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When all else fails vote from the rooftops? (courtesy

Well that’s a hell of a thing. Still, first amendment and all, right? I mean, wearing this T-shirt isn’t treason per se, is it? Anyway, I reckon that the gun-loving whippersnappers buying the pro-AR fashion at are no more likely to overthrow the United States government than they are to snag a date with Karima Adebibi. Come to think of it though, I bet there are a few OWFGs who’d wear one in a ballistic conclave like, say, a machine gun shoot. Meanwhile, I wonder if I could get ahold of Ms. Adebibi’s agent to arrange a photo shoot. She’d look cute in one of these . . .

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  1. Senator Mike Lee has just introduced an amendment to ban ANY Senate passing of ANY anti-gun resolutions without a 2/3 supermajority:

    Get to it folks:

    GOA CapWiz CONgress contact form:

    Senator Lee to Offer Amendment Tonight to Ban Most Gun Control in the Senate

    Contact your Senators

    We realize it’s short notice, but we wanted to alert you that, later tonight, Senator Mike Lee of Utah intends to offer an amendment to the budget resolution that would prohibit any gun control legislation which does not have 2/3 vote in the Senate.

    We know, we know. We would prefer to prohibit any and all gun control, even if it had 100 votes.

    But if the Lee amendment is passed, the practical effect will be that gun control can never again pass the Senate.

    Given the Armageddon-like fight which we are now engaged in in the Senate, achieving a gun-control peace for the rest of our lifetimes would be a good thing.

    ACTION: Contact your Senators. Ask them to vote for the Lee amendment to require 2/3 vote for the Senate to impose any gun control.

    Lee Proposes Supermajority to Pass Gun Control Bills

    By John Gramlich
    Roll Call Staff
    March 22, 2013, 4:28 p.m.

    Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, will offer an amendment to the Democrats’ fiscal 2014 budget resolution that seeks to require a two-thirds majority for the passage of any gun control legislation in the Senate.

    The amendment by Lee, a member of the Judiciary Committee who has tea party backing, comes ahead of the biggest floor debate on gun control in nearly two decades. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced Thursday that he would bring a package of gun-related bills to the floor during the week of April 8, when lawmakers return from their two-week spring recess.

    Lee’s amendment, which his office provided to CQ Roll Call, features a broad definition of gun control and seeks to require a 67-vote supermajority threshold for passage of a number of the proposals that are expected to be debated on the floor next month.

      • If it is an amendment to the senate budget, it will never pass. The senate hasn’t even passed a budget in 4 years. The senate budget is more tax and spend and will never pass congress.

  2. How can overthrowing a Government no longer a republic be a crime it is not.
    The Declaration of Independences authorizes us and makes it our DUTY,
    A crime never!

    That wonderful God Given creator of a DOC.
    GIves us all the rights and Power we need. So I suggest we get ready as name me one politician not committing TREASON and burying our Country.
    ALL Levels.
    Monetary , Security, Immigration, Diplomacy, Militarily and so on.

    What are we going to do.
    I am sick of Hearing about John Parker and waiting till they shoot first.

    The Cato institute shows hundreds dead due to Cops going Military, Remember WACO.

    But if you meant till they start shooting full auto and grenade fire or kidnapping us all in the Night , By all means keep on waiting.

    But if you ever get tried come to Lake Ronkonkoma and look me up,

    I will gladly start the Ball rolling.
    I might even have a Sheriff or Two.

    GOD BLESS ALL. and wake them up.

      • It’s more legal than the Constitution, IMO.

        Bloodyspar, they already kidnap people at night; people just don’t care enough, though I’m sure you are aware of this. Point taken, though.

        • If no one is around enforcing it, even the Bill of Rights does not have the force of law. The state follows some of its rules, doesn’t follow others, depending on the individuals making or carrying out the judgments.

          Many of us don’t believe those who call themselves “government” make any laws at all, but that is different political/religious discussion.
          Naturally, if you question their authority in their courts or their media, they’ll laugh at you and call you irrational.

  3. At what point do we decide that all has failed? When US citizens can be detained indefinitely without charges? When our president grants himself the power to order the deaths of American citizens? When the ATF, an agency that is supposed to be a tax agency, controls how we buy and sell constitutionally protected firearms?

    The fact is, our rights are already being eroded away, and have been since 1934. The country needs to wake up. We can shout about having guns to prevent tyranny all we want, but we can’t continue to roll over and play dead while tyranny tightens its hold on our lives.

      • A lot more than a couple decades, Pres. George Washington sent the US Army to assault tax protestors in the Whiskey Rebellion.

    • 1932 and the Bonus Army. Police killed a couple, and then the Pres called in the military and the tanks – to run off honorably discharged military veterans peacefully protesting – well within their Constitutional rights.

      Another one of the drivers for the NFA of ’34.

      • Not only the military and tanks, but also chemical weapons, and demolishing the homes of the veterans. Even when Pres. Hoover directly ordered Gen. MacAruther to cease his assault on the veterans, he refused a direct order from his Commander and Chief because he personally didnt agree with their suspected political views.

        Or instances such as the Ludlow Massacre where the US miltiary attacked striking miners, going so far as to burn 2 women and 9 children alive.

        The claim that service members fight and die for the rights of their countrymen is nothing more than a lie they tell themselves day in and day out so they can live with the crimes and horrors they inflict upon their own countrymen and civilians of foreign nations.

    • When the banks are only open two days a week, for two hours a day? A little birdie told me, “within 60 days”. I don’t know if the little birdie is right or wrong, but that’s very soon. We won’t have long to wait.

  4. I remember some people I know freaking out on Facebook about this shirt and other shirts on AR-15-shirts. They didn’t seem to get that freaking liberals out is probably at least 80% of the appeal of the shirt for a lot of the people who buy it.

  5. I find the shirts pretty obnoxious, especially the shirts on sister site Nothing says being an ambassador for the People of the Gun like wearing a shirt that none-too-subtly informs the reader that you are big tough guy more than willing to shoot people. Not the image I’d like to project.

  6. Consider the purchase price of that T-shirt to be your membership fee on the no-fly list. Uffdah.

  7. REALLY?
    You want people to vote FOR gun control?
    If you want to convince people that are on-the-fence about which way to vote on gun control that the LEFT is 100% CORRECT and People of the Gun truly are bunch of lunatics, please go ahead and wear something like this.

    Nothing could be more damaging to our cause.
    Check your ego, turn off the fantasy machine inside your head and try to convince the undecided that you have a grip on reality.

  8. The shirt is a bad idea. It’s designed to make big talkers feel tough… How many terrorists, and that’s what you’d be labeled if you were foolish enough to ‘vote from the roof tops,” wear T-shirts advertising that they are a terrorist?

    I’d also like to meet the young miss Adebibi. We can have a nice discussion about trigger discipline.

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