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Sign outside Arkansas Christian Academy (courtesy

TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are pretty much unanimous when it comes to the advisability of posting “we will shoot you dead” warning signs outside private residences. The notices alert criminals to the presence of stealable firearms and can and will be used against you in a court of law. But this sign outside the Arkansas Christian Academy is a whole ‘nother bandolier of bad ass. Hey, why not? The Academy is a private school. Who’s going to sue them for taking out a bad guy? I mean, sue them and win. “I just felt like with what’s going on in many of the public sectors where there seems to be a lot of shootings we need to take the same stance that we do in church on Sunday for our kids Monday through Friday,” Pastor Perry Black pronounced. That ought to piss off a few people.

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  1. Court decisions can sometimes be shocking. If a young teenage minority person (not a student at the academy) walked onto the school property holding a gun in his hand or with a rifle slung over his shoulder and a security guard shoots him or her dead then I can see big-momma hollering about her little angel being murdered by a racist guard. Lawsuit. From then on, I guess the Court would have to decide if the guard shot too soon, did the guard give baby-angel the chance to retreat or stop, was baby-angel directly at the moment of being shot threatening any students or staff, etc. If the hypothetical gun wasn’t loaded the mass media and prosecutors would be all over it screaming how baby-angel didn’t pose a threat (as if the guards have clairvoyant abilities to know that bit).

    • No guards, just armed whoever-it-may-be. That makes identification of the defense harder to establish by a would be assailant.

    • “A young minority person?”

      Whatever. We as a society tend to get into a snit when a kid of any ethnic stripe is gunned down ba a non-LEO adult, even if the little sh¡t is an armed home invader.

      Yeah, there’ll be a great wail and gnashing of teeth should it happen, but we’ll get through it.

      And here I must volunteer for flaming.

      In the great debate over ethnicity of American killers, there do seem to be some generalized patterns.

      If someone guns down someone else just for kicks, the killer is more likely to be black. If a bunch of bystanders get hit by wild rounds, it’s more likely to be black or Hispanic gang bangers.

      However, if someone is killing and then eating people, they’re more likely to be white. Same with mass shooters. Not all, but most.

      On one side you have “peope” who are basically feral animals, never having been brought into being fully human in any social sense. They are brutal and incapable of thinking of others as anything other than prey or toys.

      On the other, you have full-blown, batsh¡t crazy. They also don’t think of people as people, but the reasons and causes are quite different.

      The stresses and cultural forces which create either type tend to be largely separated by social and economic rifts.

      No, if some li’l “angel” becomes a grease spot while trying to beat A.L’s score, he’ll likely not be a “young minority person.”

      • “If a bunch of bystanders get hit by wild rounds, it’s more likely to be black or Hispanic gang bangers.
        …more likely to be white. Same with mass shooters. Not all, but most.”

        I get your point, but the MSM keeps these types of events separate, even though the end effect is the same. I guess a bunch of murdered minority victims just isn’t “Righteous Rage” worthy. It helps them perpetuate the delusion.

        • Absolutely true, however there is an added factor.

          Gang violence is so rampant that we’re injured to it, and the news is Show Biz.

          They’ll not give lots of airplay to things that won’t generate a lot of ad revenue.

  2. All schools should be ripped from federal jurisdiction so this can be a method freely chosen by the parents and faculty.

    Our kids, our rules.

  3. It’s likely that anyone wishing to commit mayhem in that school would have a passing familiarity with the target, rather than having picked it at random. Hardly guaranteed, but likely.

    Such being the case, they’d likely know that the place was not gun-free even without the sign. Still, there’s certainly no harm in being unequivocal on ones stance.

    However, where this really shines is by putting other institutions of notice that instead of merely mumbling about concern for the student body, this institution is taking a decisively active roll in assuring their students’ welfare.

    This makes gun-free zones look like the stupidity they are and subjects them to public shame by providing a concrete and contrary example. This is a well-reasoned public action rather than a mere point in debate.

    Hopefully this is only the first of many such signes, the vanguard of a move toward sanity.

  4. There should be a sign like this in front of every school in this country. Despite all the shall issue concealed carry laws passed; to me, this just proves how most Americans are still delusional and out of touch with reality.

  5. This whole sign thing reminds me of a story I read (maybe 6-7 months ago) about an attempt by some people in one of the somewhat more upscale Chicago suburbs being offended to discover that one of their neighbors owned firearms. They were so shocked and offended that they tried to get an ordinance passed, I think through some zoning action, that signage must be put up to warn neighbors that firearms are located in a residence. The gun-owning home owner responded back to the town that this was tantamount to putting up a “rob me first” sign. The town said there wasn’t much they could do unless his neighbors withdrew their petition, which happened several days after the guy had big signs printed up and inserted in the lawns of every single one of his neighbors properties. Signs said “Home owner does not believe in the right of armed self defense and does not have firearms.” (or some such).

    I would NEVER announce that I have firearms in any public way (bumper stickers, NRA stickers, or dumb-ass signs in front of my house), but I think any location that chooses to go against the gun-free flow absolutely should announce their difference. I think it’s a smart deterrent. In evidence I offer that the Aurora shooter passed up several theaters that were closer to where he lived and that were playing the same movie and struck at one further away. Some postulate he passed them up because they were not gun free zones and he picked the next closest theater that was a gun free zone (I have not tried to confirm this).

    • I’m sure guns are not the only thing crooks are after. Drugs electronic s and gold are popular too. With so many gun owners it’s odds on that 1 in 3 houses in a free state have gu s. Maybe 1 in 2 in certain areas.

      • A gun might not be the only thing they’re after–but a firearm is still a high value target to a thief. Either they can fence it for several hundred dollars, or grind the serial number off and use it in their next crime.

      • In rural PA were I lived for a year that number would be 1 in 1 change. I didn’t know of a house without one. Even my grandma still had a few of my Grandpa Hunting rifles in the house.


  6. I love it I would like to see this posted in front of every school in America. Just look at what Israel did once they started openly arming the teachers no more school shootings. Most “spree killers” (to use the term the MSM came up )with are cowards they go to gun free zones do they are the only one with a gun. Also I love the collective panties in bunch this sign has caused on the liberal rag huff post.

  7. This school has done the one thing that almost gaurentees that they’ll never be attacked. They’ve announced they’re not a gun free zone. Their entire defensive armament could be a flintlock musket locked up and empty, it doesn’t matter. By announcing they’re not a gun free zone they ensure they’ll never have to use it.

  8. Is the sign actually real? I have seen plenty of photo shopped school signs saying similar things. While the school may have decided to arm some of the staff, I do not know of another school that has actually put up a sign.

    • Following a reasonable (although hardly exhaustive) analysis, I’m confident that the photo is undoctored and represents a real-world object.

  9. The sign in front of my house reads “My neighbor is a Sheriff and I out-shoot him every time we go to the range”

  10. “The notices alert criminals to the presence of stealable firearms and can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

    Does anyone have an example of this?

    • If you did, my eyes must’ve been elsewhere.

      That — I may need surgery, I was slapping my knee so hard. Fu¢king hi-larious.

  11. Talk about muscular Christianity! I like that sign and I like that the school intends to keep its students as safe as possible.

    You can create any paranoid fantasies that you want, but IMO no prosecutor will pursue criminal charges against a school defender and no civil jury anywhere in the universe will fault a school for shooting a potential spree killer. Not after Newtown. So maybe that unmentionable b@stard A.L. did some good despite himself.

  12. And there you have it- if psychos ever stopped to read signs, this one might be the only one to actually deter one.

    • actually a LOT of planning goes into shooting sprees. Police found Adam Lanza could have written a doctoral thesis on mass shootings with all the data he gathered. Recall these guys are not Rambo but rather total losers looking for easy targets. I would think this sign a fantastic deterrent.

  13. That is way better and works to keep kilers out. It is way better than the theoretical ” gun free zone” signs in front of every school. I have yet to find a person that would put a real a gun free sign sign in their front yards.

    • A gun-free sign in my yard would be considered baiting, which is a no-no in these parts.

      Theoretical? Not even hypothetical. Mythical at best, if not outright intentional falsehood.

      Gun-free zone signs serve only to provide a false sense of security to sheeple.

      Well, and to provide extra ammo to prosecutors should a violator live to face trial.

  14. The interesting part of his story is that it isn’t an isolated incident, like five years ago when the Harrold, Texas ISD armed teachers. Stories about teacher carry are cropping up all over the middle USA.

    Sandy Hook is a game-changer.

  15. Bravo
    The mere presence of a sign hinting at armed retaliation will prevent many would be Bloombergs

  16. Glad to see this,I just wish the so called leaders of this country had enough common sense to repeal the gun free zones at public schools,and allow those teachers or whomever works at the schools,to carry concealed,after first going through the ccw class.I believe that this would help to protect the children as other alternatives don’t seem to work.Also allow the public who have gone through the system and acquired their concealed carry permit to be able to carry on campuses also,this in turn would allow some protection for the children when these parents are on campus for activities.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  17. Now there you go, Arkansas has a clue, until the Democrats get scared to pick up their kids from school. Then they will punish everyone, even the kids.

  18. Feel good and everything. But let’s add a little realism here.
    1) They’re making the teachers take on extra duties without extra pay. In other words, they’re a bunch of cheap bastards who won’t pay for actual qualified guards but want to get extra free, unqualified labor.

    2) If “armed guard” isn’t in the teachers’ contract and job description they’re rat-farked if, gods forbid, they do have to use those guns. The school’s insurance won’t cover them. They aren’t indemnified. They can’t even say what they did was consonant with their employer’s policies. And the school’s precious insurance policy won’t get touched.

    3) If they’re carrying they should burn up at least 100 rounds a month of their carry ammunition at the range. Who is paying those hundreds of dollars a year? The school? It will be the teachers out of their own money. And since they’re teachers and not certified armed security guards they won’t even be able to write off the costs

    4) Ditto for even minimal ongoing training.

    5) The school is going to find its insurance premiums heading for the ionosphere. The actuaries don’t give a damn about the Second Amendment or being pro- or anti-gun. Their job is to do a cold-hearted dispassionate analysis of risks and expected financial liability. And they will, as they have in the past, run the numbers and say “This is how much it’s likely to cost us and what we will have to charge you. No, that extra zero is not a misprint.”

    6) The first time there’s an accidental discharge or a pistol gets left in the bathroom or a shot over-penetrates there will be enough legal and financial manure generated to fertilize three organic hippie communes and my wife’s rose garden.

    7) And all this to counter a threat that is so incredibly rare it doesn’t even show up as a blip in the morbidity and mortality figures.

    • My sister friends are teachers, they will admit getting paid for doing nothing with more time off than they need. I think they can handle it. 90k per year to boot

      • Where are they making $90K as teachers and doing little or no work? My wife is a senior administrator in our school system with close to twenty years in a highly technical speciality. She can’t even see ninety thousand from where she sits. Hell, tenured engineering professors at the State universities don’t make anything like that much. And teachers already do a LOT more than 40 hours/week. Grading. Preparation and CE are only the beginning.

        And the tired old “Teachers are overpaid and don’t work” lies don’t address any of the points I made.

  19. I just wonder … if gun-free zones are such a good idea, why don’t I see yard signs proclaiming them in residential neighborhoods everywhere?

    Kudos to the school.

  20. While I agree with the desire to deter wanna-be spree killers that they should choose their target elsewhere, such a sign ignores the existence of would-be “suicide by cop” types, who may try to force the school’s staff to shoot them. In addition to causing risk and trauma to staff and students, such an incident would be a public relations disaster.

    • Which is the worst disaster, public relations or otherwise? A suicide by teacher or 20 dead kids cause the teacher was as helpless as the students?

      Suicide by cop is a sure thing, because all cops are packing. Suicide by teacher isn’t. Not all teachers are packing.

  21. Whoever thinks teachers are over paid needs to come down south. My wife has been a teacher for 3 years and she makes 28,500k each year. Arkansas pays the least amount, behind Mississippi, for teachers. As for ammo, that would be another out of pocket expense for teachers.

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