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In its ongoing and largely successful effort to be the only profitable company in America (excluding Apple, which is now worth more than Belize), Ruger is introducing yet another self-defense weapon: the Ultra Pepper Spray System. I know that some of you are waiting for the Super Mega Ultra Premium Pepper Spray System, but this one’s got a lot to recommend it. Or, more precisely, a lot . . .

There’s a built-in a 125 decibel alarm which generates the same amount of sound as a pneumatic riveter at four feet; roughly 35db more than enough to inflict hearing loss on all concerned. The UPS also boasts a strobe light bright enough to disorient a Studio 21 survivor. And then, finally, pepper spray that fires out to 15 feet with liquid that inflicts two million Scoville heat units on Mr. Bad Guy.

Fine print: the whole thing’s a rebranding exercise. “Ruger® branded pepper spray products are powered by Tornado® – a leader and innovator in the pepper spray personal defense product industry.” That little Ruger badge will cost you an additional $5 ($29.95 vs. $25 for the Tornado at Amazon). Worth it? We report, we deride.

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  1. I’ve got something that fires out to 15 feet with liquid that inflicts 2 million sperm on Ms. Pepper Spray.

  2. I so firmly believe in my Cold Steel Inferno’s superiority that maybe I will work up a personal comparison against the new Ruger’s strength and maybe my second favorite, the Kimber Pepperblast II. I have a lot of OC experience AND I am slightly off kilter, after all!

  3. I’m still laughing at Nick’s comment, and I’ll stick with my 45 as it will get the point across much better than any spray.

  4. I’m frequently frustrated that a useful-sized can of OC is harder to conceal than a useful-sized fistful of polymer-framed 9mm. The Kimber (of Yonkers, yuck) Pepper Blaster and this little banshee might make it a lot easier.

    PS: the Ruger looks a little too bulky, compared to the flat Kimber. Rats; Yonkers it is.

  5. Ok, I’m still rolling on the floor laughing from Nick’s comment. Good one Nick.

    This is interesting to me since I live in an area of CA that will not issue CCW. Pepper spray and a blade are my only options when out and about. I am going to have to check it out.

  6. I bought a Kimber “Pepper Blaster” (or whatever its called). I am now trying to find a training unit so I can get a sense of what it feels like to shoot it. It seems kinda wasteful to deploy a live ($40.00) unit for mere “training,” but it also does not make much sense to carry something you have not trained with.

    • I have fired one to test it. It gives a pop and out flies the stream-fast. After firing both shots and putting the spent unit back into the case, I later noted the residue had melted the styrofoam inside the box. Not too shabby. The way it shoots out at 90mph, I didn’t see any chance of wind blowing any back into the user. I carry one in my shirt pocket often.

          • Bob, I just checked-the Bulldog Cellphone Concealed Carry (belt) holster is what I’ve seen sold with it. Cabelas has them for $14.99 to $19.99. It’s a burden having one of those “pornographic memories.”

        • uhh… That was supposed to be a joke. I am thinking we do need those color codes for our comments on the internet. What color is sarcastic?

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