New York Governor Kathy Hochul
New York Governor Kathy Hochul (AP Photo/Jeenah Moon)
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Her subsequent, publicly leftward shift reflects the political necessity of running for statewide office, where the median voter is far to the left of that in Hochul’s former congressional district.

That shift included a vastly different stance on guns.

During her 2014 campaign for Lieutenant Governor, Hochul called the failure of Congress to pass background check legislation a “disgrace” following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut that left 20 children dead.

She also doubled down on support for the Cuomo Administration’s signature gun control law, the SAFE Act, passed in the wake of that shooting that killed 26 people.

Speaking at a pro-gun control rally near New Paltz in 2018, Hochul celebrated the law’s passage and came out in strong support of other gun control measures, including so-called Red Flag Laws.

“We’re talking about banning assault weapons, we did it here in New York,” Hochul said. “Background checks; what’s wrong with making sure people who shouldn’t have guns don’t have them?”

Hochul also broke publicly with the NRA. In 2018, she tweeted support for the effort by Governor Cuomo to sanction the gun-rights group, which was at the time incorporated in New York.

The wholesale reversal is stark, especially considering Hochul’s previous endorsement from the gun lobby.

— Ryan Finnerty in Kathy Hochul’s evolving stance on gun control

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  1. It’s almost like Democrats will say whatever it takes to get elected and once in power they’ll turn around and stab their constituents in the back.

    • And the constituents don’t seem to care as they keep voting for them. Much like the Republican liars I keep voting for.

      • There’s no lack of soulless Republicans, but if you compare places where one party controls everything; Wyoming, South Dakota, etc. vs. New York, California, Chicago, etc. you’ll notice a pretty stark contrast. When it comes to being scoundrels, Republicans are the minor leagues and Democrats are the all stars.

        • I live in South Dakota and yes the Republicans have control of the Governorship, state house and senate and US house and senate seats. But we have Rinos at the very top who back track on campaign promises, change their minds after election or worse, do nothing and believe they are untouchable because they have an R after their name. I am sick of this and this is why we need a Constitution Of States to implement Term Limits.

        • That’s really not a fair comparison though. Wyoming vs. California .
          One state raises stears the other state raises ,,,,,,

        • Historically in American English, one would grow crops, raise livestock, and rear children. Alas, English is a living language, and the rules seemingly change with the seasons.

        • “rears.”

          Steers and queers interested in rears… 😉

        • “Historically in American English, one would grow crops, raise livestock, and rear children.”

          Used to be illegai to “rear” children. Sounds like NAMBLA to me. 😉

          Reminds me about the life story of Rock Hudson- born in Illinois, reared in California.

      • Another Jim Crow Gun Control useful idiot loser who uses criminals to go after the rights of the law abiding. Speaking of criminals she wouldn’t know one if she was in office with one…And she was Big Time.

      • “Much like the Republican liars I keep voting for.”

        You get what you deserve.

        Get involved in your county party and start at the lowest level to find or develop candidates you want to vote for. I’m amazed that people feel they have no real choices to vote “for” yet don’t understand that the reason they don’t is because they’ve done nothing to try to put better candidates on the ballots.

        The candidates are, for the most part, the results of the people involved with the Republican and democrat party, no one else. It’s not some governmont edict, or any big mystery. Cripes, you could run yourself if you feel that strongly- organize, come up with a cognizant plan, find others who agree with you, and go for it.

        In any event- if you do not take part in choosing the candidates in the first place you really have little excuse to complain about your choices.

      • Thank you, RobertJ. Politicians are generally slimy creatures, no matter their party affiliation. Those slime who cater to my own demographic may be more tolerable than the slime who cater to other demographics, but they are still mostly slime.

        The exceptions are truly exceptional.

      • Only difference is Gillibrand was relevant at some point before today Hochul is a literally who that may go from stand in to party leadership pick for being less crazy than many other options. It’s been a fun month.

        • If you’re worried about an “irrelevant” Hochul “movin’ on up”, you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet like when Kommie Harris does.

        • Not really worried about Hochul she is just going to do what any democrat would have done anyway in this state. Harris would be a worry but who knows with all the weird stuff in normal news let alone alternative lately.

    • “— —— —- Democrats will say whatever it takes to get elected and once in power they’ll turn around and stab their constituents in the back.”

      There! A little light editing and it’s perfect!

  2. Yeah, you succeeded in keeping weapons outta the hands of people who desperately need em since you declared open season on normal people!! How many murders since you got rid of the cops??

    • Low estimate from bail reform forward is right around doubling. Worse for various flavors of assault and cannot begin to get accurate stats for theft and property crime. Progress isn’t necessarily about moving forward.

  3. What is this magic power politicians have that they can flip/flop, lie, make things up and cheat and still have successful careers?

    If I started making shit up, lying cheating and shifting positions with the wind I’d lose my job and most of my friends.

    It’s almost like politicians are not real people who live in the same world. Everyday conspiracies of reptilian overlords gain a bit more credibility. How else can it be explained? Partisanship and confirmation bias can only go so far. Unless the average person really is THAT shallow, petty and stupid. Nah. Gotta be reptilians.

    • Free stuff. A lot of their base is motivated by the promise of free stuff. Keep paying those benefits, free medical care, free college, make student loans disappear, raise minimum wage, legalize drugs, have lots of freaky sex, loot a target, and punch some old white grandmas or some fascists. This is the party of fun! Emotions and feelings! They have all the entertainment! It’s the party Party!

      And the usual traditionalists, once a democrat, always one, I have a bunch of family like that, Chicago Catholic Democrats. A lot of the democrat policies don’t seem in line with catholicism but that inconsistency doesn’t phase them. Biden is great! Love Harris! They will vote for whoever the next person is.

      Add in the complete public school indoctrination system and media/social media lock, censorship of opposing views, and outrage/shaming system, and you have a nice pipeline of faithful democrat voters.

    • Albany’s Democrat Machine. Hilariously NYC has had more republican mayors (in that they had any) in over a hundred years and a tighter lock on majority representation for much of it. Gets crazier when bigger crooks and perverts than Coumo (well not counting the nursing home orders) have been forced out of office only to return a few years later once the news cycle died down and wouldn’t run history pieces.

      • That’s why Cuomo stepped down- if he got impeached he wouldn’t be able to run for office again. I’m sure we’ll see him again in a couple years. If not governor, something else.

        • “…if he got impeached he wouldn’t be able to run for office again.”

          Don’t underestimate the importance of being able to say,”I left on my own terms, not somebody else’s; I did it my way.”

    • Well at the cost of saliniating the oceans we saved Earth from the Invaders from the planet Slug.
      How do we get rid of the snakes?

  4. It must be easy to “evolve” from the safety of an armored vehicle with 24/7 security… I’ll bet she’s in favor of THOSE people being able to keep their guns. Too bad for the rest of you, having to deal with the illegally armed catch-and -release criminals, but hey, we have to make it look like we are doing SOMETHING !! Plus, she’s got a built-in buffer against critics, being that she’s a she.

    • Yep. The truth is these people love guns as long as they have them and you don’t. They’re different though. They’re special. The same rules don’t apply. Just ask prolific polluters John Kerry and Al Gore.

  5. Shire-man,

    “What is this magic power politicians have that they can flip/flop, lie, make things up and cheat and still have successful careers?”

    “Unless the average person really is THAT shallow, petty and stupid.”

    Yes, that is the sad reality. A huge percentage of people (I believe at least 50%) operates almost exclusively on emotion and their desperate need to be part of a “tribe”. When emotions and tribalism determine your actions, almost anything is possible, such as electing politicians who flip-flop, lie, make things up, and cheat.

    That is why the nebulous quality “charisma” is critical to a politician’s ability to acquire votes. More importantly: it is the sole reason that the general populace reluctantly accepts the “official” 2020 general election results for President of the U.S.–because Biden was a “warm and friendly grandfatherly type” and Trump was a “rude and crass son-of-a-b!tch”.

  6. “Stance on Guns Has ‘Evolved’ Over the Years”

    Translation; The wire transfers from the Soros and Bloomberg organizations have posted and cleared in her personal account.

    You’re welcome.

      • Perhaps but he is likely not wrong. Will be interesting to see her campaign funds next election.

      • “…when literally nobody asked you?”

        He talks guns in TTAG.

        A loser like you doesn’t. That’s why he’s welcome here, and you and your vaccine lies aren’t, little boy.

        (A very little boy, I’ll bet… 😉 )

  7. If anyone thought the replacement for touchy McFeely was going to be anything but a hard Democrat pile of steaming crap you’re a fool.

    • Bob summed it all up very well right there. 👍

      I put NY and NJ in my rear view mirror back in the 1990s. Haven’t regretted it for a second.

  8. @Bob
    “…and this is why we need a Constitution Of States to implement Term Limits.”

    We already have term limits on president, representative and senators. And….of the political trend of the voters does not change after “term limits” are enacted, how does a constitutional amendment ensure there will be a change in the elected officials in a way to your liking?

    As to a Convention of States, without a dramatic change in the overall political situation, and assuming (bigly) that there are sufficient votes in each state government to ratify an constitutional amendment, what is the guarantee that the elected officials from each state (Congress), along with the court system, will not simply neuter new amendments, just like they neutered the original? What would make new amendments a correction (more to your liking) to the drift of the original?

    • Both term limits and pay cap need to be enforced. Lifelong careers making millions both create opportunities for corruption. From public servant to cash cow farmers.

    • Sam
      There are no term limits on senators or reps at the federal level. Thats why we have the lifer scum in there now.

      • “There are no term limits on senators or reps at the federal level.”

        2yr limit for reps
        6yr limit for senators

        Many (too many) people want an additional set of limits to do what they cannot otherwise do (win elections). Why is that? Who creates political careerism?

        If voters install a politician in permanent office, how does that happen? If a favored politician is prevented from a permanent occupant of office, why would those same voters vote differently after yet another term limit is set?

        If voting block A keeps a politician in office for 18yrs, how is it that same voting block will elect a politician diametrically opposed to the first politician? If two year and six year term limits cannot create an overturning of a politician, where is the magic reversal of political values/goals by creating yet another limit? Hope? Serendipity? Plain dumb luck?

  9. “Both term limits and pay cap need to be enforced.”

    By whom? New laws will not change the voters. Career politicians are obviously satisfying those they think of as customers.

    Right now, the salaries for Congress are $174k for regular members, and $193k for leadership. Dr. Fauci makes $400,000/yr. How would enforcement of a “pay cap” be accomplished? If by legislation, well, we already have that. If by constitutional amendment, what happens when the pay cap needs to be adjusted?

    John Adams said the US constitution is fit only for a moral public. Look around.

    • I thought somebody would assume I meant the actual base pay. TTAG needs an edit button.
      I mean total pay, total net worth increases.
      By who is a good question. I would say we need to come up with a trustworthy 3rd party, one diverse enough that fraud and corruption would be challenging. Perhaps put it on a rotating basis. Short term limits but not too short to not achieve anything.
      If Pelosi makes $6mil in her first year, flags should go off and investigations ensue.

      But correct, its better suited for moral standards but hence the other end of the spectrum, allowing corruption to run rampant gets us even more problems and wealth inequality.

      For one thing, changes need made on how money flows.

      • “For one thing, changes need made on how money flows.”

        Again, by whom? The same people who control now? Any control comes down to either legislation, or amendment.

        Money flow doesn’t need changing, the people who elect the people who flow the money need changing. Everything is a symptom of the core problem.

      • The key to limiting government corruption is limiting the size, scope, and budget of the government. We’re moving in the opposite direction from that very fast. Gee, I wonder why?

        • “The key to limiting government corruption is limiting the size and budget of the government.”

          Counting on the corrupt to limit the corruption?

        • No one’s willing to do it. It just constantly grows. We need to take a wrecking ball to the executive branch as well as the individual congressional budgets. They think they’re royalty. It’s time to bring them down a notch or ten. I’m convinced the limited government, fiscally conservative Republican is a mythical figure.

  10. Back in the day I’d edit a screen grab of her post & cut it off after Cuomo’s name as if she’s saying good riddance to him… Just not worth it anymore.

  11. Former NY’er. For those not keeping score. Every Democrat Governor since George Pataki (R) has resigned under scandal. She won’t be any different.

  12. The political controls are with the demoshits and nothing is going to change that. Scumo fucked himself not the bimbos who accused him. His father was a dusch and he should have gotten in the coffin with his daddy. Would save time and effort on the taxpayers. As far as the NYC gun laws are concerned fuck them and nyc

  13. We just do not learn from history, Joseph Stalin was asked about voting, his response: “It does not matter how many people vote, It matters who counts the votes”. We are seeing this in America now.

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