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 M-16 (courtesy

Gun control advocates are pissed that federal law protects firearms manufacturers  against civil or criminal prosecution if their products are used in a crime. They are also none too happy with the fact that the ATF can’t prosecute gun stores who’ve sold a high percentage firearms—legally—that end-up at crime scenes. In their world, both gun makers and gun stores would be sued out of existence. So how would they deal with this? “The [Kuwaiti] Interior Ministry said thieves broke into a warehouse [in Subiya] and stole a huge amount of firearms and ammunition,” reports. Our liberated Middle Eastern allies admitted that the arsenal was unguarded. (What’s Kuwaiti for “d’oh!”?). The crooks lifted some 20,000 U.S.-origin M-16 assault rifles and 15,000 rounds for 9mm pistols. Oh wait, make that 20k rifle rounds. Anyway, irresponsible ownership? Absolutely! Criminal? Only on one side of the equation I’m afraid. But I would not want to be one of the thieves who gets caught for this one . . .

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  1. I’ve seen the corrected version of this story as 20k rounds of ammo FOR m-16s, not 20k m-16s….

  2. 20,000 rifles?!? That would take a serious lot of truckage. Perhaps they mean 20,000 rounds of m-16 food?

    Shaking head…

  3. Mmmm… An interesting, subtle, CYA way of providing weapons for the dispute in Syria.

  4. Let’s get back to reality gentlemen. These numbers, when applied to ammo are not anything to freak out over. Break these numbers down to cases, and you have less than a pallet’s worth.

    • 20K (*Pretending that’s the actual number) rounds in a military context isn’t even chump change. IIRC, Our current KIA rate is 200K rounds per “insurgent” in A-stan. Up a bit from the 50K of ‘Nam and the 5k of WWII.

      2 Million rounds might (literally) get a dozen folks dead – that is, if they employ our weapons and fire control tactics.

  5. Where is the CTD warehouse? A couple of Kuwaitis and a flatbed truck might make them honest again.

  6. Get your tinfoil hat on boys. This is the gun grabbers plan to bring in illegal m16’s and flood the streets of Chicago with them. They figure that bringing in “full auto machine assault guns” to blame violence on would be easier than actually learning about the firearms they hate so much.

    Pretty soon we’ll here “See see see! They are all fully automatic bang bang kill death evil black things!”

  7. Yeah, 20 cases or so of 5.56×45 along with the 9mm ammo makes a lot more sense. That being said, should the perpetrator get caught, they’ll likely face the same punishment a common thief in Islam would – amputation of a hand (or possibly both hands). Say what you will about Islam, that’s pretty harsh right there.


  8. Gun control in Kuwait hurts my head. I started thinking about it after passing a gun store in Fahaheel.

    Essentially it’s no guns for anybody. I presume, this being Kuwait, that doesn’t really apply to those consanguineous with the King.

    You’d think that after Iraq they’d take a different approach? I mean, granted, they’re never going to allow the “guest workers” to be armed, but still.

  9. iirc a case of 5.56mm = 1,680 rds so we’re talking about a dozen cases, assuming it was provided by dod contracted manufacturers.

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