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I spent this morning writing an editorial for The Washington Times on the forthcoming Gunwalker subpoenas—hoping Representative Issa’s docs don’t drop until after the article appears. So far so good—for me. For U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder it must be a tough time. Eric the Half a Bee’s got limited options. A) Comply with the Congressional command and face la musica B) Invoke executive privilege, bringing the Gunwalker scandal to his boss’s door or C) Claim national security, opening a can of worms the likes of which this country hasn’t seen since an AG’s wife (Martha Mitchell) was getting liquored-up and phoning D.C. journos with inside intel on husband John’s extra-legal activities. For now, for the record, the U.S. AG has publicly declared that he will comply with the subpoenas. Wanna bet?

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    • Notice that the sting op’s informant claimed to have connections with Los Zetas. Not the Sinaloa cartel (the U.S. and Mexico’s most favored drug thugs, who received Fast and Furious firearms).

  1. This guy is a zombie. His political career is dead, he just doesn’t know it yet. He won’t do any time, as I’ve said here before, deaths notwithstanding the government now knows how to handle a crisis without punishment. However, this guy has a seriously bad case of Adrian Fenty syndrome. Fenty was DC’s mayor when Heller was making its way to becoming law of the land. At numerous opportunities he had the chance to amend DC’s gun laws and moot the case, but he couldn’t see the writing on the wall.
    He’s not the mayor anymore too…

    If Holder were any kind of smart he’d step down to spend more time with his family (riiiiight) for a year. Then, he could resurrect his political career after finding God and some political contrition. If he plays this right he can be right in the thick of it for ’12.

    Eric Holder should mount a primary challenge to Obama. That’s right, throw his boss under the bus(figuratively) and primary challenge the Obama / Biden regime. That will open up the field completely and he could triumph. Now, if he doesn’t make a good showing it’s still important that he play it through because he could get the running mate spot too. AG is a good resume item for Veep. Together with the right running mate they could be unstoppable.

    Anthony Weiner for example would make a great lead candidate; lots of money raising skill, cat herding and law making experience, from fashionable NYC where Dems rule. If Anthony picked right we could have a heck of a match up.

    Imagine if you will, the Weiner Holder ticket.
    “For domestic tranquility”

    • “Imagine if you will, the Weiner Holder ticket”.

      Weiner Holder: Even the liberal late night comedians won’t be able to keep themselves from making political jokes about that one.

  2. I believe that Eric Holder and California Attorney General Kamila Harris are related through marriage. Kamila used to be San Francisco’s DA and she was a joke letting out illegal aliens and even violent ones. SF was is not just a sanctuary city it literally was paying for underage violent illegal thugs to take a plane ride home versus face the courts and then the federal government. Our nickname for her was K-spice and she was behind the law requiring everyone in SF to keep their guns unloaded and locked at all times. Hopefully Holder’s demise will deprive her of his election support to go national.


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