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Now I know what you’re thinking. And you should be ashamed of yourself. Especially if you’re Catholic. In which case you’re probably already ashamed of yourself, what with being born guilty and all. But this is not a simple effort to boost views with, how do I put this delicately, boobs. No this is an opportunity for TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia to discuss the inadvisability of scratching your eye, nose and teeth with a firearm. And a chance for me to remind YouTube content generators that they have a moral obligation to display firearms in a safe manner. In this case, there are MILLIONS of males who’d do whatever this young lady told them to do. As a role model, she has responsibilities. Yeah, that’s the word: “responsibilities.” Huh. What was I talking about again?

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  1. Just like when I see a pretty girl light up a cigarette, she looked 100% less attractive when she started talking.

  2. Just watch the video with the volume off. Less to distract you from her beautiful D-Cup…. Intellect?? haha

  3. This chicks a complete moron, and there’s one more place that she can stick this silly paintball gun which I won’t mention.

  4. How in the world is she an IGOTD? That “gun” in her hand is a green paperweight. Sidestepping the obvious fact that the paintball marker (correct term BTW for the green paperweight in her hand) is unloaded and the propellent canister is detached from the green paper weigh making it completely incapable of firing anything; how can anyone consider that a gun or the talking teenage breasts holding the marker a gun owner? Airsoft guns, paintball markers, rubber band guns, marshmallow launchers and Nerf guns are not “Guns” they are toys. As far as I know Jeff copper didn’t create his 4 rules in response to the hundreds of toy gun owners that were dying or injuring themselves by pointing loaded toys at each other. Yes these toys can be painful even when used correctly and they do resemble real firearms but they aren’t firearms.

    As for “moral obligations” and the internet, are those same obligations and “responsibilities” applied to all forms of mass digital communication? By naming her as an IGOTD you implying that the same rules that apply to firearms must be imposed on anyone who handles a device resembling a firearm including children at play. This is the same logic as as the TSA banning G.I. Joe miniature firearms on planes because they are realistic representations of guns. If you are to extend this logic into the real world does that mean children should point toy guns at each in when they are playing “Army Man” because they don’t really intend to destroy each other?

    This is how gun grabbing starts and it is a sad day when hot teenage girls in low cut tops are berated by OFWGs on the internet for twirling their hair.

    • She’s an IGOTD because ALL guns including paintball, BB, pellet or airsoft should be handled in a safe manner just as any firearm.

      • There is a huge difference between B.B./pellet guns and Paintball and Airsoft guns. B.B. and Pellet guns shoot dangerous projectiles that are designed by the manufacture to be used to be destructive. Paintball guns and Airsoft guns are designed to be safely fired at preteens and adults however they can cause harm if the toy is misused or changed by the user to become destructive. Not to mention in the condition in which she was handling the marker it was completely incapable of firing a projectile, meaning she was handling the marker in a safe manner because unless she used it as a club it was unable to function.

        • FYI but neither airsoft nor paintball guns “are designed to be safely fired at preteens and adults”. Both require safety equipment. If you dont belive me, i’m sure getting shot in the nuts repeatedly with a paintball marker will change your mind. And not all airsoft guns are weak, go find a old gas powered rifle with a external air tank, along with metal 6mm BBs.

          • Yes they are designed to be safely fired at people I have had several paintball guns through the years and I have read the warnings that come with them,none of them specify that a cup has to be worn. In fact the only safety gear you have to have to play in a pro game are masks and barrel socks. Same thing with Airsoft guns, but like I said it is when dumb-asses screw around with the equipment and replace the plastic pellets with metal BB’s that they become dangerous. They were not inteded to fire them, even if they fit. Marbles fit down the barrel of paintball guns, but that doesn’t mean they were designed to fire them.

        • Anyone who handles any unloaded firearm in this manner is not being safe. I don’t care what she’s holding or if it’s unloaded, you still have to follow all the safety rules. She’s the type that will pick up a firearm one day and shoot someone and then claim that she thought it was unloaded. We all need to practice safe handling skills ALL the time and not come up with excuses as to why it’s ok to handle anything in an unsafe manner. I’m not trying to bust your balls irock, but safe is safe no matter what.

          • 1. A paintball gun does not equal a firearm.
            2. This video is a parody of another person doing the exact same things with a toy gun.
            3. The marker was safe, it would be like taking the magazine out of a pistol,then taking the ammo out of the magazine, and then for good measure taking the powder out of the bullets. There was absolutely no way that marker could launch a projectile. You could have taken the marker out of her hand and pulled the trigger while sucking on the barrel and it wouldn’t even go click.

            You can espouse the wonder and glory of Coopers 4 rules all you want to when you are talking about firearms, but they literally don’t apply to anything else. Those rules were written with firearms in mind, not children’s toys.

            • These silly toys can take your eye out just like the Red Ryder BB gun in the Christmas Story, but to hell with safety. Just because this silly toy can’t hurt someone doesn’t mean that you can throw the rules out the window, but who really cares anyway. I give up, you win. In Rhode Island a BB, pellet or paintball gun is legally considered a firearm and you can be arrested if you do stupid shit with it in public. Google the RI attorney general for firearms laws and you’ll see that silly lil rhody doesn’t consider these items toys.

              • RI does not consider a paintball gun a firearm. In its general laws (11.47.42 c) the state has paintball guns listed under a section labeled WEAPONS OTHER THAN FIREARMSand states thay you cannot sell a paintball gun to a minor under 18 w/o written parent consent. You also can’t sell minors stun guns, blackjacks, throwing stars, sword canes, billy clubs, brass knuckles, sand bags, slap gloves and guys named bill. Literaly you cannot sell minors bills w/o express parental consent. Wtf is a “bill” and how you use it/him as a weapon. Also why the hell are sandbags in the hands of a minor dangerous?

              • I haven’t watched the video, but I agree with Joe. Safe gun handling must include these “toys.”

                Maybe this need not apply to nerf guns or smurf guns or whatever the hell they’re called, but air-soft and BB, for sure.

              • Rhode Island does not consider paintball guns to be firearms. Under Rhode Island General Law ( 11.47.42) it states that you cannot sell a paintball gun to a minor under 18 without parental consent. Infact the neame of the section in which this law is written is called WEAPONS OTHER THAN FIREARMS. I think RI is pretty clear that a paintball gun is NOT a firearm. In the same law you cannot sell stinkbombs, bill(s), slap gloves, sandbags, stun guns and “ninja” weapons to minors. However they do consider BB and Pellet guns to be firearms because they expel a metal projectile, but children can get permits to own them. Airsoft guns are not legislated however so you play them all you want. My question is what the hell is a “bill” and why can’t you sell them to minors?

  5. All things considered, a decent rack of lamb. Needs a little acne medicine where the slobbering takes place but definitely ready for hollywood.

  6. Why anyone has any faith in humanity anymore is beyond me.

    That being said.. I don’t motorboat autistic girls.

    • Totally.

      What a complete and perfect waste of time.

      This needs to be bought to the AI’s attention why, exactly?

  7. A good question is why? A better question is why did I subject myself to another video (The Herman Cain video) after this?
    She’s a pretty girl but she come’s across as brainless and lacking in self esteem. The kid is obviously panning the camera to get a shot of her chest, it’s a tactic to get people to watch her channel without really having to think or work for the views.
    For all we know she’s a rocket scientist (VERY doubtful) and just acts like a moron as part of an act. Either way the kid has issues.

  8. You know…in her defense most of the people watching are not going to follow her example. They won’t have seen the gun for all of the decolletage and as for whatever she was talking about? Ha, boobs don’t talk; the viewers heard nothing.

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