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If all goes well, NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde will stroll into the NRA convention this weekend a conquering hero. After more than a decade of hard work, with the help of patriotic Americans from all sides of the political spectrum, Todd will have helped deliver unto Illinois inhabitants the right to carry a concealed weapon. No pre-hatch chicken counting here, but The Land of Lincoln has never been this close to restoring residents’ Second Amendment rights. Even if it doesn’t go down this year, even if the Chicago gun grabbers’ thwart the will of the Founding Fathers, hats off to Mr. V. And the Chicago Police Lieutenants’ Association for the heavy lifting. And, now, the 3500+ members of the Amalgamated Transit Union 308 who’ve expressed their support for concealed carry. [Click here for a pdf of the letter] Well done all. Now, git ‘er done!

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  1. I hope that they will issue non resident permits because I’ll be one of the first to apply. I’ve been checking out every states laws regarding non resident permits, and it’s easy in some states and impossible in others. I just received my Virginia, Utah and Florida permits thru very simple mail applications. I’m waiting for my New Hampshire, Maine and Conn. permits to arrive in about a month or so, and Arizona sent me their permit application today. You don’t need a permit in AZ, but they’ll give you one for sixty dollars if you really want one. I have to fly or drive to Penn. and visit the Centre County Sheriff and for twenty six dollars they’ll give me a PA permit (which I don’t need, but I’m going to get one from every state that will give me one) and it’s good for five years. Then I have to go to Texas and take an eight hour course and they’ll give me another permit (that I also don’t need), and then I’ll go to Nevada to shoot at the gun store and I’ll get another permit (that I don’t need). I’ll be able to carry in forty out of the fifty states when I’m done, and then hopefully the NRA can force the other ten commie states to honor my second amendment rights.

    • You don’t need a permit to open carry in WI, so, while it’s not ideal, just tuck your shirt in. 😛

      Hopefully WI won’t blow its chance at constitutional concealed carry.

  2. Better than nothing. I assume open carry, the most effective form of bearing arms, will not be “allowed.” If reciprocity isn’t immediate, it will come in the years ahead.

  3. What the Chicago unions want, the Chicago unions get. The Police Lieutenant’s Union and the Transit Union are small, and by themselves can’t carry the NRA’s water. Where are the big unions in all of this?

  4. Anybody else think that we should leave at least ONE American state alone in its ignorance of the rights of its citizens? I mean… obviously we want our fellow American citizens to be able to arm and protect themselves but if we leave one state alone then the criminals will know where gun ownerships is low and so will we.
    This is obviously just silly pontification but it’s fun to play the “what if” game.

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