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Aaron Hernandez mit gatt (courtesy

That’s not how you hold a gun.

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  1. That’s not how you hold a gun.

    It is when you’ve just used it to murder your buddy and then dumped his body two miles from my home.

    And this used to be such a quiet little town.

  2. I’m sure Robert will take offense, though none is intended… but I LOVE when sh*t like this happens to Belichik. Or however his name is spelled. I do, however, know how to spell “Shanahan”.

    • That is just plain F****ed up logic, We are talking about someone getting murdered by this animal and all you can feel is pleasure in irritating a NFL coach. FLAME DELETED

    • Gotta love how people say “No Offense” and then proceed to be as offensive like as all get out and make an a$$ out of themselves.

      • My experience is that whenever someone says something along the lines of “No offense but..” or “I don’t mean to be rude but…” that’s exactly what they’re about to do.

  3. We keep seeing criminal actors being placed in the irresponsible category. They are 2 seperate categories. Irresponsible can be a momentary lapse, not a pre planned homicide.

    • It is a bit rich to worry about various irresponsible actions by someone alleged to have committed murder. In defense of the alleged perp, though, that thing that looks like a gun may be nothing more than a carefully-gnawed Pop Tart, in which case he’s preparing to eat the barrel. If only.

      • Good for a laugh. And I just noticed, thanks to your comment was looking at the picture, is his pants low and baggy?

        • His pants aren’t low. His waist is high. He’s a sweet kid and wouldn’t hurt a fly. A person, yeah, but not a fly.

  4. It amazes me that someone who has been gifted by life in every conceivable way can piss it all away like that. What a dumb MF.

  5. God what a douchebag. I’m really ready for the dying out of the Dominican/Puerto Rican tough-guy culture (and their close cousins, the Guidos) that infests the east coast.

    At least you can spot all of them from a mile away by their hairstyles.

  6. This is why I do not support the NFL & NBA. The system supports overpaid athletes, gangbangers, and murders.

  7. Some professional athletes/ celebrities really need to not be patronized by the glorification of their jobs.

    This is a theme that is getting more and more prevalent as they are being brought up to believe they are special and proper values are non-applicable, nor proper living a requirement.

    Athelete, celebrity, politicians, they are all the same when this mindset is empowered.

  8. Well. . . I can’t tell from the still, but if his finger isn’t in the trigger guard I don’t see the big deal. I move pistols around all the time, often with other objects in my hands. Sometimes the grip on the pistol is ‘questionable’ at best, but when you live with them you have a little different feel for it. So long as the muzzle is neutral and I’m not in danger of actuating the trigger I call it a reasonable way to transport a gun from one table to another, at least in my house. If I were in a group or professional setting I’d probably go with something a little more orthodox if for no other reason that not to upset the herd or draw ire from the safety nazis.

  9. look,… he’s an over-handed shooter!!! you don’t throw a football under-handed, right? if he raised his arm over his head the barrel would be pointing the right way. this guy does 2 things over-handed,…shoot a gun and throw a ball. everything [and i do mean everything] else he does is under-handed!!! [innuendo implied LOL]
    p.s. every picture of him you can see him trying to exude confidence the same way every other maniacal sociopath hatches plots against society behind their predator eyes. he is a damaged individual that would need mental rehab for the rest of his life behind bars because he will never be anything but self-centered and self- serving in every way that pleases him. [and just so you know, yes, it takes one to know one]


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