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The State of California has had a law on the books for years now banning the purchase, manufacture, or importation of new “high capacity” magazines within the borders of their state. This hasn’t stopped California from leading the United States in firearms related fatalities. Despite the impotence of the existing amazingly strict firearms related laws on the books to stop the “gun violence” in the state, the city of Los Angeles just passed a brand new ordinance that goes a step further and bans the mere possession of “high capacity” magazines . . .

From CBS:

The Los Angeles City Council approved a ban Tuesday on the possession of “high-capacity” gun magazines with more than 10 rounds.

The City Council voted 12-0 in favor of the measure, which addresses a loophole in a statewide law that prohibits the sale, manufacture and importing, but not the possession of such magazines.

Under the ordinance, anyone who owns of these high-capacity gun magazines will need to take them out of the city or turn them over to the Los Angeles Police Department to be destroyed.

It is important to note that this new ordinance is pretty clearly a violation of the 4th Amendment (as well as the 2nd). The government has declared that a previously legal item is now contraband, and demanded that citizens divest themselves of these items immediately. They do not, however, provide any means for compensating the citizens for the required destruction of their private property.

The evidence they used for this new onerous ordinance is a shooting at an LA Jewish Community Center that took place in 1999, a good 16 years ago. Apparently they couldn’t find anything more recent to use to pluck the heartstrings of lawmakers, overriding their good common sense and legal practice with emotional appeals.

It has never been proven that magazine capacity bans are effective in reducing crime or have any impact whatsoever on “mass shooting” events. New York recently tried to implement a 7 round magazine limit, which the state court found unconstitutionally arbitrary and capricious.

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  1. Didn’t the Virginia tech mass-hole use safe wholesome 10rd magazines in his Glock brand Glock?

    • Don’t quote me on this but I think he used 15 rounders in his GLOCK and the harmless 10 rounders in his .22.

    • Elliot Rodger used wholesome 10 round california mags. Hows that gun control working for you california.

      • Its working exactly how they want it to. Been stuck here a year, its like I’ve been in gun hibernation. I know the laws, but I just don’t want to deal with them. Everytime I leave this god forsaken place I always binge and shoot a couple hundred rounds. Can’t wait to never see this place again.

      • The argument they would use: if he had been able to use 15 rounders there would be 5 more dead people

        • I found a Wikipedia entry stating that the Virginia tech mass-hole used 18 , 10 rd magazines.

    • Yep, just like the guy in the 99 Jewish Center shooting. 1999 was dead smack at the 5 year mark of the NATIONWIDE ban on all things assault, including high cap mags.

  2. Nice to know they’ve already solved all the murders, rapes, robberies, and arson now and this not just some underhanded way for them to make easy criminals out of citizens because the cops can’t and won’t go after real criminals… Oh wait.

    • @Doomguy: Exactly. It is all about politics. Smoke and mirrors. Make it look like we are doing something to pacify the voters while we take away their rights and go easy on the criminals. Pure Bullshit. Wake up Californians and take you damn rights back. Get rid of you lying politicians and get someone in there who will lock up the bad guys and keep them away from the rest of us.

      • “Wake up Californians and take you damn rights back.”–A majority of Californians obviously don’t want them.

        “Get rid of you lying politicians”–A majority of Californians obviously want them.

      • Does this state suck? Absolutely. Is it getting “progressively” worse? Damn right it is. Do other states have more “rights” than here? I highly doubt it.

        California is not the problem California is a model for the future of the rest of this country. The idea that we are “free” peoples is a joke. The fact that you can be held against your will with negative, lifelong repercussions for having A PLANT growing in your backyard is one of countless despicable examples. Our “rights” have simply become arbitrary words on paper that our “representatives” (who endlessly steal and then waste our money) decide which to throw out and which to “let” us enjoy.

        No state is better than any other until the day everyone is allowed to own, buy, sell, and do whatever the hell they want to as long as it doesn’t cause harm to anyone else. Until then, neither Nevada nor any other state is any better than the hopeless hellhole that California is and no one is truly free.

        • Try living somewhere else, man. No place is perfect, but damn near everywhere else is a lot better.

          “Perfection is the enemy of good enough.”

        • It’s all all shithole, but California is still a particularly smelly part of it.

          Also, the notion that Cali is the model for the future, is outdated. It used to be the promised land. Now it’s just an unusually advanced Dystopia.

          Cali politicos and busybodies can get away with more than those of pretty much anywhere else, because nature dealt them such a strong hand. Beaches, the weather….. Even the shittiest poker player on earth, is going to have a hard time losing holding a royal flush. Of course, leave it to politicians to figure a way to do even that.

          As long as the Fed gets away with asset stripping the less paper asset rich parts of the country for the benefit of New York, Cali and, to a lesser degree Massachusetts, those three states will continue to hold outsized mindshare. Heck, people even in places where they ought to know better, still try bolstering their assumed “Republican” credentials, by cheering for and supporting whichever New Yorker or Silicon Valleyite who happen to be the recipient du jour of the dollars Yellen just debased the rest of the country. But, sooner or later, the wealth transfers will come to an end, since there simply won’t be much less to take anymore. And then, the whole cardhouse will start to unravel, as absent massive transfers from the rest of the country and world, none of the 3 states is in any way, shape or form able to sustain themselves at even the most rudimentary level. And won’t be without some seriously painful reorganization.

    • EVERYBODY IS COMMENTING BUT THE trough IS lawyers need to make money and that’s why the legislature passed this law so this 30 round magazine issue will be challenged in court and so it goes with all other stupid laws that end up in courts its all about money and NOT YOUR SAFETY

  3. I’m sure all the Suerenos, Bloods, Crips, P. Stones, Black Dragons, MS-13, 18th Street and all the others will be lining up to turn them in.

  4. NY/CTer here…

    The NY SAFE Law made illegal the possession of pre-Clinton ban Standard Capacity mags, (with no due compensation) too. We went to court, and at the first round we still lost. Unfortunately just because it violates the 4th Amendment doesn’t mean it violates the 4th Amendment.

    • NYC has had a 5-round magazine limit for decades. (Not sure when it was passed.) People who own an M1 Garand are only allowed those 5-round clips used in matches and hunting.

    • And by God if the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd circuit doesn’t like it the even more liberal 9th circuit probably won’t rule favorably as well….I mean we got Peruta but that might have been pure luck since the 9th circuit has the most Judges and we probably got lucky with who was on the 3 panel review (hint hint: Republican appointed Judges!) The 5rd limit is insane in NYC though. That is some seriously strong tyranny kool aid. I bet cops have heart attacks there looking at a P-mag 40 Lol. I can’t remember the reasoning or the legal standing behind how the 4th amendment wasn’t violated with banning pre-ban mags in NY State but I guess I’m more offended that I have to dig for a 4th amendment violation because the numerous other 2nd amendment violations weren’t enough!

  5. Actually, the impetus for this law was San Francisco’s new gun ordinance, part of which was upheld in Jackson v. San Francisco, which bans the possession of “high capacity magazines” within city limits–even for police officers, except for duty weapons and magazines (according to the City Attorney). I am not sure how much of a difference it makes–southern California police have been confiscating such mags for a number of years as a “nuisance” (which means they do not have to pay compensation for the seizure either). The ordinance is close to but not quite a 4th Amendment violation, since it is still possible to sell the magazines, as long as that sale is to someone out of state (the sale within the state having been banned years ago–1991 I think), and it is still legal to possess them outside Los Angeles city limits.

    • Mark, Sunnyvale may have predated SF. Their 10 round clip ownership was upheld by a 3 judge appeals court see

      Also see

      Alsup, the Federal judge hearing the SF case said, “cited [in his opinion] mass shootings in which the killer used high-capacity weapons – including the massacres at Virginia Tech in 2007 and a Newtown, Conn., elementary school in 2012 – and statistics offered by the city that magazines with room for more than 10 cartridges were used in 86 percent of large-scale shootings in the United States in the last 30 years.”

      Interesting statistic. First time I’ve seen it and don’t know the source. You and I can think of ways to counter that claim even if true.

      The Sunnyvale cases being appealed and I assume SF’s is too.

      • Well when most guns hold more than 10 rounds in their magazines of course you’re going to find that to be true. That would be like saying most vehicles involved in accidents have more than 2 wheels.

        • I know – it was a ridiculous assertion given that the “standard” magazine in many firearms is > 10 rounds. But the SF judge hearing the case seemed persuaded by the claim. Was gratified to hear guest speaker Alan Gottlieb mention that the case is being appealed at a GS2AC ( ) meeting last Thur.

          I understand that these types of cases cost in the neighborhood of $6M to pursue.

          Shameless plug: is pursuing litigation on a variety of fronts on our behalf. They certainly can use our help and appear more conscientious than the NRA (which I support too).

    • +1. Left progtard pols in LA and other wealthy liberal enclaves are in a drama queen competition in CA for who gets most press, after any shooting anywhere, in order to get campaign donations from the lefties desperate to save the world, or Obama’s legacy, or the crisis du jour, now that the polar bears stranded by global warming schtick is over, and SCOTUS saved the gays, and Hollywood freed Willy.

      Its the self-obsessing California way. The nitwits in Sack-a-tomatoes, and SF went radio silent and lawyered up, briefly after Uncle Leland, Californias 3rd most important Democrat was arrested for gun-running, but now they realize the low info voters and nitwit lefties dont care, they are back to preening and prancing around on ever more stupid gun laws, just because they can…

      And that distracts from what they arent doing- balancing the budget, doing something about street crime, or funding mental ill facilities and training for cops to handle them- remember Ellliot Rodgers at Isla Harbor? The real fix is too hard, so they go for the glory and bogus solution even though the facts are coming in that gun control doesnt work and thinking citizens who pay taxes know better, and dont want more gun control- the problem is those citizens are independent or conservative, and the Dems have a lock on the statehouse, a supermajority in the legislature- and a reliably nutty majority of judges in the 9th Circuit CA, who will back anything that the ambitious anti-gun CA DOJ Kamala Harris chooses to do in Executive Over-reach, knowing that even if the case is overturned by getting to SCOTUS, it will be 10 to 15 years of effort to get there.

      Its simple ends justify the means gun control by the Elite, who dont care what the even the majority thinks- its only what the Left can get away with, and they keep doubling down because, apparently the answer is, pretty much anything they want.

    • It is still legal to possess “pre-ban” mags. I seem to recall that the ban date is January 1, 1991, but someone will certainly correct me if I am wrong. As I state elsewhere, southern California police have started seizing them anyway as “nuisances.”

  6. “overriding their good common sense” this phrase applies to somewhat less than 10% of California politicians!

  7. Sunnyvale and San Francisco have confiscation laws on the books as well. LA was just copying existing metro areas.

    • I was living in Sunnyvale just before I left Komifornia, for good. Even though Oregon has some crappy gun laws, it’s still a lot better than our “friendly” neighbor to the south.

  8. It never fails to amaze me that Kalifornia has some of the most imposing laws in the land and it borders Arizona, my state, the freest state in the country. You would think that Arizona would be a positive influence on Kalifornia but just the opposite is true. A lot of completely legal items in Arizona are felonies in Kalifornia such as batons, ASP, any type of self defense item and hell I think they even banned pepper spray. Anything a law abiding citizen can use to defend themselves is illegal yet that doesn’t stop the criminals. It would seem that the Criminals are the ones running the state and making the rules so it’s safer for them.

    • California is a stronghold and so far outta touch that no one is positively influencing the political entities. If the state dropped into the ocean west of the San Andreas fault line I think there would be a huge positive shift in the politics as a result.

      • It’s not all bad… it’s the only state where you can legally split lanes on a motorcycle, so they have that going for them…

        • Just as you can buy MP5s in California. It’s just illegal.

          No state have been even remotely free for at least 100+ years. Actually, more like 200.

          Even in North Korea, the totalitarians won’t bother you for something as basic as splitting lanes. Chances are, that was even one of the few things the Nazis would let the Jews get away with. It’s a pretty darned basic component of freedom. Leave it to most of the world’s last remaining Super-Dystopia to indoctrinate it’s dronelike underlings to believe otherwise, though. Even successfully, in many cases, and that is the truly scary part. But, as the T-Shirt says “Don’t blame me, I’m with the terrorists.”

    • Isn’t that some [stuff]? I get that different states have different cultures, conventions, traditions, mores, folkways, and just plain different ways of doing things. Laboratories of democracy and all that. Still, you’d think there’d be more of a common thread binding us all together.

      Fifty different firearms related things I do or could do every day in Texas make me what? Just another Texas firearms owner. Just a regular guy going about his business, harming no one and harboring no evil intent.

      Cross a few imaginary lines, though, and I’m in California, where any of those same mundane acts would make me history’s greatest monster. Seriously? All of a sudden, the same nice guy, swell fellow, is instantly a felon, right up there with sexual predators and other violent offenders? Why? Because a piece of plastic is too large for someone bureacrat’s liking? There are lunatics out in this country shoving people in front of oncoming trains, and these people want to imprison folks for peacefully exercising a God-given right?

      The insanity of California’s laws only make sense when filtered through the prism of tyranny.

      • You, fine sir, have just illustrated the malum prohibitum versus malum in se issue. And you illustrated the problem with malum prohibitum” laws.

      • Yeah, California – land of fruits and nuts (which I find funny though a tad homophobic).

        What some don’t realize is that CA is like NY v. NYC and IL v. Chicago. There’s the liberal theology in the Bay and LA areas whereas most of the state is centric to conservative. But lacks the population to curtail the Reign of Error by leftist leaning politicians.

        • Sounds right. A similar political dynamic plays out in Pennsylvania, too, which I’ve heard described a number of times as consisting of Pittsburgh in the west, Philadelphia in the east, and Alabama in the middle.

          Now, I’ve never been to Philly, but I have become sufficiently familiar with Pitt and central PA (oil & gas country) over the years to agree with that characterization.

        • @ Jonathan

          You’re not missing much. Philly is a cesspool. And I grew up around there and attended college in the city. They try to clean up some parts, but the rest seems to have gotten actually worse.

      • Liberals are irrational. They are not persuaded by logic, reason or evidence. If it sound right and feels good, then it’s true.

        They hate anyone who has an opposing view to theirs. They hate inanimate objects (guns) and they hate even more the people who own them. They hate them with a passion bordering on a mass murderer’s insanity.

  9. How does this apply to full size magazine parts? If you have the parts to build a magazine but the magazine is not assembled, is this a violation?

    My understanding is that 3 gun competitors in California who compete out of state will simply disassemble their magazines before crossing back into California. Is this true?


  10. BREAKING: Extremely low compliance rate among L.A. citizens to the new ban on high capacity magazines. In an act of civil disobedience almost no magazines were turned in and there is no way to track or know how many people complied or even owned them before the ban.

    *slow 80s movie clap*

  11. Lets compromise, you can still do X

    a few minutes later

    OMG OMG X is still legal through a loophole!

    • Yep, welching on the grandfather clause that made the bill more palatable is “closing a loophole.” War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

  12. A “taking” of personal property triggers the same Fifth Amendment right to compensation as a taking of real estate. The question is whether ordering the magazines removed from the city (by sale or otherwise) constitutes a taking, triggering the Fifth Amendment right to just (fair) compensation.

    If the city has to pay for all the hardware, it makes it less likely to happen. Not only will the ban be costly to enforce, but parties surrendering their goods are entitled to a hearing on value.

    This might become very interesting.

    • Ralph, am fairly certain compensation for an effective taking has been decided. Seem to remember a case related to Kelo, but in FL involving riparian rights. Property owner had to be fairly compensated.

    • You guys are dreaming. They aren’t going to compensate anyone anything. FYI – your appeal will be denied. This is their dream for all the United States.

    • The SCOTUS just ruled last month on a takings case regarding personal property, Horne v. Department of Agriculture,

      It’ll be interesting to see how this gets challenged. There are several fronts, and the takings perspective stands to make it a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”. If these bans are allowed to stand, they could end up being so expensive to implement they become impossible to actually keep on the books.

  13. THIS is how they get away with it:

    … an amazing capacity for the deception of the sheep-like voters … and … countless conjectures and huge extrapolations in formulating the expected benefits of these laws.

    • “… countless conjectures and huge extrapolations in formulating the expected benefits of these laws.”

      There, fixed that for you!

  14. California is such a beautiful state.

    Too bad I’ll never live there due to crap like this, the coming water crisis and the fact that their economy is about set to implode.

    • Did you say “COMING” water crises?
      Don’t you know those uppity millionaires in the LA area MUST use plenty of the wet stuff, to keep their big lawns nice and green.
      Just think of what some of those poor souls went through on the casting couch, to have a chance to make all that bread!
      And now you want to deprive them them of a few hundred gallons a day, just so the common folk will have something to drink.

      • Hell, that’s just California Normal drought behavior.

        When the bullets start flying (10 at a time) over irrigation rights and quantities, then it’ll be a crisis.

        Unless they can find yet another state to steal water from in time, it’s likely to come to that.

  15. Do not comply. Unjust law.

    disc: not a lawyer, not in L.A., don’t own any standard cap mags.

    • WTF do you mean “standard cap”??? I get the impression that you mean 10-round, and listen buster – that backwards-thinking has to stop right now.

      For most modern pistols, 10-rounds is reduced capacity.

      If we are going to call anything “standard capacity” then we at least need to refer to 30-rounders as the baseline standard.

      • By “standard cap”, he means standard capacity. AKA non-blocked pistol, AR, AK, (etc) magazines and whatnot.

        10 round mags are not generally standard capacity unless that is how the gun itself was designed.

  16. anyone who owns of these high-capacity gun magazines will need to take them out of the city or turn them over to the Los Angeles Police Department to be destroyed.
    I doubt if too many gun owners will turn them in.
    How are the po po going to know what homes to raid to enforce this noble and righteous progressive law?

  17. “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kinds of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of lawbreakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.” Ayn Rand

    • And when there are so many laws that anyone can be arrested for breaking one, even one they did not know about, it is SO much easier to arrest and control anyone that you decide does not agree with you or represents a political threat to your system or your Party. We need to get rid of 90% of the laws in this Land.

      • We started off with much less than 10%, and look where that got us. As when dealing with any other type of malevolent cancer; unless you get rid of it all, it will just come back.

  18. Hmm. My curiosity grows even more intense. Previously, I wondered how the State of California would respond to something like 50,000 good people attending a rally in Sacramento — and hold 30 round magazines openly during the rally. Now I am curious how the State of California would respond to such a rally in Los Angeles.

  19. “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”
    Robert A. Heinlein

    • And I am Free (Free! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!) because I have redefined free to mean a 6×6 cell somewhere in Siberia…….

  20. I refuse to comply.

    I refuse to comply.

    I refuse to comply.

    It’s happening nation wide.

    They’ll know how we feel once they run the numbers and only a handful of magazines are turned in.

    • If they leave the law on the books long enough, the next generation, unable to buy new magazines in the dwindling number of local gun stores, will gradually become used to the idea that they’re just not that important.

      How many guns bricked up on farms in France from the war? How many full auto war trophy AKs made it home from Vietnam? As the years go by, and the kids and grandkids start to find them when cleaning homes out post funeral, how many will be so uncomfortable that they turn them in to police, or just throw them into garbage dumps out of fear that even turning them in will result in criminal charges?

      These people are playing the long game here. Noncompliance may not be enough anymore.

  21. CA is closing in to ban all firearms, functionally slapping the 2A down. Don’t think it’s coming? Yes it is, bit by bit. The left absolutely believes firearm owners are criminals.

    • This would have to be done at the state level. Prior attempts at complete hand gun bans (yes, it was SF) have been held invalid as violative of the state pre-emption of firearms laws.

      • You also have to remember that the laws/ordinances here in CA come at gun owners sideways. Here in Oakland, for example, we had a gun store that was forced to close in early 2000 (the last gun store in Oakland ever); Oakland banned compact handguns, then they just passed a tax on any retailer within city limits selling guns or ammunition (Places like K Mart stopped selling ammunition because of this) requiring that they pay the city $24 out of every $1000 they make, regardless of whether or not they made money on guns or ammunition or any other items.

        Not to mention the ridiculous “roster of safe handguns”, DROS system, and all the other BS we have to put up with here. Things get worse every few years.

  22. I’m sure that the Marines at the NSW Seal Beach and RTB Pico Rivera will have to comply as well–oh wait, that’s all part of the plan to disarm military while on (and off) bases. Way to go, Kalifornistan! *facepalm

  23. Do it for the children! Turn in your 15, 20, 30, and 100 round mags. Everybody knows that a child is always killed on the 11th round, so if we get rid of all the mags holding more than 10 rounds, every child will be safe!
    And the cops will get rich selling all that contraband to the Cartel.

  24. Finally a move in the right direction. Starting tomorrow, all of the gang-bangers will be lining up in front of city hall to turn in their high-capacity magazines while singing Kumbayah with their liberal friends.

    • Exactly. I bet they’ll pay their outstanding fines and hop on over to the Job Service office before lunch. See? All you had to do is ask nicely.

  25. So rhey can deprive people of legally owned property without compensation? How can they do that? Will this be challenged? I hope so. This is patently absurd.

    • Easy–it is no longer legally owned property and is subject to forfeiture as a nuisance/contraband. Being forfeit, no compensation is owed.

  26. All agencies inside the city of LA should turn in their crap or get arrested. If they can’t carry a S&W M&P pistol without Grebnering themselves, they don’t need 10+ rounds in an AR.

  27. LA bans “hi cap” magazines a day after LA street gangs create a tournament on which gang can kill 100 people in 100 days?


  28. I do not live in California and I never will, but I can also say California is one of a handful of states that I will NEVER set foot in so long as I live. The way liberal democrats have turned that state into a hell hole is a crying shame!

    • Blaming Democrats is honestly just as much of a problem as the Democrats themselves. On a scale from Jefferson’s America 100, to today’s California 0, no other state would currently rank above 5, either. Regardless of supposed party in control. Playing along with the “divide and conquer” script is pretty much equally unhelpful, regardless of which largely undifferentiated “side” one pretends to take..

  29. I suspect that one reason the response is SO slow on this site is that my browser window is constantly updating. The little circle at the top never stops spinning. Does not seem to happen on other sites. I believe a site should load to memory and only update when you POST your comment. NO need to update while you are typing. Wish someone would fix this as it is VERY irritating to wait for what you type to show up on the screen even when you are in the middle of a word.

  30. We should all donate a 30rd Pmag. Air drop thousands over LA. Attach little paper parachutes to them.

  31. Let’s try a magic trick, shall we?

    For this trick, I will need an ordinary box of .50 Beowulf ammunition and an ordinary standard capacity AR-15 magazine. I start to load it with those big, baby killing bullets, and abracadabra!! It only holds 10 rounds! I transformed a 30 round mag into a 10 round mag! The Great Gun Ban Violatori will now perform his next trick, making a Liberal’s head explode!!

  32. NY did this as well. One day the stuff you owned was legal and the next day you were a felon. You just have to remember America is tha land of the free. Unless some worthless politician makes a law.

  33. I’m stuck in the L.A. area, and while I *could* legally keep my parts kits, because I’m in an independent city, I will get rid of them. I live in an apartment, and someone making a repair could see them and report me to the police. I wouldn’t be in violation of the law, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have them all confiscated, along with all my guns to “check to make sure they’re legal”, and have to deal with a misdemeanor as well. Then I’d never get anything back without suing, that’s how it works.

    • They’re just parts kits. If you’re worried about some jerkoff repairman seeing them, keep them in a taped up cardboard box, surrounded by other stuff under the bed or in a closet. Problem solved.

  34. “Self reliance to non-compliance, powers to abuse.
    After 200 years, just polyester frontiers
    Them’s the bicentennial blues”
    I wrote that

  35. The same progressive loons who let embrace illegals and allow felons roam our streets freely are perfectly willing to arrest and convict law abiding citizens for breaking newly-enacted hi cap laws.

    Progressivism is a disease of the brain.

    • “Progressivism is a disease of the brain.”

      Absolutely every single little part of it. Everything that movement has ever accomplished, and everything it’s supporters have ever fought for. Don’t ever forget that. Way too many have done, and mealymouthedly continue to do so.

  36. Looks like the police department will be stocked with mags for years to come. Should free up some money on the budget.

  37. LA. Going full retard since, well, as long as I’ve been here. Hopefully this promotional transfer list can get me into the mountains.

  38. Nick. Your claim that California leads the US in gun fatalities is the kind of information I’d expect from the antis. You can’t use raw numbers because raw numbers don’t include the fact that California’s population is much higher than many other states. More people, probably more murders.

    You have to use murder rates per 100,000 population. California’s “gun murder” rate is, according to the link you helpfully included, is 3.4 per 100,000. Arizona, gun friendly as heck, has a rate of 3.6 per 100,000. Georgia, 3.9, Florida 3.8. So no, California does not lead the nation in gun murders.

    • But, But But……

      Don’t you know that Guns are what’s to blame for killing people. Not people.

      So, the relevant statistic would be murders per 100,000 firearms………

  39. The state of California has been destroyed by open borders politicians

    Los Angeles is the Capital of Aztlan

    • No disagreement there. But murder rates are murder rates and Nick was being dishonest.

      • Or sloppy. His bio says “enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms”. I sometimes have cringeworthy flashbacks after realizing I used an incorrect regression model – though conclusion was correct. Probably not my last mistake, nor probably his.

  40. I live in California, it’s not the shit hole people,claim it to be. Its far worse than that. Picture the United States as a human body, California would be the ass and Los Angeles would be where you stick the tube for the enema. Californians need to wake up and take control back of this state.

  41. Thank god!!! now there will be no more illegal gun crime in Los Angeles. Hell we should all just leave our doors unlocked and the cars running from now on.

    ….how ’bout them potholes guys. Why dont you try doing something that IS your responsiblity.

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