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Never stand in front of a gun that someone’s shooting, however oblique the angle. Never shoot a gun in someone’s general direction unless you intend on killing them. In that case, you really should aim directly at them.  ‘Nuff said?

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  1. How can you disparage someone who smokes a cigarette that cool? At least he has the good sense to blink after firing. I’m sure he’ll resort to eye protection when it becomes necessary to preserve the vision in his remaining eye.

    • That was my first reaction, too: “damn, that kid’s got a bad flinch”. No eye protection, and minimal ear protection, too. Based on the evidence, I’d say he doesn’t give a shit about his lungs, either. Mayhap he should chew up a few slugs after he’s done plinking, just to be sure he gets his FDA recommended dosage of lead.

      As I said on an earlier post, I’m new here, but every time I see a video like this I get a tiny bit pissed off. I’m learning to be a responsible gun owner. I take pride in developing my skills and in ensuring that I operate and maintain my weapon safely and responsibly. I don’t point it at anything I don’t want to destroy, and my “gun control” means that I *do* hit what I aim at. I have a strong suspicion that douchebags and morons like the kids who made this video will be a greater threat to our rights, ultimately, than trolls like mikeb302000 and the proponents of so-called “commonsense” gun control.

      Steve McQueen could make a smoke look “cool”. This kid just looks like a statistic-in-waiting.

      • And that’s why they’re posted! It’s a great reminder to not take the fundamentals for granted.

        Fundamentals such as…NOT standing in front of someone shooting a gun.

        • True, true. These guys are very educational, if you view the video in the sense of “don’t do it this way.”

          When my dad was in the Navy, the aviation safety magazines had similar characters: Anymouse, Lt. Will Riskit, Ens. Dilbert. But they were cartoons.

    • This flavor of idiots are driving cars coming at us every day. They’re talking on cell phones, spinning the dial, putting on make-up and munching burgers. MikeB could do us a greater service by doing something to reduce the road carnage. All said, this type with guns does little more than serve Darwin. Meanwhile, Mike strains at gnats while the camels stampede.

  2. Can’t get too upset about them. They don’t even know how to count/notice when the slide locks back. Nature will take care of them, just give it a little time!


  3. It’s a shame that there are surely non-shooters out there who probably see guys like this as representative of ALL gun owners. That bums me out.

  4. my question is who was standing with the camera so close to the business end? also, who was the older gentleman in some of the shots, if he is this kid’s dad it would substantially raise the level of idiocy displayed in this video. It is also indicative of generations long ignorance with firearms, (among other words i would use to describe that poor example of parenting).

    now what is more lame, that sweet soundtrack or the make out session with that smoke?

  5. I was able to take one minute and forty-six seconds of the stupidity on display before I reached for a cocktail. Was that a record?

  6. This guy probably took his hearing/eye protection cues from FPSRussia but just hasn’t lost enough “ear” yet… Shoot enough AR’s in an enclosed space and he’ll be there real soon…


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