Incendiary Image of the Day: Chop Until You Drop Edition

[h/t to A. Tam]


  1. That’s right out of the movie, Desperado (and El Mariachi).

  2. avatar Aaron says:

    Caption: Achmed plucked while Libya burned.

  3. avatar Wade says:

    Poor man’s morale officer.

  4. avatar Dan says:

    I am calling photoshop on this one.

  5. avatar Alan says:

    Playing his latest hit: “Can I Borrow a Feelin'”.

  6. avatar Helen A Handbasquet says:

    is that a harmonica in Neil Arbar Young’s mouth?

  7. avatar virtualjohn says:

    “Isn’t that a Gibson? Is Holder running guitars to the Libyans now?”

  8. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

    Caption: “Bard! ‘Inspire Courage’!”

    Yep, that’s where my childhood went…

  9. avatar mmasse says:

    “It’s Friday, Friday
    Gotta get down on Friday
    Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend….”

    1. avatar Ben Eli says:

      Midway through the song, the Moral Officer was killed by friendly fire. It was considered a mercy killing.

  10. avatar Gerard says:

    “Oh, brave Sir Robin.”

  11. avatar Leo Atrox says:

    Someone is a lover, not a fighter.

  12. avatar Plumbump 19k says:

    Haha, if anyone has ever played the game ‘Everquest’ you’ll know hes obviously the bard, playing the haste song.

  13. avatar Pete says:

    Got those “Lost my AK-47 Blues”.

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