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You hear the lament from gun guys all the time: “I love guns, but I can’t get my wife to even touch one.” Ah well. Small moves. And when you do manage to talk her into giving it a go, maybe a discussion of safe handling dos and don’ts would be a good starting point. Sadly, William Kopko dove right in. “A North Syracuse man demonstrating to his wife how to use a handgun accidentally shot himself in the leg this morning, village police said.” We’re guessing it’ll be tough for Bill to get the Mrs. anywhere near a firearm again any time soon. Not that he’s likely to have one to show her, even if she’s willing. “Three handguns legally registered to Kopko were secured for safekeeping, police said.” The silver lining: he should have plenty of room in his safe for the IGOTD trophy he’ll be collecting in the near future.

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  1. So basically, if a gun discharges anywhere except a firing range, the police will take it for “safe keeping”… got it.

  2. No matter how bad it gets here in New Jersey, I can always say “Thank God I don’t live in New York!”

    • I agree. Granted it was a negligent discharge. However, it would have been pushing it for LEO to hold onto that pistol. The other 2 is just ridiculous. This is also an example of how a registration scheme works.

      Go to your Dr. and talk about trouble sleeping and all your pieces may be collected for “safe keeping.”

      When the Fuzz screw up with firearms, who gets to “safe keep” their shit?

  3. What’s with this confiscation? I already can’t tell the medical community if I’m anxious or depressed. . . now I have to hide accidental injuries from them or face confiscation? I’ve smashed my thumb with hammers and cut myself with knives, no confiscation there. Is North Syracuse in NY? That at least would explain why the police were involved.

    • It’s cool, the range is in the shade, usually I’m alone, but others show up later if I want to talk guns. Can be the best time of the day.

      • You mean you have people at your beck and call simply because you want a conversation? I GET IT! You’re a Saudi Oil Shiekh!!!

        • People are likely to talk to if you are a pleasant person. I understand your lack of knowledge in this area though.

  4. Trying to show a nervous person how safe guns are by shooting yourself in the leg seems to be a bit counterproductive. Or maybe he was going for,”See babe, I told you guns aren’t that dangerous. I shot myself and didn’t die.”

  5. When we were dating, my wife was unsure. I asked her to read 6 selected chapters from Ayoob’s “the Truth About Self Protection”. I said nothing else. Two weeks later she ASKED me to teach her! Started with a 6-inch bbl S&W K-22. Once she was proficient, bought her a S&W Mod. 64 and she’s been a fan ever since.

  6. I think shooting one’s self in the leg is punishment enough. Confiscation is unacceptable at this point. Disturbing at the least.

    • They’ll use any excuse whatsoever to confiscate guns. And when there’s no excuse, they’ll make one up.

  7. If his ND (ADs are mechanical failures, NDs are brain failures) had hit a dog instead, would the cops have congratulated him? Maybe make him an honorary cop?

  8. Ok, honey, here’s my 1911. Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s loaded. See, this gun is an American legend, but you’ve got to be really careful to – F$&@!! I shot my leg!!

  9. For all we know, he or his wife asked the police to hold on to them. Syracuse is a good six hours from NYC, so I think there’s a good chance he’ll get them back.

    Also, if you read the comments after the news article, you’ll notice that there’s only one or maybe two comments from an anti. Most of them are just critical of his gun handling skills. If this had been NYC, they all would have been anti comments. And he’d be in jail.


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