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“Representative Darrell Issa, a Republican of California, remains firmly in pursuit of the administration, finding the [Inspector General’s] report a vindication of hearings by his government oversight committee. Mr. Holder had better embrace the report as stark evidence for thorough repair of the department’s reputation. Something as half-baked as Operation Fast and Furious should never have been concocted in the name of law enforcement” New York Times editorial

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    • As a member of the House of Representatives, he and every other member is up for reelection every 2 years.

      • …and one of my aunts is able to vote for him.

        I’m jealous, my rep is a dweeb. Why can’t I have a good rep, too?

        • Are you willing to take Patty Murray in trade?

          Yes, yes, I know they’re in different chambers. Don’t care.

        • Murray stands an excellent chance of being defeated in 2016. Her support has been steadily dropping over the past 3 elections. But no; no trade. I am eagerly awaiting the defeat of Ms. Bachmann. That b!tch is an embarassment to my state.

  1. I don’t read NYT on a regular basis (read: EVER), but I’m surprised to see something critical of the administration come from them.

    • It wasn’t critical of the Admin. It was critical of F&F and the officers who dreamed it up, and it was critical of the “partisan” Republicans. And trusting Holder (his first name should be D!ck) to fix the problem is truly ludicrous. Only the NYT could get away with such cr@p.

      • Exactly – the NYT and other MFM are trying to put up a firewall between the miscreants (fall guys) and Holder and his boss. Punish a few peons, preserve the light bringers.

  2. Issa has been hanging on to this ever since it broke some two years ago now. This isn’t just a reelection ploy. Not by a long shot.

  3. I still don’t believe F&F was based on law enforcement. I think barry and holder were scaring up support for an awb and long gun registry and maybe even English style licensing of gun owners. It’s my tin foil hat and I’ll wear it whenever I please.

    • I tend to think that the purpose was to arm the Sianolas (the “friendly” cartel) against the Los Zetas cartel, which the US gov’t feared was ready to depose or at least seriously destabilize the Mexican government.

      The stuff you cite was probably a hoped-for collateral benefit.

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