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The furor surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin may have died down, but that’s not the same as extinguished. At some point, the State of Florida will have to put up a case against George Zimmerman or shut up and let the shooter walk. Odds are the Sunshine State will pursue this case to the bitter end. The media circus will be intense. Meanwhile, Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara has released this previously unseen color image of his client taken on the night of the homicide. As suggests, the timing may have something to do with O’Mara’s recent appeals for donations to Zimmerman’s defense fund. Those who provide financial support will receive a personal note [photo after the jump] of thanks from “your friend” George Zimmerman. This one’s just getting warmed-up folks. Watch this space.

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  1. This image was released previously, but it was a lower-res, black and white version. Adding color definitely shows more blood than before.

    • So having full knowledge of this evidence since day #1, this *special prosecutor decided that a 2nd degree murder charge would be appropriate.

  2. Certainly appears credible…if it was taken right after the shooting (and in the back of a squad car, it seems). Trayvon kicked his ass, oh, wait…

      • It means if a ‘savage manchild’ is on top of you and beating your brains into the concrete you pull the gun (while he is also going for it) and put a hole in the ‘primative punk’ so the anger can escape through da hole. Heh heh heh

        • It amazes me how people keep trying to equate a 6 foot tall football player sucker punching you and beating your head on the sidewalk to a couple of 6th graders fighting in a playground.

  3. “Meanwhile, Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara has released this previously unknown image of his client taken on the night of the homicide”

    Shouldnt that be “the night of the shooting”? Homicide implies unlawful killing, we dont know if it was homicide or a defensive shooting.

    • Here in Texas you kill someone and it’s going to be homicide, the question is whether or not it will be justifiable homicide, but I agree…I would have said, “Night of the shooting.”

    • No. Homicide is a person killing a person. Self defence is in most cases a justifiable homicide.

      • One definition of homicide is a person killing another person. gives as its definitons:

        the killing of one human being by another.
        a person who kills another; murderer.

        Likewise google:

        1. The deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder.
        2. The police department that deals with such crimes.

        The point im driving at is that its a loaded term, even if it might be technically accurate.

    • Homicide just means killing of a person. All killings, whether justified or not, are homicides (this includes police shootings)

      • Except for manslaughter, which also involves the killing of a person… Homicide is determined by intent.

        • No manslaughter is a form of homicide. Manslaughter is a legal term while homicide is a generic term involving all killings.

  4. Not saying he is innocent or guilty/justified or not justified but damn. I have had a worse looking bloody lip than that from farting while drinking a beer and bouncing my lip off of the neck of the beer bottle!!!!

      • Yea his nose is definitely busted pretty seriously!! Have had mine broken 3 times so know that feeling quite well.
        Wasn’t trying to be demeaning or anything, just thought it kind of funny that they mentioned his bloody lip which isn’t near as bad as his nose.
        And having a busted lip won’t usually lead to the problems later on that a busted nose will.

    • And to think what he would have looked like if the ‘manchild savage’ had been given more time to do his evil work on Zimmys skull. That Kel-tec PF9 certainly saved his bacon. That nose looks quite broken.

  5. The broken nose (at least it looks broken to me), combined with the bruises and lacerations on the back of his head tend to make his story (that Trayvon punched him in the face and was pounding his head on the sidewalk) seem pretty credible.

  6. Looks like a broken nose to me as well. Just like a racist white man to beat himself up just to kill a black child in cold blood.

  7. You mean that sweet little 13-year-old looking boy Trayvon, as commonly pictured by the mass media, did that to an adult man in his late 20s? Amazing! (ok, sarcasm turned off). Everyone who automatically sided against GZ needs to look deeply into their mirror at home and acknowledge the racist looking back at them. ‘Skittles’ should help pay for GZ defense considering how much free publicity they were handed from this lunacy. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t any sound legal grounds for GZ to sue the maker of Skittles for a share in what I assume have been increased sales and thus profits from his misfortune with society and government.

  8. I wonder if a Zimmerman acquittal would trigger a “peaceful response” by the citizenry similar to,,,, oh I don’t know,,, Los Angeles in Spring of 1992?

    • Once this heats up again the race-baiters will be out in full force despite knowing and not caring about the obligatory violence that will follow. They’ve done it too many times before to think this case will be any different. To them the publicity trumps the inevitable and terrible aftermath of their actions.

  9. That face is the result of being a mall ninja. If he would have stayed in his car and let the police chase after shadows he wouldn’t of had his ass kicked. Lesson learned don’t go looking for trouble, it may just find you.

    • So walking in one’s neighbor hood is “looking for trouble”?

      This is the mentality that I just can’t grasp. Let’s say that Zimmerman was following Martin – Zimmerman’s own account confirms that he was intentionally following Martin. Ok, so what? How does following someone give another person the right to assault you?

      The rules of engagement go both ways. You need to have a credible threat of harm to you or others before you go on the offensive. Being followed ≠ a threat to body/life.

      Zimmerman lived in the gated neighborhood, Martin’s dad lived in the neighborhood, Martin was visiting. If anything Zimmerman had more of a right to be there than Martin (Martin being a guest of his dad’s).

      Zimmerman had every right to follow a person he did not recognize, someone he felt was acting suspicious. Don’t act like you would not do the same.

      • Trayvon Martin’s father’s girlfriend lived in the community. Neither Trayvon or his father was a resident and would have been recognizable to George Zimmerman.

        • Yeah, stay in your vehicle while driving around the jungle folks. Whatever happens when getting out of your vehicle is your fault. Whatever.

      • Actually they lived in the neighborhood next to Zimmermans, so Trayvon Martin was actually trespassing by cutting through the gated community to go to the store.

    • Spot on. Unless it looked like the kid was about to put someone in imminent danger, stay in the friggin car. A kids dead and a mans life is ruined. Whether he was in the right or not…should’ve swallowed his ego and listened to the dispatcher. It certainly set our movement back to have this yahoo pull this crap.

      • If you listen the the 911 call you will find that Zimmerman was out of his car before the dispatcher told him that it was not necessary that he follow. The 911 call and the available evidence suggests that Zimmerman was headed back to his car – per the suggestion – when he was attached.

        Still and again, someone please explain to me how following someone, or someone having the perception that you are following them makes it OK for them to attack you.

        • Which matched the story told by the girl who was on the phone with Martin. He told her that he had lost the guy.

          We will never know, however, who initiated the second confrontation and how it went down. But the prosecutions investigator admitted on the stand that he knew of no evidence which contradicted Zimmerman’s story.

        • Take it the other way–someone you don’t know is following you in a car, then on foot, consistently for some time. How do you react? It was a stupid move.

        • Thinking of my 17 year old self, I’d probably get pissed off if some old dude was following me.

          I’m not saying either person was in the right, but it does seem GZ was going full mall ninja.

          I know for a fact that kids are crazier than bat shit nowadays and him attacking GZ doesn’t seem unbelievable. But at the same it seems like GZ should’ve called the cops and let them handle it. He was neighoborhood watch, not a security guard.

    • Maybe it was justified self defense on part of Zimmerman maybe not… either way he’s still an idiot for sticking his nose in other people’s business. Call the cops, let them investigate it.

      i.e. it is dumb self-elect to be responsible for generating a potentially life-threatening scenario, under normal circumstances.

      • So what your saying is that if I’m taking a stroll through my neighborhood and some guy thinks that I’m following him he has the right to assault me?

        Again, as long as your not invading someone’s personal space (a 1 1/2′ radius) and not otherwise harassing them (yelling obscenities for example) then I don’t see what the problem is. Given the history in that neighborhood of break-ins it seems logical to me to keep an eye on someone who you don’t recognize/is acting odd.

        You say that Zimmerman should have just called the police and let them handle it. Well, all Martin had to do was go home, tell his dad, or call the police himself.

        • No, I’m saying that if you are following someone through your neighborhood because you’ve taken it upon yourself to be batman then you’ve become responsible for creating a potentially life threatening scenario. And that a smart person wouldn’t do that, for all the reasons that this Zimmerman mob justice thing is illustrating quite clearly. A smart person would go home and continue on with their life uninterrupted.

        • Don, it takes two to tango and Trayvon decided to tango. Your logic would also dictate that someone killed by a drunk driver invited it by simply being on the same road as the drunk.

        • I never said Martin didn’t tango. It takes two to tango but only one to not be in the same ballroom. Regarding the getting hit by a drunk driver analogy, it’s not the same. Walking down the street is a normal activity, passive with respect to those around you. Being batman is not a normal activity and is active with respect to those around you.

        • Funny, all reports show Zimmerman didnt appoint himself, he was chosen to be neighborhood watch.

      • He did call the cops. The dispatcher did ask him for additional information on the suspect, which required Zimmerman to maintain contact to answer. He did stop following Martion when the dispatcher asked him to.

        The situation was set-up by folks in the neighborhood deciding to start a neighborhood watch due to break-ins. You do realize the police are under no duty to protect you as an individual, right? That you are well within your rights to take steps in coordination with your neighbors in keeping with your responsibility to look after your own safety and security?

        • Of course the police don’t protect individuals. Their job is to clean up messes and investigate on behalf of the state. That’s why guns are important, because they are the second most effective tool for protecting yourself as an individual, after your brain.

          “That you are well within your rights to take steps in coordination with your neighbors in keeping with your responsibility to look after your own safety and security?”

          Sure, but just because they are taking responsibility for their own safety doesn’t mean that they are absolved of responsibilities incurred by doing it stupidly. That’s why common sense SOP exist for neighborhood watches. For example, upon seeing something suspicious you are supposed to get to immediately get to safety and then call it in to HQ. There is not “further investigation”. You will get your butt booted from a legit neighborhood watch if you do something like follow someone (even if it is to get more information) or leave your vehicle.

        • But Don, as I understand it, he did turn around and leave when the ‘burgling manchild beast’ began showing his true guetto colors and had to be ‘put down’ by Zimmy in order to save his live. This is an example of what gang bangin’ little punks get when they decide to become dope smokin’ dropout burglers.

      • Perhaps if the cops had a reputation for taking care of the issue, he wouldn’t have felt the need to follow Mr. T Skittles.

        • Yup. The neighborhood had been ‘burgled’ many times in the last year or so. NO MORE. This is exactly how Skittles magically become bullets. “Tast the Rainbow”.

      • “Maybe it was justified self defense on part of Zimmerman maybe not…”

        Maybe??? Take a look at the photo at the top of the page again. Trayvon, according to the autoposy, had no injuries besides the bullet wound and one small abrasion on his left ring finger below the knuckle.
        Where were Trayvon’s injuries?

    • I’m pretty sure that it has been established here that the police aren’t required to chase down bad guys. So, while I’m not encouraging vigilantism, I don’t think you should always believe that the police will protect you.

    • LOL! Out of arguments like yours a new term has recently surfaced elsewhere:


      It goes something like this:

      “……The hidden subtext could be construed as the following… In modern America, a prudent citizen should know to remain in their vehicle, doors locked, windows up…….

      What does this say about our society?

      Are we living in a drive through Safari Park?

      If we get out of our vehicles we deserve what we get and shouldn’t blame the animals, much less shoot them in self-defense?……”


    • So you would let the ‘savage primative manchild’ go about his burgling ways in your neighborhood if you were the neighborhood watchman?

      • So where is any evidence that Martin was breaking into a home on his way back from the store? Oh right there isn’t any, because he was simply walking home. There is no proof that Martin was causing trouble, attempting to commit a crime or associated with any crime in the neighbourhood. Zimmerman profiled him, accused him of acting suspicious, followed him and allowed himself to get into a deadly confrontation with a minor because his bat sense was tingling. He exercised poor judgement.

        • There is no proof that Martin was causing trouble

          Who busted Zimmerman’s schnoz?

          I dunno about your neighborhood, but around here ‘assault’ is considered ‘causing trouble’.

        • First off, repeat after me: profiling GOOD. When you wear ‘banger clothes’ (sagging pants where waist is at crotch level and crotch is at knee level combined with hood) while cutting through neighbors property and having never been seen in the neighborhood, your ass is going to get profiled by anyone with half a brain. Second look up the little beasts rap, not as in c(rap)music, sheet and you will see the burgling manchilds guetto wannabe street cred.

        • So, if somebody asks you a few questions then walks away you can then run up on him, sucker punch him, then try to crack his skull on the ground? The worthless little punk simply collected one more skittle that came out of a 9mm micro dispenser for going Ape on a neighborhood watchman…lead flavored….of course.

        • “So where is any evidence that Martin was breaking into a home on his way back from the store? Oh right there isn’t any, because he was simply walking home.”
          He was casing the neighborhood. If not, then why was he wandering slowly around on a cold, wet night instead of going straight home?

  10. The picture was released now because the defense finally received it from the prosecution. The defense had requested all imagery from the scene to be handed over, the prosecution only provided the black and white low quality image.

    They finally, after much court haggling, dragging of feet, delay, and orders by a judge actually provided the image now.

    Wonder why the prosecution took so long to respond to the discovery motion, why would they possibly delay providing this image to the defense?

    The prosecution’s strategy is going to be drain the Zimmermans of funds and force their attorneys to expend tremendous amounts of time in his defense to the point where they have to declare bankruptcy and the attorney can’t afford the time representing them. They will do whatever the can to force him to plead to something.

    • Typical behavior of a prosecutor. They want to win at all costs, even if it means an an innocent man going to jail (I’m not saying he’s innocent, let all the facts come out at trial). They will illegally withhold exonerating evidence, and they know they will get away with it even if they are caught later due to immunity laws.

      This prosecutor knew what she was doing, keeping evidence that favors the accused away from the public as long as possible. Standard operating principle of the profession.

  11. This digital photo was only turned over to the defense team recently in the 9th supplemental discovery. The previous version wasn’t just black and white, it was almost certainly deliberately degraded (likely by repeated use of a copier) so that all useful and potentially exculpatory details were obscured.

    • The “prosecution” obviously has been helped “above and beyond” by our own U.S. DOJ, don’t you think??

      After all, look what they’ve done with the stonewalling on Fast and Furious”!

  12. Blood, broken bones, missing limbs… Does not matter. He needs to go to prison. No I’m not a lefty and I carry a gun everyday. Zimmerman pursued, end of story. Concealed or open carry is not a license to stop random or perceived crime.

    • Was what Zimmerman did against the law before he was attacked?

      Is it illegal to watch someone walking in your neighborhood?

      Is it illegal to approach someone to see if they are committing a crime?

      Is there a law against even asking someone what they are doing?


      Is against the law to physically assault and harm someone?


      Can you kill someone by beating their head against a hard object?


    • Wow, you better call the prosecutor…maybe you could testify as to what led you to say “Zimmerman pursued, end of story.”

      Oh wait…

    • Justin. The neighborhood watchman did turn around. What the hell does ‘persue’ mean? He should go to prison because he was a bit overzealous for a time (because the neighborhood was burgled several times over the last year) and followed for a while before turning around (only to have the guetto manchild dope smokin’ burgler nearly kill him before he made him “tast the rainbow” with the Kel-tec PF9)? You are a liberal. If you cant use a gun in that situation….then dont carry at all.

    • Instead of a drop-gun like the apocryphal crooked a cop to establish guilt a throw-down-skittle to establish your innocence. I like where you’re going, just remember a skittle is not a weapon, it is only a tool, subject to the will of it’s user.

    • The Skittles candy is interesting along with the AriZona Watermelon drink (seen in photos from the scene, but MSM always reports as “iced tea”). Apparently the two along with certain cough syrups combine into a concoction known as “lean” or “purple drank”.

    • I’m sorry about this I have too many monitors, too many windows, and I lost my cursor this was supposed to be a response. So can you do a Dalek and delete this comment.

    • If your skull is being smashed on the concrete ya gots ta ‘pull da trigga’. Why are you even carrying if you would not even use it in such an odvious situation?

  13. Zimmerman pursued, end of story.
    Hmmmw? Could be! Lets let a jury decide.

    If you saw someone breaking into your neighbours house??? What do you do??
    If you saw someone driving down your street, and pull up besides some kids. Jumps out and grabs a little girl and speeds off. What do you do??
    You go to your bank and see two guys running out wearing masks a carrying guns. What do you do??
    Your CCW is not a badge. You don’t do anything but collect information and call 911.

    Lets say in the heat of the moment you walk over to your neighbours house while the perp is breaking in, and yell “stop”.

    The perp turns around and says ” get the F out of here, I will kill you MF.”
    He charges and puts you down before you do anything. He starts punching your face, pounding your head agaisnt concrete.

    I have had my ass beat. So I know that you want to stop the guy doing it.
    If you have never been in a real fight, you don’t have a reference point. Things are happening fast. You are reacting, not being a lawyer.

    You have a gun on you. This guy is kicking your butt. He is yelling “I’m going to kill your ass!!!”

    You pull your gun and shoot him.

    A. You were wrong leaving you property and confronting him.
    B. After being wrong, do you have the ability too protect your life???

    That is what I see the jury having to decide???

    • Also, Zimmy turned around and was walking away. The only thing Zimmy was guilty of was perhaps being overly zealous for a small period of time in am overburgled neighborhood that he felt responsible for being the neighborhood watchman. I wish there were more people like him around who cared about their neighborhoods.

        • And its the only one that makes any sense, based on the evidence. Come on, use your skull (not like the guetto heathen used Zimmies, of course).

    • My CCW is not a badge? Really? I am pretty sure it is. I mean I can go to Bass Pro Shops now and get that nice little gold sheild that says Conceal Carry Permit in a neat little wallet.

      Sorry. I know what you meant but couldnt resist. Bass Pro is closed for the night anyways.

  14. so where is the TTAG response to the Michael Dunn story? Another white guy shoots another unarmed black 17yr kid in Florida, where is the cry of support for this guy? He dealt threatened, he thought he saw a gun? Or is this not a banner waving story like GZ.

    • Maybe what’s been going on with Zimmerman has taught people to wait until we get more details before opining on this kind of thing?

      Naaaaah, that can’t be it.

  15. There no longer exists an honest justice system within the United States.

    This can be done to anyone and given enough time, it will be done to you or your family.

    • The “fake” stuff was done at the beginning by the media in framing through the editing of diologue to portray Zimmy as a “white racist” and the omission/suppression and minimization of pictures and images (see above) to further the evil libtard agenda. You, a fake (faux) American and authentic eurotrash, should know the difference.

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about, Pat, not about the Zimmerman case and not about me. By the way, why do you guys spend so much time talking about me?

        • If you dont know about NBC editing the 911 recording (while questioning the picture above) than you are on Mars rather than EWW…rope. An anti-gunner should expect the errant tooth, nail, and claw on a pro-gunner forum.

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