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  1. That’s about 1 mile north of my old house.

    And he loses what ever man points he has left because he shot himself with his girlfriend’s PINK pistol.

    That’s gonna leave a mark…

  2. You should go to the Youtube page for that video and read the comments. He’s, ahhh… being *targeted* for being so stupid.

    Yeah, somebody had to say it, and I pulled the trigger. *snicker*

  3. I think it is refreshing that the news story didn’t try to demonize the gun owner for being some paranoid psycho that was crazy for carrying concealed. Safe carry was the most important concern. Safety and the fact that getting shot in the dick probably really hurts a lot.

    • +1

      For a second when they said ‘where it hurt the most’ I thought they meant the balls lol. At least this way he can’t create more of his kind.

  4. OK, the gun-owner is dumb, but the media are absolutely frickin’ STUPID beyond words!

    Note to juvenile, pseudo-journalists:
    In a momentary, foolish act, a man is significantly injured with what may likely be a life-altering, traumatic injury for he and his GF/wife, and your sophomoric humor is beyond crass and boorish. Ponder this little tidbit; this patient may suffer permanent impotence or a total/significant loss of sensation due to extensive neuro damage. Grow the hell up, you bunch of A-holes! It’s no wonder you contemptible journo-types are regarded as nothing more than ambulance-chasing, hunks of human detritus. Your contempt for gun-owners shines through in your mockery of this injured man. As a clinician and a human being, I hope this man recovers well with no lasting ill-effects. The physical and accompanying psychological trauma of this incident just may prove devastating.

    So yuck it up, newsboy. You might be inflating your genitals with a foot pump in 20 or 30 years. It won’t be funny then.

  5. But, wasn’t it gun owners who were engaging in this “sophomoric humor?” Lighten the hell up, man.

    My one-strike-you’re -out-rule applies to any gun mishap of any kind. But if you shoot a hole in your dick, I’d give you the same break I’d give the guy who shoots and kills one of his kids and for the same reason: you’ve already paid a big price. You get no jail time, but the gun rights have got to go, for life.

    • You get no jail time, but the gun rights have got to go, for life.

      So…. say somebody using a bandsaw or a table saw slices off a finger, altering their life forever. Must we say that power tool rights have got to go, for life?

      Or someone drives a car and intentionally kills another person link. I guess that car rights have to go, for life, too, yes?

        • So when a cop has a negligent discharge, he loses his gun rights for life? Cops make mistakes with guns every day. Does you one-strike-and-your-out rule for any kind of gun mishap apply to cops, military, etc.? After all, fair for one is fair for all.


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