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  1. I mean sure it’s funny, but why does TTAG have to suck? Seems like it was about perfect with the old format and content. I would visit numerous times every day. I only check in once or twice a week now.

    I know, no one cares, just venting…

    • Canadian ownership formula. “Canadians” are buying up many web forums (more likely is Amazon given the amount of ref/links to that chicom loving outfit).

    • I’ve been reading TTAG for years, and regularly (pretty much daily) commenting since early 2019.

      I’m not a fan of this new/current format, but it’s tolerable when viewed on a PC. It absolutely sucks on a phone, though. No way to see *who* is replying to *whom*.

      If it weren’t for the people here in the comments and the conversations I look forward to reading, I wouldn’t be visiting TTAG. Many of the articles are cut-and-pasted from other sites. I mean, literally verbatim.

      Exact same format as

  2. Is that Scarlet Johansen?

    And yes. I used to check TTAG twice per day back when it was primarily written by Robert and Nick and Dan.

    Now I check it every couple of days.

    It was the best written gun website on the planet.
    Its still better than most now. Just not as literate.

    • Scarlett sure has aged…just popped out a kid. Black Widow was a great flick though. Yeah these memes are corny.

  3. Center photo is the same brain dead stare you get from Miner49er when you ask him to support his points just before he pivots and posts more unrelated and nonsensical points.

  4. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a…” wait, um…actually I do. I’ll give it to you, alright, Scarlett! Mmmm, mmmm.


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