Ah yes, the International Armament Corporation (a.k.a., Interarms). Wikipedia has a wikkid entry on Interarms’ founder Samuel Cummings whose company “came to dominate the free world market in private arms sales.” Wow, right? There’s a great story about the CIA-trained arms dealer’s relations with Latin America that includes the classic line “an enraged General Trujillo stormed into the room carrying an AR-10 rifle taken off the body of a dead insurgent, demanding to know why Cummings had supplied guns to his enemies.” I’m thinking money had something to do with it. Less clear: who bought Cummings’ supplied .9mm Ultra Star pistols? Easy to smuggle and conceal sure, but not nearly as lethal as Eugene Stoner’s handiwork. In fact, I bet the seller Duracoated this gun so he could find it more easily. And now, here it is, magnified (obviously), for sale, for small change. [h/t JoshinGa]


  1. I want to know where I can buy some of these 45 caliber handguns people always talk about without having to get a tax stamp for a destructive device.

    • Just wait til someone tells the antis about this new, ultra concealable handgun round. I heard Jerry Tsai is already writing an article up about it, and how dangerous it would be for civilians to have.


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