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“We wish we could protect ourselves with guns and stuff. We wish that the law would let us carry guns because we’re legal adults and carry guns on campus to protect ourselves, but so far all we have to rely on is on God, but we’d love to have God and the law on our side.” Lone Star College Student [via]

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  1. I love how someone is bold enough to state plainly that guns would have helped this situation, and they get mocked. You folks are simply astounding.

  2. I’m a somewhat-religious guy, but I’m of the “God helps those who help themselves” types. It’s not like that cow’s gonna pull itself out of the mud, no matter how hard you pray. Same thing with preparation: sitting at home and praying to be safe won’t do much unless you take the time to get ready yourself.

    • I think that’s why its called it a God given right. He provides the right; it’s up to you to use it.

      You know . . .free will and stuff.

  3. It would behoove the press to air the questioning of people who display intelligence when responding to questions. With a preset agenda, it is convenient to seek out the intelligentsia for the anti-2A positions, and use the rednecks or those who trip over themselves when portraying the pro-2A argument. Fair and balanced?-Pfffft……..

    • It’s just like when they interview someone that was a victim of a tornado… they always speak in broken English, with curler’s in their hair and wearing a bathrobe..

      • I agree, however there’s a reason for that. I can’t design the algo myself, but it goes something like this…

        Tornado belt runs mostly through rural areas, most rural residents with a household income of $~24K per year are not all that worldly and sophisticated, increase that density by the number of trailers that completely ‘destroyed/gone’ as opposed to houses which are just ‘damaged’, throw in that the homeowners are going to be attempting to work on their house not standing around, plus all the news crew remote van has to do is find the trailer park v. searching for homeowners.

        It’s amazing that short of Edmond and Joplin, that a news consumer would think that anyone but white trash in a trailer is ever the victim of a tornado.

  4. The bright kids go to school anywhere else.

    Still, at least campus carry got some press. It has already been buried in committee this session, this could bring it back to life.

  5. So this is the result of government meddling in our education system. Thank God they’re doing the same with guns and stuff.

  6. Now we see what happens when some idiot brings a knife to a gunfight, but nobody brings a gun. And there’s yer problem.

  7. Hmmm… athletic scholarship?

    More likely just a bit camera fuddled; it happens.

    I’d have thought Texas would allow like, you know, campus carry.

  8. 1)The amount of haters on this post is shocking. Let’s see some of your kids respond while put on the spot.
    2) This is why gun owners will never be united.
    3) He should be carrying on campus regardless.

  9. He could try peeing on an attacker, or claiming he has a disease that is contagious. Sneezing would help. The man doesn’t get to claim menstruation unfortunately/


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