus of the past few months.

    • That is still crazy expensive here in SC AR-15 prices been back to normal since the end of March. The show in Columbia 2 weeks ago saw tons of dealers with great deals only a few that had them marked up to 10-20% over what they used to cost. Saw plenty of the lower end guns like DPMS Sporticals for $615-650 and entry level Stags for like $700-800 even a Stag Model 8 that is piston driven with Diamondhead sights for $1050. Saw pallets of .223/5.56 cheapest brass I saw was $420 for 1000 rounds PMC Xtac and Wolf 55 grain .223 $300/1000 bought some to try in the 2 new piston guns I built. I went to PSA after the show they actually had a bunch of uppers and lowers in stock and at good prices right now they have some with the CHF barrels 16 inch carbine length with 12 inch Midwest Ind modular rail $450 they have complete lowers for $200 stripped lowers for $100. There is a show in Florence this weekend I plan on going to if you live anywhere on the SE side of NC might wanna cross the border usually always the same dealers might be worth it to you if you are looking for any guns or ammo. There is a dealer that has tons of Pmags too for $13 I paid $15 for some from him but had to pay more for the OD and FDE ones was worth it can’t find any but black anywhere, he has them in 20 and 30 round cap, and he had the windowed black mags for $15 and I think the Gen3 mags were the same.

  19. There is something about an A-frame that jacks the price up a couple of hundred dollars. Similar semi-auto rifles still go for less than AR’s at bottomed-out prices.

    On a similar note – I would love to see the import (repatriation) restricitons lifted on M1’s & M1 carbines from Korea. Would love to get an M1 carbine for under $500. A guy can dream right?

  20. Here in NY state, we are SOL, as they have outlawed AR-15s. I need to leave this state. Been thinking of moving to Texas, however I really like the landscape of Upstate, NY. But Texas seems to have better economic opportunity, better weather (no freezing cold winters!), and of course much friendlier gun laws.

      • I was thinking of moving to Houston or Dallas. One concern of mine about northern Texas would be tornados.

        • I hope you like hot weather. And by hot I mean downright infernal.

          If the weather babe says it is 100 you can bet it is actually 110. I live in S. Texas and we have been over 100 for close to a month now. My brother in law has an AC company and he has taken ambient outdoor readings as high as 118 this last week.

          As I type this at 1:20 am the heat index is 91 according to Weather Underground.

    • Been to Texas recently for several months. Didn’t care for it a bit. And it is not nearly as “gun friendly” as it’s made out to be. When they recognize the Right to Bear Arms and allow free open carry, then I’ll consider them “gun friendly”. 😉

      And you can get seriously sunburned in January. 😛

  21. I sold two ARs I built a while ago for $1800 each during the panic. Now I will rebuild them and someone just bought me a ACOG for one and a HAMR for the other — free to me.

    I like this capitalism. . .

  22. plenty of pistol ammo @ cabelas in suburban STL. . . . . .

    Now thinking about buying an AR . . . . . .

  23. I just got a shipping confirmation on a new White Oak upper that has been on order for 6 months. I will use some of my stock to at least break it in. Now I have something to really reload for, not spray and pray for the bushy. Still not much factory 5.56 ammo around here yet and none at “before crazy” prices. I am starting to see primers but still no powder. Hope it gets better soon. I want to go play at the range.

  24. I just sold an extra AR lower, for a price that would have been highway robbery nine months ago but the deal of a lifetime back in January. I can report that buyer and seller are both quite happy with the arrangement, and that by the time you read this said lower will have been used to blast a few hundred Montana prairie dogs.

    And I don’t say this to start a rush on ammo, but I also picked up 1,000 rounds of 5.56 online for rather less than $.50 per round. I don’t mind the higher price because I didn’t buy it for my stockpile, but to burn through next weekend with old friends.

    Better days are coming!

  25. Riddle me this…why are 22lr rifles still hard to find when there is no ammo and some common revolvers are going for MSRP?

    The market is still screwed up. As some have stated, maybe the entry level stuff is going cheap so people can fund vacations but ammo and most guns will not return to normal for another year.

  26. What bothered me was the fact that people who didn’t want a rifle, nor ever even thought about it, suddenly wanted one, only to go buy it and say, “ok…how does this work?” or “what’s charging handle?” etc.

    • That bothers you? To me “what’s a charging handle” is the sound of _victory_. Welcome those people with open arms, and remind them who isn’t their friends down at the State capital.

      • +1

        I wouldn’t complain about the newbies at this point.. Because they pick up that rifle, one which they may have never handled before they bought it, they shoot it, they say “wow.. that’s cool,” and now they’re on our side.

        Nothing to complain about.. Other than the additional burden on the ammo market.

    • I don’t own an AR, don’t know how they work, and if you took the price tags off, couldn’t tell the difference between an entry level rifle and a Noveske. (At least I know what Noveske is, which isn’t saying very much, and a charging handle too). With the California Legislature still threatening to ban them, it is still an “iffy” purchase. On top of all that, you can’t use .223/5.56 here for anything but varmints, and where I live, varmints aren’t an issue. I’d rather buy a Savage bolt gun with a Nikon scope in a useful caliber.

  27. This is kind of old news, but the outlook is still grim for the Noveske, LMT, etc seekers out there.

    I guess if you are looking for a “mil spec” AR, just pick one up a Colt from walmart or something. Thats about it as far as your options go with higher quality ARs.

    I cant wait for the ammo market to bottom out. I want to see the online sportsmans stores on the local classifieds crash and burn.

    as soon as it normalizes, I have my “christmas” list to replenish my depleted stocks. and dont forget the lessons learned kids: stack deep while times are good!

  28. Yep, ammo is what I’m waiting for. I’m even seeing 9mm at the online sources. The price is still a little high but it’s there. I’ve seen 5.56, x39, x54r and x51 at Big 5. Along with primers. Apparently they are carrying rifle, pistol and shotgun primers now. And .38 special at big 5. It’s coming back. Wait for the price to get to more normal levels and then restock.

    A friend, with my help, shot off a lot of .32 acp just before Sandy Hook. That 1903 Colt is habit forming. We’re just now getting that stock built back up.

  29. Could the market be flooded from Noo Yawkuhs liquidating their assets? You either butcher the rifle by whacking off the pistol grip and flash hider or you register it. No point in really owning an AR in NY. After all, it’s not really an AR.

  30. Before buying, I would want to know if the quality suffered when the manufacturers were rapidly ramping up the production.

  31. I’m not seeing any improvement is Massachusetts. Supply of ammo is minimal and black rifles are hard to find, although the prices are a bit lower than right after Newtown. 30-round pre-ban mags are available at $40 bucks a pop. .22LR? Don’t make me laugh. All in all, things are very tight. Still.

    • I’ll sell and ship you a brick of new 22LR for $30 and your Cornbread Stuffing with Sage Recipe.

    • I was finding most rifle ammo back in stock in Westfield and West Springfield, lots of 5.56 and .223. They even had a few black rifles in the low $900 range. Some boxes of .22LR but around $12 dollars a box. I missed the big gun show in West Springfield because I was getting my house ready to move out so I have no clue what the prices might have been.

      I moved to Kansas last week and I haven’t had a lot of time to search but I did buy a 30 round magazine made in April 2013 and two 17 round mags for my M&P 9mm(Screw you pre ban BS law). That sure did feel good! I will be reunited next week with the rest of my non-mass compliant accessories and gear after my parents mail it to me. I can’t wait!

      • Welcome to Kansas. Here in the southeast part ammo is pretty scarce but as for firearms themselves about anything is available.

    • Ralph, Four Seasons in Woburn, MA has had scary black rifles in stoock for a couple of months. Mostly S&W M&P variants, but they’re there and they’re even advertising special pricing on M&P Sports now.

      I’ve also been seeing .223/5.56 and 7.62X39 on the shelves in various places. .22LR is a different story.

  32. Whoever didn’t already have a ar15 before the panic started doesn’t deserve one.

    As for ammo that is slowly coming back, I can grab my higher grains all the time but prices are still high. If you shoot 55 grain you wouldn’t have any problem getting a 500 or 1,000 count any day of the week here in WI. I suppose that is suseptible to too many knowing where to get it but thankfully there are many private and smaller dealers everywhere here and someone always has some .223.

    As for pmags I just bought 20 for 350. They are everywhere, all gens. I guess WI is just a gun happy state because when I travel to MN or IA I can find almost nothing except for sportmansguide retail store which always has ammo in the morning hours during a certain weekday I will not name.

    I have a bad feeling the manufactures will take just as much advantage of the market when the next round of the failed gun control push comes round. Until Obama is gone they will push something every fricking month, somewhere, somehow. Gungrabbers are like cockroaches.

  33. Whoever didn’t already have a ar15 before the panic started doesn’t deserve one.

    As for ammo that is slowly coming back, I can grab my higher grains all the time but prices are still high. If you shoot 55 grain you wouldn’t have any problem getting a 500 or 1,000 count any day of the week here in WI. I suppose that is susceptible to too many knowing where to get it but thankfully there are many private and smaller dealers everywhere here and someone always has some .223.

    As for pmags I just bought 20 for 350. They are everywhere, all gens. I guess WI is just a gun happy state because when I travel to MN or IA I can find almost nothing except for sportmansguide retail store which always has ammo in the morning hours during a certain weekday I will not name.

  34. I have a bad feeling the manufactures will take just as much advantage of the market when the next round of the failed gun control push comes round. Until Obama is gone they will push something every fricking month, somewhere, somehow. Gungrabbers are like cockroaches.

    • It’s because this society has become a population who reacts instead of being proactive. When a hurricane is coming, whole cities of people run to the grocery store to stock up. Many of the people that were buying up the guns initially were those wanting to flip it for a quick buck during a shortage or if the bans passed.

  35. I have a bad feeling the manufactures will take just as much advantage of the market when the next round of the failed gun control push comes round. Until Obama is gone they will push something every fricking month, somewhere, somehow. Gungrabbers are like cockroaches. …

  36. It’s interesting that people are putting up with these bubbles. It’s struck me that the gun industry, when marketing to Americans, has displayed almost a contempt for it’s consumers.

    • Oh stop being a leftist d-bag. Seems like capitalism and supply/demand worked exactly like it was supposed to. Are you proposing that the government step into the market fray and “help” the market work? Yeah right.

  37. The bottom most definitely HAS NOT dropped out, it has simply returned to normal! Just because you bought at a price set by supply and demand is irrelevant. I’ve purchased three in this time frame and not one cost me over 750 NEW.
    But the very REAL fact is it is the continued purchasing of these arms even at the inflated prices that as backed the demonic liberal oppressors down. And that has made every overpriced purchase worth it, because every dollar spent was a gallon of leftist blood spilled on the battle field of Freedom. No we do not have all the ammunition we WANT but the oppressors KNOW we have been stock piling longer than they have been in office and power, and have enough ordinance on hand to remove every last one of them if need be. But we had best not get cocky, the war isn’t over, not by a long shot. The enemy is cowardly, but may grow a pair yet. and then we will see how many of OUR people are all talk … remember history isn’t written until the fight is over, and the smoke clears.

  38. Last month when I was in a gunstore, I was talking to one of the clerks and the AR-15s are dropping in price but the AKs are still holding at the panic buying levels. I bought a WASR in november for $650 and last month it was going for $999 at that gun store. It is really weird that the Cheapest AK variant is now more expensive than the cheapest AR variants

    • Agreed. Weird.

      I picked up a S&W M&P15 sport for a 1911 trade at the end of the panic. Hoping to turn it into a Colt LE SOCOM down the road.

  39. I figured this out Wednesday when I was at Walmart and they had a few ARs in stock. Want to know the best part? Before SH, this particular Walmart didn’t stock ARs.

  40. Too late for people in states that just passed bans. Though I suppose now I can build my AR without breaking the bank.

    • It is NEVER too late! Do what we did in Virginia and PUSH BACK!

      Get the laws removed, and get rid of the really bad legislators.

      It has worked in Virginia and Ohio.

  41. It not it better to say that things have returned to “normal” for the immediate future? It will go crazy again, and none can predict when that will happen. At least now I can finish my “space gun” project at a reasonable price. I think I may put a few in the back for the next panic. Probably not a bad investment.

  42. This is not the case in California. We can get all of the 22lr we want. I never had an issue getting 22lr, now 300 AAC different story. I have four 300 AAC AR-15’s and no ammo

  43. So you’re saying the 16 bricks of Remington .22LR I have might be worth more than the $9.99 each I paid for them way back when? Oh well, I think I’ll keep them anyway. And who needs an AR-15 when you have an M-1 Carbine and 2000 plus rounds of .30 carbine ammo. Still, at the prices your talking I might be tempted.

  44. Was finally able to find some .22LR in two local sporting good stores here in North Central Ohio. For the last 4+ months it would be in the hands of the unemployed ammo flippers who were waiting for it to arrive. Maybe, just maybe normalcy isn’t too far off. Actually I did see 500 rd. bricks two months ago at LGS but I wasn’t going to pay $40 for it. Yesterdays price was $25 for 500.

  45. Still waiting for my LWRC. Ordered early January and was given an ETA of 16 weeks.

    Twiddle-twiddle-bop! Sadness.

  46. just maybe the prices will come back down to a logical price. Ammo the same way. I noticed that an Australian Ammo Manufacture was advertizing their Ammo here in the U.S.. They might have been doing it for a long time but I just heard about it a few months ago. I guess with all the gun controls they have in Australia now, they will have to look for new markets. Which I am happy about. It might bring the price of ammo back down also.

  47. Hopefully people have found a local source to purchase ammo and rifles. Cabela’s inflates and sells way above markup. My advice is to cut other corners to pay off your bills. One should also buy local when ever possible. Your local gun store owner/worker knows more about these guns and ammo than Cabela’s.

  48. Yep, a recent tour of gun shops in my surrounding 4 counties showed 100’s of black guns on the walls and in the racks with slack jawed hourly employees standing behind the counters playing pocket pool. What I find interesting is that the supply has over run demand but the prices are not down yet. Just a matter of time. Ammo will be next. What these jack asses haven’t figured out yet because they haven’t done the math, is that they aren’t making any money hauling over priced ammo up down the east coast (my coast) to gun shows, not selling it. Hauling it home and then doing it all over again next weekend. I saw all this before during the Clinton years. Where are those dealers now?

  49. Does this also signal an end to the $1295 Mini-14’s and -30’s???

    I’m just waiting on the Korean Garands to show up.

  50. A collectable Chinese sks, a Mosin and cheap ammo is all I need for a fun day at the range. If I ever need an AR, I’ll pick it up off the ground.

  51. Well, since I already own two vintage military grade rifles I decided to wait out the scare. Now I will save up what I need to buy an AR or perhaps an AK since I have a decent amount of 7.62x39mm ammunition. Now is the time to get an AR or even an AK the prices are nearly down to where they were before the scare.

  52. I bought an AR-15 due to the “gun scare” from Washington. However I shopped around and bought an “off brand” model for $875. When I went to the gun show, I looked for AR-15s compareable to mine. The cheapest that I could find was $1300. So I think that I got a good deal for the time.

    Now my friend bought an AR-15 a year before the scare and only paid about $500.

  53. Please tell me no one is so stupid as to be surprised by this (the subject article). When I saw ARs in the $700 to $800 range, new, on line last month, I knew the time to buy a “good used car” was right around the corner. Now if we could just figure out a way to get a glut of 22LR.

  54. I will repeat what I heard, take it for what it is worth and I have no first hand knowledge if this is true: The companies that produce 22LR are using all brass to produce the 9/40/223 because they are higher profit right now. This is why there is a 22LR shortage.

  55. has high quality steel 30 round mags for $18.70 each. (They never changed their price). Just got me 50 of them a couple months ago.

    They are Israeli made btw. Kinda wrecks that whole stereotype don’t it?

  56. Is there a “shelf life” for ammo? I am not well educated in the world of firearms. I own a lot of RGR.. or Ruger stock. That doesn’t qualify me for anything but making a good deal of money on a great little company. I purchased a Ruger SR22 recently. Hope it is as good as the stock.

    • Sherrie, if ammo has been stored in a reasonably dry environment, i.e., not underwater, even if it has been subjected to temperature and humidity extremes, and especially if the ammo has been stored in an ammo box designed for the purpose, it will likely work DECADES from now. Ditto primers and powder for reloading. The stuff only goes bad when it gets wet – real wet. Guys here talking about their military surplus rifles are frequently shooting milsurp ammo that is 40 years old. I have reloads and factory rounds that date to the 60s and even the Korean war. They work. Every once in a while, the poly-ticks threatens to add an ingredient that will render powder and primers inert after an arbitrarily decided upon interval. Rumors have come and gone that the Chinese/Russians/Klingons have done just that, but again, from my experience, I have AK ammo going back to 1994 that still pops real good….So the 😛 “short answer” ;P to your question is a resounding NO. At least not relevantly short, compared to your own lifespan.

  57. If you bought high, it was because you thought you might DIE without adequate protection. OK, you didn’t die, and so far, the martial law/civil war/ societal breakdown has not completelly occurred. BULLY! You were ready the whole time. Don’t feel bad. The underlying assumption in these comments is that things “are going back to normal”. THEY ARE NOT. There is NOTHING NORMAL NOW. 15k Russian troops, Doomsday planes buzzing cities, nationwide FEMA drills. BE GLAD YOU BOUGHT YOUR RIFLE AND AMMO WHEN YOU DID, because it is an ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that in the near future, regardless of weapons/ammunition availability and market conditions, you will need it. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, are cocked and locked, and well stocked. They are waiting for the trigger event and the GO signal. It will hit like a thief in the night and the next morning, whatever you have will be all you have for the duration. Yes I saw this comng years ago, and prepared accordingly, but I am still buying when I find the deals and I am still being very (dare I say it?) niggardly about my ammo consumption. [OH GO LOOK IT UP] The JIT system is about to go down. All consummables (food/medicine/water etc) should be set aside now, if you have not already done so. Better to be 20 years early than 20 minutes late when it comes to SHTF.

  58. “In all honesty it’s deserved for the comapines that tip toed around the politics. And a backruptcy is due to the one that refussed to join with the multitude of manufactueres that would not sign an agreement to not sell to the Government or States baning guns.”
    You hear a lot of these comments. And though I think the manufactures that hiked the prices are seriously disturbed (some shops hiked not all the manufactueres). And those that sell to States with firearm bans for civilians are the lowest form of low. …
    I can’t help but think of all the people that will be out of work once people stop buying them now instead of when they should have refussed.

  59. Wal-Mart never lost their head…They still kept 7-900$ AR’s during the ignorant time…My Wal-Mart right now has 4k rounds of AE 50gr BT’s for 11.27$ a box!

  60. If raising prices when there are fewer guns is a bad thing, what do you say now that there is an oversupply and prices are down again? It wouldn’t be surprising to see prices drop below what they were 8 months ago, and they take a haircut on them.

    Besides, if the price doesn’t change, there isn’t much reason for the producer to ramp up their demand, AND those guns would be as scarce as ammo still is.

    Nobody complains when Beanie Babies went up in price, but what do they cost now?

    Thinking the price shouldn’t change when the demand goes up is Communism. Maybe you are a Communist and didn’t know it.

  61. Now the prices will drop and ammo will come back to the shelves eventually. You would think 22LR was made of gold. The days of buying 500 22LR rounds for $10 are over. But I am surprised to see how much others have turned to Air Guns shooting 900-1100fps 22 cal pellets. They are quiet and very accurate to snipe rabbits and squirrels with. States like Colorado actually let you hunt small game with them without issue. More money was made off of 22LR than anything else during this “gun scare”. As I reload and had more than 8lbs of my favorite powder and supplies before all of this hoopla, I could care less how much they want to charge for ammo. China-Mart always has Crosman 22 pellets to snipe the rabbits and squirrels with for next to nothing. Screw 22LR- over rated. Obama actually helped out the NRA and gun industry- HA! More people reload now than ever before!

  62. When Bozoama’s socialistic collapse will occur in the next 5-8 years and it will because you and I can not afford to keep 100 to 1000 moochers afloat that don’t want to work and pay bills or taxes- they just want to get high and have you pay their bills and multiply, be glad you have your black rifle. Even though he only has 2 1/2 years left, his policy’s will live forever unless called back and amended and with a Senate and Congress that shuts down the Government but still pays itself, don’t hold your breath that they will do anything except give themselves more pay raises and put taxes on our Ammo. What good are rifles if the ammo they use it too expensive to shoot?

  63. By the way, Walmart does have a gun ordering book they keep behind the gun counter at sporting goods / stores selling rifles. You can order your “Black Rifle” at dealer cost and skip out losing $200 to a dealer in your area if they are greedy and keep their prices too high.

  64. Hello Gentelmen

    The you can only buy 1 to 3 boxes of ammo is no longer and has been for over a month now. I have been able to go to sport authority and purchase all the ammo .45 and 9 mm i wanted, that equates to over 3000 rounds of each for my handguns, now i only have one small problem I don’t have enough clips a minor over site on my part, also price of ammo has gone down big time 250 round boxes for 80 dollars or less depending on where you go

  65. 1 We should tell other mfg to stop production of the AR-15 Semi auto Rifle too. The other Gun mfg co. to stop mfg it product now agree! one mfg has the Patten by united U.L. Protection too. Agree! Gun mfg should have the U.L. Dead too. to stop other mfg co. from building copies of similar a Likes copies of the AR-15 Rifle too. Agree! We should tell other mfrs to if they copied the any Semi gun similar to the to;AR-15 Rifle The B.A.T.F,E.A. Agency of the Revoked there current mfg License is Class-2 is type-07 F.F.L.s too. An there renewals will be limited too. agree!!! Other mfg should stop mfg of the AR-15 Rifle too. And Large Clips too! Agree!

  66. 1. Tel all gun mfrs do make Semiautomatic Firearms to close down in the 50 States if the Anti-gun laws to become law in all 50 States ;to move out other counties don”t have Gun Mfrs at all too. Long Guns , Hand Guns Semiautomatic Pistols too. to have less gun laws too. agree! Attention Shooters industries Gun mfrs Co.!!! If they can”t sell there Firearms of Semiautomatics Rifles,Shotguns , Semi Pistols And Large Clips Drums , Banners St-rapes that holds ammo too. over 150m rounds too.I agree!! If you are loosing money you are not making too! agree!! I say move out of the 50 states do enforce Gun control laws too! agree! A warning !!!

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  69. 1. I would send the AR-15 Semite -Rifles And large Clips & Drums Bullet Holders to the Arabs Counties Would Like to Buy then too! They would buy Cargo Ship of Weapons too Arabs Nations too! I would Sell then all of them too! to Clean out 50 States in the U.S.A Warehouses to Empty out too! Including Ammo too! The Reason is : They are willing to pay back in Millions of Dollars back into our Treasury back with Currency Money in Gold Bars too! Agree!!! And South Africa States Counties too! Do need Light Arms Like AR-15 Semi-auto mastic Rifles too! If we make the Gun Sale over Seas to :we will Get our Money back in Gold Bars too! Back into The U.S.A Too! Lets Get the Millions of Clips & Drums Sold In Cargo Ships immeadly Now to make the small Arms Sale too! Foreign Military Armies too! Agree! We will Get Pay ment back in Gold Bars too! Agree!!!

  70. 1. Lets Tell The Handguns Mfg.’s To Cut Hand Gun Production By (089) % Cut off Production too! 1. Semi auto”s Pistils Cut off too! For every Year Passed By too! Only Allow (0.05) Only Every Year Goes By too! Percent Production Of New Semi auto” mastics only Orders only too! No extras will be Mir too! to collect Dust too! Revolvers Production will be a lot lower is (0.01) % too! To Be Mfg. For Orders only too No extras Not be Mfg. too! Agree!! This will Punched The Gun Thieves from Stealing Guns in private Homes ,Town Houses to in 50 States too! Do you agree! Yes ? Or Disagree? No? Including Gun Stores too! There’s are Handguns only too! Hand Gun Production needs to cut (0. 89% Cut off too! I agree!! Only Allow Production by Every Year is Up (010%) Production for only Divided per 12 Months Period too! Up to 1 Year Period too! Agree!!! Do you Agree? Yes ? Or Disagree? No? Reason is Gun Thief’s Street Ganges in every State of 50 Too! Agree!! There will be Fewer Guns stolen by Gun thief’s Robbing Gun Stores too! Agree! There will not be not as many Hand Guns not as many too! Is Years ago in the early 2000″s too! True There will be a Lot Less in the Future too! Agree!! This By the Federal Government will do it too! Reason is Cut down Gun Crime in every State of 50 in the U.S.A. too! Do you Agree? Yes? Or Disagree? No? There is about 350,000,000 Handguns total too! The Total of Hand Guns is 116666,666.666,6667 Semi auto’s Pistols is (0.66%) 2/3s too! Revolvers is (0.33 5)1/3 too! True!!! Do You Agree ? yes Or Disagree? No? Why?? Question is Are We U.S.A scaliest Left Wing U.S.A. . Communist Do mercy U.S.A. Now too? Yes? Why? The Small arms Treaty By United Nations in New York City In New State to Located too! Empire State in the U.S.A too! True!!! Warning The Right Wing Mica Should Watch them too! The Oath Keepers Got there Eyes open too! Right Wingers Are Watching them Closely too! A Do You Agree! Yes? They Should watch at all times too ! agree! Warning to notice them too! Agree! To Pro tested there Constitutions Of the Bill Of Rights Free Nation too! Is U.S.A July, (04) 1789 by the Free Speech by George Washington First President The Father of the Nation too! ? Agree!!!

  71. 1. The Government U.S.A. The Maximum Cap Limit Should be (5000) F.F.L. Dealers too! 2. The Maximum State Governments of 50 States there maximum Cap limit should be in every State of 50 States is (100) F.F.L.s Retailers Gun Dealers too! Is the Maximum Cap limit too! Do you Agree? Yes? Reason is This will stop Flow of Stolen Guns By Gun Thief’s to by Streets Ganges too! Do you Agree! Yes? The A.T.F . Will Enforced it one Day in the Future too! Agree!

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