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Tonight’s episode of Top Shot never explained why ex-Navy SEAL Jake Zweig quit the program. Host Colby Donaldson went out of his way NOT to provide any details about the incident. Looking at Zweig’s Tweets, all is revealed. Well, it is if you read the above Tweet and its predecessors . . .

Seems the History Channel cut out the bits where the SV Infinity Sight Tracker 1911-style race gun wouldn’t run.

According to Jake’s Tweets, the competitor had more than his fair share of failures (seven). Referring to his colleagues: “No malfunctions 31 targets”; “4 malfunctions 22 targets”; “3 malfunctions 23 targets.”

During Jake’s go, we see the football coach banging on the top of the gun and trying to fire it with the safety on—implying Zweig was clueless about clearing a malf. An impression underscored by a competitor’s diss.

To really understand what happened we’d have to see Jake’s entire string. That ain’t gonna happen. Nor, it must be said, would that video rival the Zapruder film for historical importance. Still . . .

“Everyone does understand that it is a TV show and not a real,” Jake Tweets. For those who don’t, now you do.

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  1. Yes, Mr. Zweig, of course. Apparently during public school you were issued a special dictionary in which one of the synonyms for “malfunction” is “accidental engagement of the thumb safety.”

  2. Whatever, so why not just compete in the elimination challenge? Go to all this trouble to show how you’ll do anything to win, then just walk? Good to see your buddy Mike back though.

  3. Most 1911/2011/SV shooters ride the safety with their thumb. Much easier to keep track of the safety that way. Mike back in-Good

  4. WOW! What a big baby! My golf buddies and I suck and never blame the equipment for our mess ups. He held the gun incorrectly and hit the safety — he is dumb ass for just walking and blaming the gun for his own fault — should have had less an ego in practice and asked for help when he admitted himself he struggled with a new gun.

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t blame it on racism. I figured with your bad attitide that they all had it in for you cause your black. And giving you a gun that malfunctions is their way of making sure you, a black man, doesn’t win.

      • Jake has publicly made race an issue in complaints to news outlets about his time in the Navy. I suspect Jerry is tangentially referring to that.

      • With someone like Jake, it’s hard NOT to think about racism. Claiming racism is just another stupid excuse for your own ineptitude. I.e. Jake.

    • Dude, Jake is a pathetic JOKE! Talk to some of his buds class mates and they will tell you what a major POS the dude is!!

  6. As a former Naval officer I was embarrassed for Zweig’s immature behavior. It was as though he were in junior high school. He made it through the Naval Academy with that sulking attitude?! And I have a hard time believing he’s a former SEAL. The SEALs would devour a punk like that!

  7. Jake is a prick and a bully, I can’t believe that asshole was a Seal. I would have shot him myself if I was out in the field with him. He’s a disgrace to all Seals and all soldiers. To quit! I knew he was a punk, but not that big a punk, I’m glad he’s gone!

    • “Would have” = past tense = as in this show never happened, and his attitude was the same if he were in the field with the above poster. If you’re going to judge someone’s comment, at least read it correctly.

      • isn’t reading and responding to other comments the point of blogs in general? I’m not saying they guy is a role model, but stating you want to cap a guy over a “reality” show elicits a problem with confusing the lived experience vs tv “reality.”

        • Given the chance, I seriously doubt that he would *actually* shoot Jake. But with his attitude, it sure does make you feel like kicking him in the neck.

          And you’re right, reading and responding to comments IS the point of a blog, but you have to extract the actual meaning, not just pick out the “oh I don’t like what you said there” part.

          • agreed with you there jt, that statement just jumped out at me and i am merely responding to that debacle on tv last night, not judging a person over one comment. After ft. hood, i don’t think we should joke about thing like that, that’s all i’m really trying to say.

            • I gotcha. We all have a habit of picking out certain things we don’t like, human nature being what it is.

  8. Did they make him ring a bell? Naw, they should have, Jake is a jerk with a big chip on his shoulder. I like this show and I don’t mind the reality (should say DRAMA), they shoot some cool guns and I think that the shooters are talented people. I hope all of the gun related shows on TV bring new shooters into the sport. That said I bet Jake spends his gift card on snivel gear.

  9. What a loser jake is. There is no way that guy was a Navy Seal. They say he is a football coach too. Wow what an example he has set for the kids he coaches. How to be a loser little prick quitter with no sportsmanship at all. Lame I hope this haunts him. People that act like that are such A holes! He reminds me of a few traffic cops I have met in the past.

  10. Here are the seven malfunctions that occurred:
    1. He is bully.
    2. He has no shame.
    3. He has no respect for his competitors.
    4. He has no respect for the competition and the families that watch the show.
    5. He is a narcissist.
    6. He can’t take any criticism.
    7. He is a loser.

  11. Glad that d-bag is gone.

    That said, those of us with DVRs would appreciate if you didn’t post spoilers in your headline for us to see first thing in the morning on our feeds. I know he was shown sitting on the curb last week but that kind of ruins part of the show for me.

  12. Last night’s show reinforced my suspicions. Everyone already knew Jake was an a**hole and a crybaby. I say he’s a liar too. No Navy SEAL would ever quit like that. I don’t know what is in the contract the contestants signed before the show, but it should have a sportsmanship clause. They should cancel Jake’s Bass Pro Shop gift certificate for refusing too play by the rules.

    • I no one, after 25 yrs of marriage on an important B-Day he capped him self.
      I know this because I folded his flag. LT., may you find peace in the next world
      you did’nt here. You Bro, J

  13. Respectfully, I ask….PLEASE stop spoiling. How about a simple, non-spoiling picture with a non-spoiling headline and having to click a link in order to see the spoiling information?

      • Well, that’s a brilliant solution, Genius. I’m sure Robert, the website owner, doesn’t mind you encouraging readers NOT to visit the website. The spoiler info could easily be concealed instead of popping up with no way to avoid it other than by NOT visiting.

  14. They all used the same gun, so the excuse is irrelevant. Jake QUIT. Period. He QUIT the SEALS too. Doesn’t matter what was left on the cutting room floor. He could have continued. Instead he QUIT.

  15. It is very apparent why he washed out of the SEALS. He is a self-absorbed, whining, quitter. A loser. The most important thing in his life is himself. And judging by previous things I’ve read of him a relentless “victim”. Would you trust your life to him in full-on combat? Good riddance.
    Maybe he’ll find a gig on Jersey Shore.

  16. I’m not a fan of Jake. Bad attitude. Okay, so you had “malfunctions.” Were other competitors using a different gun? (No.) Were they shooting on different targets? (No.) Were you even eliminated by this challenge? (No.) Plain and simple, you quit. You did what no self-respecting Navy SEAL does: You quit while you still had a chance of winning. All this talk about using “unconventional” tactics and not caring what anybody thought because he’d win means nothing because he quit.

    At least he helped make a point to my 3-year-old by being an outstanding example of bad behavior with a trifecta (whining, bad-sportsmanship, quitting). I feel sorry for the kids on his football team. The “win at any cost” mentality doesn’t fly in competitive sports. Heck, it doesn’t even fly in modern combat. SEALs can get away with that stuff some of the time (it is what is expected of them) but even they are subject to public outrage and military discipline when misconduct becomes known by the public. I was really struggling with what I’d have to tell my son if Jake won; so I’m glad to see him go.

    • “I feel sorry for the kids on his football team.”

      i thought the exact same thing, if i was still a much younger guy and my college coach went on a tv show and acted like this i would have a hard time working for him.

  17. looking up on the web i see that Jake has moved around a lot as a coach…no surprise…his crybaby, quitting, narcissistic attitude probably gets him in trouble. I hope he loses his current coaching job…he’s no coach. And based on Jake’s attitude and comments (especially about Attila the Hun) I hope he gets help before he turns a gun on somebody.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that he was a little to mentally unstable to be behind a gun. If I was there at the nomination range after all that I would have been seriously uncomfortable with him having a gun in his hand

  18. Excuses are why he’s a loser. He laid it bare for all of America to see. Maybe one day he’ll wake up and realize you make luck.

  19. To be honest I was kind of rooting for him. He was playing the game and letting everyone know about it. Too bad his “I don’t give a f**k” mentality all turned into horse sh^t. I do like it when competitors go against the grain make enemies, that much more entertaining. With that said he turned into a child. A kid who if picked last would take his ball and go home. I feel guilty for rooting for a quitter…

    • Same here I was kind of rooting for him myself. Even though he used some shady tactics they where actually pretty good get rid of the good shooters so you can go head to head with a poor shooter. And he did put it right out there for the rest to see so its not like he was being shady behide peoples back. It is a competition right. But with all that said he had a very bad swagger about him.

      • Trying to get rid of the good shooters so that he could face off against poor shooters is exactly what sets Jake apart, in the most negative sense. One of the things that I respect about the best competitors on Top Shot is that they want to go head-to-head with the BEST shooters, to prove that they are better. Using “tactics” to weed the best shooters out of the field is the act of a coward, not a true sportsman…

      • My son was disappointed that he did not get to see you eliminated. But he was not surprised that you were not enough of a sportsman to compete.

  20. His grip on the gun was mentioned 3 different times during that episode. He just didn’t know what he was doing. That’s fine, but don’t make excuses about it.

    It scares me that he’s a football coach. I wouldn’t want my kid learning life-lessons from this dickhole.

    • Football, shooting, indeed all sports – does not build character, it exposes character. Your character is built by those who raised you, held you accountable (or not).

    • From what was shown on the show, his grip was rather inconsistent. Sometimes it looks almost-isocoles, other times, almost-weaver. That kind of grip inconsistency could certainly cause malfunction problems.

  21. In the last Jake discussion there were a number of SEALs who wrote that they knew him personally and explained his on screen behavior was the opposite of their experiences. They spoke quite highly of him both as a SEAL and a football coach if memory serves.

    In all serious I’m quite curious as to their take on what just happened – Frogman et all?

    • That’s good to hear. I know that they always edit these shows for drama, but there is no getting around the fact that when he had a bad day, he quit.

  22. Imagine if there hadn’t been a Jake, and instead just a bunch of normal folks who just showed up, competed and won or lost with sportsmanlike conduct. Would we be making half as many comments about the show right now? I doubt it, and I’m sure that’s what the producers like. Something tells me that there will be another “Jake” in every upcoming Top Shot. The opportunity for the extra drama will not be missed by folks that run the show.

      • Yeah I’ve definitely thought of Jay while watching Jake this season, only Jake is obviously a thousand times worse.

      • Jay Lin may not have taken all the advice he was given (yet frequently he performed using his less than optimal techniques), but he never acted or behaved in any respect like Jake did. Jake was an asshole from the first episode. His confrontation with Mike H. should have gotten him DQ for unsportmanlike behavior.

      • Yes, if they keep up the jerk oneupmanship, how are they going to find an even bigger jerk for next season? Jake is kind of limited out on jerkiness.

  23. I’m glad to see Jake go, a grown man shouldn’t act like a spoiled toddler. I knew it was only a matter of time before his BS caught up with him and the others tossed him into elimination again. I was a little surprised that he just up and quit, just goes to show the kind of person he is.

    I’m aware the SEALs don’t use 1911s, but I am surprised he was the only guy who clearly had no idea how to run a 1911 style handgun.

  24. Leaving my opinion of Jake aside and looking objectively at his shooting during the competion, you can see that he had a malfunction if you look carefully. I called it out to my wife and we paused the show to look closely at the gun.

    Before the safety-is-on sequence started, you’ll notice that the gun was slightly out of battery with what was probably a failure to feed. Right before he would have broken the shot, the camera switched to another angle and we see him shoot. The next shot that he tried to take started the safety-snafu.

    I was guessing that they edited the malfunction out but I wasn’t sure if he was allowed to run the competition again or not.

    • I was curious about that too. You definitely see that gold barrel sticking out too far after one of his shots.I don’t have a lot of experience with 1911’s could it have been due to his grip (aka popping the safety on during recoil before it was all the way back in battery). It just seems odd that no one else appeared to have any malfunctions, and he was right in the middle of the shooting rotation…if it was an issue with the gun you’d think we would see malf’s from that point on

  25. Isn’t it obvious what really happened?

    Jake finally freaked out and took a swing at somebody – automatic disqualification..

    Top Shot doesn’t want to turn in to the “Jerry Springer” show so they cobbled together a story about Jake having a hissy fit and going home.

    So much for Jake’s claim that he acts crazy so that he can win – he acts crazy because he’s crazy..

    Next week Big Mike will be the first top Shot contestant to have to take down his own target from the wall (in the house). that should be interesting.

  26. I was glad to see him go, but he left because he couldn’t handle being put back into the elimination round. The guys attitude was just awful and very unbecoming for a veteran. I spent 5 years on active duty US Army, and my family and friends would be embarrassed if I acted like Jake. Jake could never fess up to his own shortcomings and always had to blame everything on everybody else. For all his bluster, and supposed strategy, it was just an excuse for poor behavior. It’s always the little dogs with the biggest bark and this just shows what a small person he is intellectually. I think Tim, Levi and Bob nailed it above.

  27. The degree to which the other competitors went out of their way to be encouraging to Jake when he was doing well, speaks highly of their sportsmanship. Although “talkin’ smack” is prevalent in many sports, when you have a firearm at your disposal, self- control, a cool head, discretion, and courtesy will get you respect from other competitors, viewers, and your family, as well as non-shooters.. Jake and his type have no place in the shooting sports or especially hunting. I for one would watch Top Shot for the excellent shooting skills exhibited, just like I love to watch Jerry Miculek. Can you imagine somebody like Jerry, or Jesse Abbate strutting around bragging and cussing during a competition?

    • That is so true.

      There are certain lines of work that require good behaviour and a sober demeanour – I wouldn’t feel comfortable flying on an airliner where the pilot was swearing and shouting at the cabin staff for example.

      Most shooters that I have met are quiet and well behaved – if I met someone like Jake and discovered that they were carrying a fiream it would make me uncomfortable.

  28. I wasn’t surprised to see Jake hit last place in the challenge, he was the one singled out as having problems with gripping the weapon. It was fairly obvious to me that he was at fault for hitting the safety, it rattled him and he did poorly.
    It was also no surprise that he landed in the elimination challenge, everyone was fed up with his attitude and complete lack of sportsmanship. The difficulty was finding out who would shoot against him.
    Iwas shocked when he up and quit like that, we were outraged that he would just walk away when so many people tried to get on the show. And he just pissed the oppurtunity away.
    Jake is nothing but a punk, his departure just showed his true colors and how weak he really is.
    IMHO, he shamed the SEALS, and I wonder how he can ever face the kids he coaches.
    He tells them try your hardest and never give up the fight, yet the second the heat is on he pulls the plug.
    Jake is no more than a thin skinned, hypocritical cry baby and I’m glad to see him gone.
    But I would have liked to see him go out like a man, I’m angry at the way he dishonored the show, his fellow shooters, and himself by acting like a spoiled little baby.

    Good riddance!

    • Well said JPR. I feel sorry for his family having to witness his subhuman behavior and rationalizations. From the outset I kept saying “This crybaby is a coach?” Then reading his final rationalization that he did it for the exposure and it is called an “explanation”. I am rolling on the floor! The biggest injustice here is if he doesn’t lose his coaching job. What an example for the kids!

    • I agree, but he will be able to face the kids, and his family, because in his mind (only), he is a victim and has done nothing wrong. Either that, or he was just employing mental warfare techniques. Problem is, he wasn’t at war. He was in a competition. What do you bet his football team is taught to play dirty?

  29. Jake’s plaque does not belong on the wall with other competitors, it belongs on a quiters wall.

  30. even if it did malfunction, he still deserved to go home. you cant act like a douche all season and then quit like a baby when karma catches up.

    and if all the competitors have to sign NDAs, how come jake can tweet about this?

  31. $3500 race gun that malfs… yup. WHEN YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO RUN IT AND DONT LISTEN TO THE GM INSTRUCTOR. I shoot 2011’s, just like the Infinity. Jakes grip was his downfall. Thumb under the safety causes your knuckle to ride up in recoil, engaging the safety, and the malfs you saw looked to be induced by him limp wristing. dont matter how solid looking a guy he appears to be, it’s technique, pure and simple. He had a bad one, didnt listen to the instructor, and LOST. Then showed his ass on tv by quitting, not to mention his poor attitude all season and inability to cope with playing the game, of which possible elimination is a part of.

  32. Bye bye whiney loser! jakes childish, spoiled brat, narcisistic attitude was bringing the whole show down. It.s very difficult to believe he was ever a seal. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would cut and run and leave you behind.

  33. Considering that the guns used are probably product placements it is unsurprising that they don’t show malfunctions. The ammo is a product placement too, that’s why they show a quick but loving closeup of the high quality ammo in use for some of the shoots.

    That being said, if this show is fixed, how come Jake ran a perfect run 9 for 9 with the Cornershot in 1/3 the time of his opponent? How did Dustin run the gun for 31 with no malfunctions in the middle of the other participants who did have malfunctions? There could be an hour betwen runs, but the competitors are there.

    If the show was fixed for traditional liberal outcomes, how did the women get knocked off so fast and why are they keeping the Christian?

    The things about it that made me laugh double hard is that Jake quittng brought Mike back, with whom he had had the greatest personality clash and that the guy whom Jake was scheduled to fight got excited, dropped his magazine and made the entire thing totally winnable for Jake, if only he’d stayed in.

    And by the way, the rule they used about quitting bringing back the last person who was eliminated is the same rule they use on The Ultimate Fighter mma reality show and has been invoked a good number of times over the years. Then again, most of the quitters on Ultimate Fighter are troubled 19 year olds, so they have more excuse.

  34. Jake probably tried to ring the bell several times while at BUDs. There was probably a Chaplain nearby to talk him out of it each time.Poor baby…Frogman Elite ST3

  35. I seriously doubt the authenticity of at least two of the “SEALS” who posted in his defense. One “SEAL” who claimed to have served with him would have had less than 3 months to do so after he graduated from BUDS. Jake was gone by 9/11. From what I saw of that class on the Discovery channel, there was additional training they had to complete that would have reduced that 3 month window even further. Liklihood that was the SEAL the poster claimed to be? Extremely slim. Then there was the post where another “alleged SEAL” said if that other SEAL said it, it’s true. It’s called a sock puppet folks. Probably the same person posting in support of themselves.
    So much for his “top two” boast about his shooting skills. Malfunctions or not, Jake embarrassed himself and showed he was right to say he really isn’t “a gun guy”. We probably just saw the real reason he left the SEALs. Crybaby attitude and failure to own up to his behavior.

    • It’s called the human condition. I have only seen 4 now “EX” instead of Former operators make that cut by using their training in illegal activities.
      Jake didn’t break any laws but he crapped on U.S. Navy vets especially the Special Warfare Community. Now the I am not qualified or trained in the HUMAN CONDITION, and I don’t think many on this blog are. But I am going to question the producers whom chose him. If I feel sorry for anyone
      it would be his kids. They have to go to school and church ect. Their lives will
      have been changed. It is true that SEALs are trained in unconventional warfare tactics, that is what makes them so effecctive. But when “EX O3 Zweig” behaved in a manner in which he did and the producers let it get that far out of hand they lost me as a viewer. J

  36. When producers are out to get you, you’re done. America can’t handle rewarding an Alpha like him publicly even though they’re the ones who get **** done in real life. He was right, Top Sh*t hadn’t seen a competitor like him . . and they couldn’t handle it.

    You can call it reality TV but at the end of the day it’s just another game show. He stayed within the rules and made people play on his terms. That’s what they do.

    • You’re joking right? Did you even watch the episodes or are you just talking out of your ass? The producers aren’t in control of every word that comes out of his mouth, he is, all they could do is edit the things he had already said. The producers aren’t responsible for the fact that he quit like a little bitch because he had to compete in elimination. You’re right about one thing, Top Shot had never seen a competitor like him, he was easily the most immature, rude, disrespectful, foul-mouthed, cry-baby who was the only person to ever walk out and quit like a little bitch. He came on the show, made an ass of himself, and then quit the competition after talking so much crap about how his nastiness and cry-baby tactics are all part of his master plan to win the competition… so much for that. I don’t care how fake the show is, I would never agree to make such an ass out of myself on national television despite how much money they may or may not pay me.

      • Eugene, you’re absolutely right, an “Alpha” would not quit like that nor would they whine and complain about being sent to elimination. If I was on that show, I’d volunteer to go to elimination any time it came up, and if I got sent home, so be it. But go out on good terms and set an example…

      • dude do you know how much the producers chopped up my sentences to get what they wanted ……show was rigged beyond belief

    • Geoff You hit the nail on the head, My Former (Lt. T. B. Ret)Partner’s demeanor made Jake’s demeanor seem civilized. Terry commanded a Platoon
      in 6 Pryor after stints in 3 and 5 and the one thing he wasn’t was polite. But his men knew he was the man to get the job done. It wasn’t a popularity contest.
      He took the one lesson we all were taught to the extreme (2nd place is 1st place loser). But he was NOT a people person at all and would not have participated in a soap opera for civilian entertainment. The more I think of it
      I could see Jake’s point of view, though I believe he certainly would have won the challenge. I don’t agree with him dropping, but I’m not him. Also all the arm-chair experts whom commented on this blog must realize young Sportsman read these blogs. They don’t need to read a bunch of foul language. I do blame the producers though, this is were you and I may disagree. No disrespect intended. But I do want to point out that Jake doesn’t represent the SEAL community.

  37. Jake is a little bitch. Complained he was sent to elimination when he shouldn’t have because he was not the worst shooter, then complained when he was sent to elimination when he was the worst shooter. He gives all Military a bad name. However, TV producers look for controversial people like him to make it interesting.

  38. Everyone seemed to miss Jake’s reasoning about elimination. He continually stated it was his plan to send the best shooters to elimination to get them out early. So by his own reasoning the smart move for the other competitors would be to send Jake to elimination any chance they got. I was surprised no one on the show thought to use Jake’s own strategy against him.

    • I kept yelling that at the TV but no one seemed to hear me.

      Jake must have set out to accomplish looking like a fool since he always achieves what he sets out to do.

  39. He has embarrassed his family, The US Naval Academy, the Navy SEAL teams, and himself. No football coach in their right mind would allow this Jake Zweig around any student athletes. IMO, he is a very unstable person. Imagine the unfortunate people having to be around Jake every day.

    • Your not by any chance the ROY MERCER whom’s show is broadcast outa Oaklahoma City by any chance? Cause if you are you’re one funny Dude!

  40. All Americans should be thankful that this loser got out of the Navy b4 911.Could you imagine going into a hostile situation with this guy leading you.Chances are you would come home under the U.S. flag in a box.I’m glad he also quit the Navy,he probably saved some Seal lives by getting out.

    • I doubt it would have gotten to the point of a team member getting killed. If he behaved in the Navy like he did on the show it was probably a case of he jumped before they pushed him.


        • Regardless of his prior military service, the only “character” Mr. Zweig displayed was that he is a whiney little quitter who can’t shoot under pressure. He isn’t a loser, to be that, he would have had to actually gone to the elimination competition and tried. He didn’t do that. He nailed his own name up on the loser wall and quit. They need to put up a “Quitter” category in the house, and he can come back and put his name there.

          • Doug, being a former operator myself I can and will agree with you! When he D.O.R.ed I changed channels. Jake QUIT period no excuses can restore his character as I said in an earlier comment he will now be regarded as a “EX SEAL” instead of a former Navy SEAL.
            I myself would draw my last breath and die before quittin. He will not be welcome at the re-unions, ect! So many Naval and other U.S. Forces worked very hard to make it possible for us to be able as a Team to successfully complete our Ops. They looked up to us because they knew we took care of business. We didn’t QUIT. It just takes one sour apple to upset the cart and spoil a community’s reputation. But I still feel the producers of TOP SHOT dropped the ball by picking JAKE. I think I have spent too much time talking about a Game Show and a Loser. To all you shooting N.R.A. members keep your powder dry and teach anyone you are capable of to enjoy the craft and be safe.

    • If Jake had seen any combat, he would be like the Charlie Sheen character in the movie Navy Seals. Me-first attitude, no respect for authority, hot dog showboating thrillseeker. He would have gotten people killed…

  41. I never saw an episode and don’t know any of the details.

    But, I can say I’ve shot with some of the employees of US SOCOM before. Just because a person is a SEAL/Ranger/SF or CAG guy doesn’t mean they can shoot very well. Some of them are very, very good. Some of them are “good enough.” Some of them,,, well.

    Still, not being able to shoot very well, doesn’t take away from what they’ve accomplished. Readers should just be aware that being a SOCOM guy doesn’t guarantee that a person is a top shot.

    There are also many different disciplines within shooting. Someone may be the best there is at action pistol, but be a choke-o-pottamus when it comes to long range rifle.

    Wanna know if someone knows what they’re talking about?
    Ask them to describe the different types of ballistics; ask them if they can describe the difference between a malfunction and a stoppage; describe cycles of function, MOA, the fundamentals of marksmanship, etc.

    There are *legions* of former (and active) military people out there that have no business teaching or touching firearms. The same can be said of police.

  42. Jake might be a great shooter, hut he’s also a Rude D-ck !
    Before the elimination shootout, he’s like “Listen M-ther F-cker” to everyone !
    Glad to see the A Hole leave !
    Welcome Back, Mike !

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