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It’s not as if we haven’t had enough recent examples of how hazardous tucking a heater in your waistband can be. Going sans holster just isn’t a secure way to carry a gun. It’s the CCW equivalent of going commando. It may be comfortable, but nothing’s really held in place. And you can end up shooting yourself in the leg. You can inadvertently ventilate your penis. You can even shoot yourself in your leg and your penis. If Ed Magee was an IGOTD-reading Armed Intelligentsia member, he’d surely know the risks. And while he didn’t end up shooting himself, he didn’t do gun owners any favors…

Magee’s a former board and planning commission member in Granby, Colorado. He was standing at a podium recently, addressing a meeting of the current board of trustees when the gun he’d tucked into his pants fell to the floor.

As you’d expect, the gun didn’t fire. Dropped guns virtually never do. It’s catching them that causes the real problems. Anyway, the board members didn’t realize what happened until Magee told them.

He had “rushed” to get to the meeting on time after having been in the Denver area all day, he said, and he hadn’t had enough time to stop at home to change clothes and put away the weapon.

Locking it in his car apparently didn’t occur to Magee. He said, “it was just an unfortunate encounter with gravity.” Ed’s a laugh a minute that way. Board members can be forgiven for thinking they had an unfortunate encounter with stupidity.

“We were all upset when we found out what was going on. I was,” said Raffety, who presided over the meeting in Mayor Jynnifer Pierro’s absence that evening. “That’s not what I go to a board meeting for,” he said.

So now, thanks to good ol’ Ed, the board’s asked the town’s attorney “to explore a possible amendment to the town code concerning ‘weapons in public buildings and places.'” Colorado states that for a CCW holder, carrying “a gun in a public place is mostly a protected right, save for restrictions at schools and public buildings where there are security checkpoints,” so no further restrictions may be possible. We hope. No one wants to see another “gun-free” zone created.

It’s CCW holders like Magee who give all of us a bad name. If you’re going to take on the responsibility of carrying a gun, spend a few bucks and pick up a secure holster that’s made for your gun. Or, if you can’t carry the gun safely for some reason, lock the damned thing in your car until you can.

So welcome to the prestigious IGOTD club, Eddie boy. And thanks for nothing.

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  1. While he was an idiot, that still doesn’t excuse the stupidity and cowardice on the part of the other board members who freaked out because of the fact that someone had a gun in a non-violent manner.

  2. The part that doesn’t make sense to me is that he was carrying the pistol all day, was he carrying it tucked into his pants all day or did he take it out because his holster was bugging him?

  3. I’ve known this jerk all my life, and one thing is for sure – his usual selfishness and arrogance shines through in his actions once again. He could’ve not only injured himself, but what if someone else were injured or worse – because he was in a *hurry*. Yup, that’s the Ed I know – amazingly arrogant and irresponsible. Not surprised.

  4. Well, isn’t this hysterical? Hey, Ed, are you running around with a gun tucked in your waistband b/c you’re afraid someone might be looking for you? Oh for cryinoutloud, you can relax, put the gun in a holster and be a big boy now. On the flip side, now you are a certified self-centered, irresponsible, arrogant loser in the eyes of everyone, not only us! Way to go, bro! Oh BTW, check out this link to see what can happen to idiots like yourself who carry guns in their waistbands! ~~~~~ and Ed? Better luck next time ; )

  5. Can’t believe they would let this guy back in the building let alone on the board… Don’t change the laws for everyone, just eliminate this loser…

  6. Uninformed people opining about things without the facts. Not one of you attempted to contact me . Do you feel good about yourselves? This should be irresponsible blogger of the day.


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