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“We haven’t given up hope,” said Dennis Henigan, acting president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, “but our impatience is growing with each passing day.” – Gun issue represents tough politics for Obama, Associated Press.

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  1. I can only read the first paragraph of the article before hitting a paywall.

    *As if* I’d ever give Newsday a dime.

  2. The quote is in the context of Obama capitalizing on the Giffords shooting. What a sick f**k. He is frustrated that democrats haven’t capitalized on other people’s suffering for their own political gain.

    • Isnt politics all about capitalizing on other peoples suffering? What happened after 9-11? And if you love the republican party, I’m willing to bet you could even find instances of Ron Paul doing so. Along the same line, isnt capitalism at its core all about profiting on the loss of another? Arent you glad to be a red blooded something-American capitalist who votes these people in year after year?

      • “isnt capitalism at its core all about profiting on the loss of another?”

        Absolutely NOT. That is the antithesis of how capitalism works. Capitalism works ONLY if both parties to the transaction receive a perceived value of what they receive AT LEAST equal to what they’ve paid.

        What you’ve described is subscribing to the “zero sum game,” which has been repeatedly proven to be a fallacy. But, it’s certainly popular among those either ignorant or simply bitter about their socio-economic status.

        • LOL

          There is a important keyword your overlooking in your second paragraph. Perceived value, compared to actual value. Isnt advertising or other forms of deception great? Its able to dupe people in to thinking there is greater value in a product than there actually is. The difference between perceived and actual value is called profit.

          And your right about “Capitalism only works if”. I never said capitalism was working correctly, or could ever. You sound like the kids at a protest who say “Communism would have worked if…”

          • There really is no such thing as “actual value”. There’s “market value”, the price you could expect to receive for a commodity on the open market. And certainly it’s at least immoral to profit by deceiving another person at to something’s market value.

            But that’s not what racer88 is talking about. I’m sure he means “value” as synonymous with “utility” which is purely a subjective measure in terms of what brings the most improvement to the life of a particular individual. The heart of capitalism is that two people can leave a transaction richer than they went in, because they both legitimately value the goods exchanged differently.

            Money is just a way of abstracting value. If you had to take a dump out in the desert where there was nothing but cacti, I’ll bet you’d trade a gold coin for a roll of toilet paper and be grateful for the opportunity.

            • “The heart of capitalism is that two people can leave a transaction richer…”
              A very important word is “can”. It doesnt necessarily happen that way.

              “And certainly it’s at least immoral to profit by deceiving another person at to something’s market value.”
              It may be immoral, but greed is a part of human nature. Your argument seems to be purely in the academic idea of capitalism, not how it is actually implemented by humans. If there is so little deception that capitalism (communism, or whatever) would work, then wouldn’t there also be an accompanying lack of violence. But since your at a gun blog, i’m willing to bet that you dont believe there is lack of deception or violence in our society.

      • “It’s not a question of enough, pal. It’s a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn’t lost or made, it’s simply transferred from one perception to another.” – Gordon Gekko

  3. Interesting that the article calls it “gun safety” instead of “gun control”. Another example of the press using its voice for mind safety.

  4. From the article: “Obama’s commitment to act on gun safety may also be complicated by an unrelated controversy over a Justice Department program aimed at stanching gun trafficking into Mexico. The government lost track of numerous weapons in connection with the program.”

    How is “gun safety” unrelated to sending a couple thousand guns to cartels willing and able to use them? “We’re trying to stop gun trafficking by doing it better than everyone else and putting them out of business.”

  5. The Brady Bunch, the Brady Bunch, thats how we all became the Brady Bunch!
    Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

    Everyone knows guns are bad and only government agencies should posess them. Government guns are good! Private guns are bad! Bad old Second Amendment.!

  6. His impatience is growing because November 6th 2012 is fast approaching and after that he sees little hope of an outright ban on firearms ownership. Hey Dennis, immigrate somewhere they don’t own guns and leave us alone.

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