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Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. News at 11.
– Reuven Frank, NBC News Producer

If you are a fan of the barren wasteland of social media known as Facebook, know well that we are now staking our claim to our little pied de terre at But as it turns out, things are never as simple as they seem in FacebookLand. Turns out, friends are the thing. And we need ’em. Right now, if you want to get to our page on Facebook, you have two choices. 1) Click here for TTAG’s Facebook page or 2) Go to and search for “The Truth About Guns” . . .

Since neither method offers a one-click, easy-to-use URL, we did some investigating. Apparently, we need 25 friends before we can have our own, custom, shortened, falls-trippingly-off-the-tongue URL.

So it’s a TTAG APB to out Armed Inteligencia. Hurry your bad selves over to Facebook and “Like” our page. Friend us, and we can get out of the slash ghetto and the Land of Misfit URLs, and get something that suits us better. Much obliged.

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  1. No offense, but I’m not sure that I see the point. I already have this site in an RSS feed reader, so why would I want to see the same stories clogging up my Facebook feed?

    I guess I’m just wondering what the goal is.

    • Twitter, Facebook > TTAG. Allegedly. I’m posting new content on each outlet. Is there any way we could make the process better for you?

      • Robert,
        I’m not trying to be abrasive here, and I’m sorry if it may have come off sounding that way. I guess my Facebook feed is just overloaded. It seems I spend more time removing junk that I at one time ‘Liked’ or ignoring spam posts from friends playing Farmville or other such crap than I do adding relevant stuff to my feed.

        It does make sense for you to expand your readership through other means. As for me, I’ll just keep reading your excellent site the same way that I had before.


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