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“The turf and blocks of the streets and combat training grounds of this nation have taught me that automatic and assault weapons belong on the battlefields of nations, not on the streets of its citizens. As a former M60 machine gunner and squad leader who was required to have an abundance of more than 2,000 60-caliber rounds of ammo at all times while in the field, I again attest and confirm nothing leads to exceeding fatal numbers and high body counts like excessive automatic weapons and banana clips of ammo to match.” – Chris “Brotha” Blanks in Nothing exceeds like excess in gun control [via]


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      • This. Thank you for your Service (this is the other side of what the “draft” gets you) [Agent Orange huffer].

        His Squad-latoon head leader was issued the in doubtable .9MM.

        The Grenadier was issued the .40MM.

        Thank God Claymores don’t come in MM sizes.

      • He’s been smoking 60 caliber crack rocks. Earned a Purple Heart when he took one in the backside over near Changs Dong.
        I think he the same brain plaque as Nancy Pelosi.

    • Of course it is. I tried to respond on the site in the comments section, but once you submit it asks you to sign up and pay if you want to comment… which is why there are no comments:

      Mr Blanks,

      I doubt you were an M60 gunner. Actually, after your comment in the article about being a machine gunner and squad leader, I doubt you were in the service at all. Or if you were you never fired a weapon outside of basic. Your basic ignorance of the weapon you proclaim to have carried shows you more than likely were never even in a platoon and SEEN one of these carried.

      Why do I think you are a liar, you ask?

      well for 1 the M60 does NOT fire “60 caliber” ammo. The M60 (any variant) fires Belted 7.62x51mm ammo. There is no “60 caliber” small arms ammo in the US military. You basically have to get to a .60 caliber in like some type of black powder rifle. soldiers and sailors that use the m60 call its ammo M80, or 7.62 ball or just belted packs. 60 caliber exists only in your mind.

      Number2: You say you were “required to have an abundance of more than 2,000 60-caliber rounds of ammo at all times” No you weren’t. You didn’t carry 2000 rounds of this ammo with you. a 200 round belt of Ball ammo for the m60 is about 18 lbs in a metal can. A 100 round assault pack is about 6.7 lbs… so if YOU carried 2000 rounds, your best weight in ammo alone is 134 lbs (20*100 rnd packs in plastic) in ammo alone. Not including other gear, (45 lbs lets say) and a 24 lb weapon on top of that… So what 195-200 LBS you are carrying ‘at all times’?

      No. Typically the Machine Gunner will carry 200-260 rounds with some spec forces gunners upping to 400. then in the Army or Marines an assistant gunner will have another 200 round pack, then some extra ammo on top of that may be spread around the platoon to get you up to 800 or so rounds. This of course doesn’t include spare barrels, barrel wrench, gloves or a tripod (if you are humping one).

      Number 3: The next thing you spout off is about “banana clips” No one in the military that has used magazine fed weapons has ever called them “banana clips”. And of course, to further show ignorance, the M60 doesn’t use “banana clips” or any type of box magazine. It is a belt fed weapon.

      Now to most of the readers that buy into your line of tripe, they probably didn’t even read this entire response. But if they have, I hope they can see that this man just blatantly lied about his service, and knowledge of weapons. If that is true, what else is he willing to lie about?

  1. Yeah… I’m not sure how this clown was carrying 2000 rounds of belted M80 ball, but it definitely didn’t involve him being “in the field”.

      • It fed from the banana clips to the belt to the . . . .60 caliber gun? Where it was converted (in real time) to 7.62 x 51.

        Poof ! M A J E E K !

      • The linked ammunition for the M-60 comes in 100 rounds boxes what weigh over 6 pounds each. His “2,000 rounds” would weigh 130 pounds. Then there’s wight of the gun, extra barrel, tripod, webbed gear, armor….

        • I was a 60 gunner once also. I carried 200 rounds on me with about a 60 round starter belt. My AG carried about 400 rounds. Then another 400 rounds were spread put amongst the platoon. The AG also carried the spare barrel and tripod. Lucky him!

    • Read the entire article for a change, before you get too stupid.

      “As a former M60 machine gunner and squad leader who was required to have an abundance of more than 2,000 60-caliber rounds of ammo at all times while in the field, I again attest and confirm nothing leads to exceeding fatal numbers and high body counts like excessive automatic weapons and banana clips of ammo to match.”

      “The issue of sensible gun control should not be kicked around with lies as a political football on the gridiron or field of politics by any party.”

      Why do I get the strange impression that no-one here seems to have read the entire article?
      His comments were not racist, but he was attacked racially. His comments were not anti-gun nor anti 2A, but he was attacked as an anti. He NEVER stated that he personally carried 2000 rounds himself, (and as it was pointed out by a few writers, it was common practice to distribute the load among squad members). He also NEVER said the 60 cal. used banana clips. He was referring to weapons on the street.
      Not one of you has any proof one way or the other that he served in the US Army, but that hasn’t stopped you from attacking his credibility, service, citizenship, or loyalty to OUR country.

      And as far as his Clothes:

      Jomo says:
      I only have to look at that ridiculous getup to know this guy is a complete loon. Another Pro-black, back-to-Africa dingbat who refuses to go back to Africa. I remember a time when we laughed at guys like this in the ‘hood.

      Tom says:
      This clown’s a poor imitation of Pam Grier. Where’s Foxy Brown when you need her?

      Mr. Woodcock says:
      Why is this man wearing pajamas? Retarded, or was this done on purpose?

      Joe R. says:
      Shhhhhh, he’s in his ‘training grounds’.
      Don’t interrupt the master. . .

      neiowa says:
      Why you dissen on the bros Halloween costume? The ball starts soon.”

      Some of you are idiots who just showed how truly ignorant you are of “Not White” cultures. What he is wearing is very normal and not in the least uncommon among men of an African-American heritage, and has absolutely nothing to do with a “Back to Africa” movement, or even a desire to ever live there. It actually is considered a proper style among the reasonably wealthy upper class Blacks.
      You folks need to check your prejudices and racisms at the door. Most of you have already shown in previous posts that you can’t tolerate a well-spoken, decently attired Black, because it screws with your preconcieved notions of how we are supposed to act. We are not all thugs, druggies, gang bangers, thieves and liars out to rape all of “your” White women.

      Fortunately MOST of you have shown some semblance of decency, tolerance, and acceptance of other cultures. Just goes to show that there is still some hope for the oppressed White Folks.
      I love OUR country. My father was the first Negro aerial photographer in the US army in WWII, my mother was the first Negro WAC from Chicago in WWII (we weren’t “Black” then), my uncle was killed in Belgium in WWII, my brother served 2 tours in ‘Nam, got PTSD’d and “Agent Oranged” my sister got “Agent Oranged” in Guam, I served 3 years in the Army, ’66 – ’69, got really messed up phisically, mentally, and emotionally, got screwed over by the VA, and fortunately, I’ve been married for 30 years to a really great woman who kept me on an even keel. I don’t give a damn about a person’s race. All I ask is to be treated as I treat others.

      You want this country to be “great again”? Next time you shave (assuming they allow you to hold sharp objects), look in the mirror and try to imagine yourself as a Black man deprived of a decent education, decent job, and unable to walk into a store without security eyeballing you like a thief. Imagine yourself being unable to walk down the street (in worn clothes from the thrift store) and seeing the “Other people” cross the road to get away from you. Imagine the hatred I should feel for you when you treat me like a piece of shit. You won’t, and can’t understand why I pity you instead. Imagine if you actually lived by your Christian values.
      You won’t be able to. You will not see others unless they are like you.
      Fortunately, most people are not like you.

      • So, you jump right in there, defending his account of carrying the wonderful .60 Cal. Demonstrating that you, also, are an idiot and a pretender. YO, DINGBAT! There is no .60 cal machine gun, at least in the US there never has been. If either you or your lying friend had ever humped an M-60 anywhere you would know that.

        • OK, let me see. I’m counting the times I defended him carrying ANYTHING. Hmmm. NOT ONE DAMN TIME! Just maybe, if the person who read this for you had read it correctly (which apparently is a bit of a stretch), you might have noticed I was defending him, and not his stupid error. The apparent fact that he first referred to his weapon as an M60 should have indicated that perhaps his later saying 60 Cal was a stupid screw-up, and not a character flaw, as you seem to want it to be. I know you missed this in infancy, but lying and making an error can be two completely different things. I guess if you have been mis-raised to think that every error is a lie, you live your sorry life in paranoid delusions.
          For the record, there actually was a 60 Cal in the US. The Army experimented with it towards the end of WWII. It never made it into service. I, however, did, in 1966, Army MOS 11C, so yes, I humped an M60. Please ask the person reading this to you to look that up. Also “Ad Hominum”.

        • Larry, shut the fuck up.

          Attacking him on the part of the article he didn’t bother writing about makes you look like an even bigger idiot than usual.

        • And I quote:
          “He also NEVER said the 60 cal. used banana clips. He was referring to weapons on the street.”

          You, as he, were still referring to the .60 cal, demonstrating a level of ignorance difficult to believe.

          Also, “ad hominem”.

        • One minor detail that most of you seem to be joyously unaware of, is that he didn’t write the article in the first place. He does not work for the Chicago Tribune, therefore either he gave his notes to a staff reporter, or he was recorded and transcribed. Either way, there is a major question of who actually made the error? How many staff reporters know that an M60 is not the same as a 60 Cal? I’m guessing, close to none. Unless the reporter was in the Marines or Army infantry, I’m guessing even closer to zero.
          Find out who did the crime BEFORE the execution. It’s kinda lame to say “Oh, I’m sorry” after the fact.
          And if you can’t find the actual culprit, don’t try to stick any ol’ body with the time.

          Thanks, Anflax.
          Anflax says:
          October 31, 2017 at 02:10
          Larry, shut the fuck up.

          Attacking him on the part of the article he didn’t bother writing about makes you look like an even bigger idiot than usual.

      • If he’s for gun control, a policy position that is itself racist to its very core, he’s anti-gun. Possibly even self-loathing, at that.

        Yes, it really is that simple, too.

        • I actually did. Now, it’s your turn.

          If he’s for gun control, which he is, he is in fact anti-gun. Gun control itself is a racist policy position as evidenced by the history of its application. There are no two ways about this, either.

      • “Some of you are idiots who just showed how truly ignorant you are of “Not White” cultures. What he is wearing is very normal and not in the least uncommon among men of an African-American heritage”

        And I will happily clown his dumb ass the same as I would some clown tromping around the mall in lederhosen. The difference is, since he’s black we’re supposed pretend he’s not a jackass.

        • Last I checked, there is no law, God-made, man-made, or natural, that prevents anyone, anywhere, of any race, creed, sexual orientation, nationality, country of origin, pants material, or hat size, from being a jackass. In fact, the percentage of jackasses per capita seems to be extremely consistent throughout all of the above categories.

    • If you go to the original story, it actually says, “As a former M60 machine gunner and squad leader who was required to have an abundance of more than 2,000 60-caliber rounds of ammo at all times while in the field . . .”

      60-inch rounds with a 2,000-round load, now there’s a REAL man! Way more manly than I’ll ever be!!!

  2. Well now, an M60 must obviously use 60 caliber ammunition.
    50 Cal BMG is about 117.4 grams. 2000 rounds is about 235 kilograms, about 517 lbs. One strong dude. And 60 caliber is larger still…..

    And it must use banana clips, how else would you feed an assault rifle?

    60 caliber is a little bigger than 15 mm. Maybe he forgot he was carrying a 15mm MG151 produced by Waffenfabrik Mauser during WWII.

    • I posit that the F variant was the best Me-109 variant and, for a good shot like Marseille, the MG 151slinging F-2 was the best sub-variant. What a beautiful airplane:-)

      • Oh and even that plane only carried 200rnds of .59 caliber ammo. Only 1000 rounds of 7.9 too. And it is a bit stronger than “Brotha”.

    • I have carried a 400-round can of boxed 7.62, SOB is HEAVY! Significantly heavier than an 800-round can of 5.56. Linked would be heavier. He claims to have humped around 5 of them, on a regular basis? I say he is a liar.


      This .60 Cal statement was made by a dude, playing another dude, who was playing another dude.

      I think what ole Chris “Brotha” Blanks was trying to spit out was that he carried a 155 Howitzer with the barrel of the 155 slung over his shoulder to save wear and tear on the tires.
      I am not sure what a 155 round weighs, or 2000 rounds of 155 would weigh off of the top of my head but I am sure that Chris Blanks stuffed a few of these rounds under, around and on top of that unauthorized headgear that Mr. Blanks is wearing in the picture, and convinced his CO to sign off on.

      Now I am off to fix my very own, hand held Phalanx system before Nov. 4th creeps up on me

      You have to read between the lines with the subversive crowd.

  3. Seems appropriate:

    Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

    So assuming he served in the first place, he ignores the fact that he was sent into hostile areas for the purpose of killing the enemy, who were themselves there for the purpose of killing their enemy, and he blames the presence of the guns instead.

    Turns out you can fix stupid but talking about it is hate speech.

  4. Bwahahahahahahaha…………I call bullsh!t, as if needed.
    Ooh, I wanna 60 cal banana clip
    How does one peel one of ’em?

  5. Caliber confusion aside, 2,000 rounds of 7.62×51 NATO would weight about 112 pounds, not including the weight of the belt links.

    • Yep. I use the rule-of-thumb that 20 rounds of .308 with a 147 or 149gr pill weighs a little more than a pound.

      So 2,000 rounds would be a bit more than 100 pounds.

  6. So, how many machine guns and assault rifles are considered to be “excessive”?

    Out here in Washington, I’m more at risk of slipping on a banana slug, than getting shot by a round from a banana clip.

  7. I only have to look at that ridiculous getup to know this guy is a complete loon. Another Pro-black, back-to-Africa dingbat who refuses to go back to Africa. I remember a time when we laughed at guys like this in the ‘hood.

    • The correct information about the M60 General Purpose Machine Gun I left on the ShitcagoTribune’s website in regard to this story disappeared. They really are as dishonest as they are stupid!!!

  8. Nice hat…/jk.

    As humans we wear the strangest things on our heads. Buckingham Palace guards, the Pope, Kentucky derby , local cops wearing pilot hats, pilots wearing pilot hats ect.

    It’s just weird.

  9. The combination of PTSD…weed…Agent Orange…smell of napalm in the morning…maybe some harder drugs and/or alcohol…has taken its toll on “Brotha”.

  10. There actually was a .60 caliber machine gun experimented with at the end of WW2 by the US. The same idea as the KPV 14.5mm

  11. This guy admits to carrying either a KPV or PTRS/D into ‘Nam with 2000 rounds. Two things; he’s really let himself go fitness-wise, and he apparently served valiantly in defense against the foreign invasion.

    I’m going with he was shooting blanks back home the whole time. Or was so high throughout he might as well have been.

  12. I hear that 60 caliber banana clip belts on ghost guns from bad apple gun dealers in Indiana can empty a 30 caliber clip in under 30 seconds in Chicago – or something like that. I know its true because I’ve seen a map of Vietnam – or something like that.

    • Oh, almost forgot – 3d printed barrel shrouds on bump stocks for fully semi-automatic assault rifles with pistol grips should be banned.

  13. Well the author does seem to be shooting intellectual blanks. Not that that’s unusual. Or there’s anything wrong with that.

    Here’s a hint. Maybe this is part of the problem: “The turf and blocks of the streets…” Imposing restrictions on the remaining civil society to address problems where civility & society are broken down seems a tad off target.

    The notion is that inside a nation, we all have the access to public spaces on the same terms. Agreeing to common terms of civility in public let’s us get on with our lives less nasty, brutish, and short. Cohorts within a nation claiming this turf of that with their dreaded .60 calibers pretty much negates the point.

    We have civil society to be relieved of each others’ worst impulses in public. In essence to get left along. We have nations as the least bad mechanism so far to clear some turf of people who won’t agree to leave the rest of us alone. Paradoxically, organized force directed out makes space where force isn’t used. When people organize, wear uniforms, enforce borders, to control turf, collect taxes, and regulate commerce they’re a government. If they’re doing all that, they’re hardly part of a “country” around them. (This is also why world-scale “NGOs” can’t help but mutate toward controlling turf, taxes, commerce & etc. They’re trying to enforce something that takes being a government, with all that goes with it.)

    Shooting Blanks there does have this much right. We use nations to corral raw contests of strength over territory and chattels. If you have free-fire contests for turf within the nation, it ain’t working. He’s wrong in that the solution probably isn’t banning particular weapons, real or imagined, as the only people who will listen to your ban aren’t the problem, the people who are the problem won’t listen, and the government won’t be any better at that ban than it is at keeping the intramurals tamped down.

    Within a civil society, turf you control yourself is called “property”, and access is regulated by conventions enforced by the gendarmes (exclusively, the anti-gunners tell us) when someone forgets their manners. None of that is happening where Blank Stare there sees a problem, so I am suspicious that government mandated anything isn’t going to work.

    The publisher, The Chicago Tribulation might want to reference the solution implied in another recent inventory of goings on thereabouts. Since per that other piece we’re deciding what to do by shallow affinity grouping, maybe ban the “turf and blocks” where all that evil, bad, combat happens? Or the whole of Tiny Dancer’s turf, since he & they can’t seem to straighten any of that out. (They are doing just fine on the taxes, graft, and so on.)

    Hey, if they’re declaring themselves outside our conventions, we aren’t limited to the non-aggression agreement any more either. We really can simple take off and nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  14. He is a lying sack of excrement. He never went into the “field” carrying an M-60. I qualified as an M-60 specialist in 1985 and I can certainly call BS on this guys story. It says something about the newspaper, though. Any half-educated bozo at the newspaper could have easily fact checked the article and found something wrong with his story.

  15. Well, this man must feel very good about the situation, because any weapon (other than a shotgun or shotgun shell) that has a bore greater than 1/2 inch in diameter is classified as a destructive device under 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(4)(B). Commerce in destructive devices is heavily regulated under 18 U.S.C. 922(a)(4) and (b)(4). So, it’s already essentially illegal to have what he wants to prohibit.

    Sir, go home and go back to bed.

  16. As an old 60-gunner from “back in the day” I can attest and confirm that the M60 eats 30 caliber (7.26) ammunition, not 60 caliber ammo 🙂

  17. “I again attest and confirm nothing leads to exceeding fatal numbers and high body counts like excessive automatic weapons and banana clips of ammo to match.”

    Shouldn’t that be banana mags? Nothing more deadly and a high velocity banana! It sure smarts when you get hit by one of them.

    I call Bravo Sierra in this bozo, what a moron!

  18. You guys are all missing the chance to have a real “come together” moment. To join with our brothers across the isle to support the full and complete ban on banana clip fed, .60 caliber machine-guns. Of course, for our support, we want something in trade. I will happily ban a gun that doesn’t exist in exchange for nation wide CWP reciprocity, or removing silencers from the NFA or re-opening the NFA registry.
    No one that really understands weapons will ever get on the gun ban bandwagon, because they understand that guns are inanimate objects with no will of their own. only those with no real understanding of guns will try to regulate them, which is why all the bans are so poorly written as to be meaningless.

  19. I’m guessing with a low IQ and probable illiteracy he always thought people were saying M-sixty when they were saying M-Sixteen. It would xplain the banana clip reference anyway.

  20. “We Need to Keep .60 Caliber Automatic Weapons Off of Our Streets”

    Surprise! There are no 60 Caliber Automatic Weapons on our Streets.

    I guess that’s why we will never have that “Reasonable Conversation” because you have to have some knowledge of the subject before you can come to the table.

  21. Funny thing is, he says this:

    I was speaking with a group of youths and families last week on the importance of family and community trust — and of refraining from lying, which can severely damage and erode such trust or credibility.

    Right before he talks about .60 caliber banana clips.

  22. This is probably not the case with him… but, has anyone considered that maybe he is trolling and giving a silly high five to the antigun rhetoric prevalent in his circlez, but a wink and nod to the fact that arms will be kept regardless (perhaps with an awareness of blacks and US gun control history)?

    I simply mention this because… I have occasionally privately spread memes like “Ban it! Nobody needs a machine gun AK-47!!” with a photo of a Mossberg 500 with a PMAG stuck under the elevator port (held up by scotch tape on the backside… mean looking assault weapon, lemme tell ya…). Ya know, boredom combined with my deep respect for gun control intellect….

    Yes, chances are probably not… but could be, just because it is so utterly ridiculous. Somebody should reach out and just ask him privately.

    Anyway… reminds me to make another round of “Ban it!” mousetraps.

    Just sayin’. Be safe.

  23. Holy cow, what a moron. The sad part is that some politician or citizen of Chicago is going to read this nonsense and think he’s got a valid point.

  24. We should be doing more to exploit the stupidity of hoplophobes.

    Invite your journalist friends to the range and show them your “Glock 17mm” or, even better, let them shoot a “357mm Magnum.” Put colorful nail polish on some bullets and tell them they are “Anti Aircraft Death Rounds.” Tell them about the new assault rifle vending machines.

  25. Could the acronym for the NRA possibly stand for National Representatives of Automatic arms?
    No it’s national rifle association this guy is a moron.

    Being one with prior convictions of possession with intent to deliver along with so-called UUWs (unlawful use of weapons) and being 27 years cocaine-clean and crack-free, I can attest and bear witness firsthand to the fact that nothing exceeds like excess, often resulting in far too many addictive and fatal accounts.
    Ex con Not allowed to legally own a gun

  26. Com’on folks… could he have joined or been drafted (doesn’t look old enough) as an Infantryman and ended up a -60 gunner… Yes. Could he have “risen” to be a squad leader in a 3 or 4 year term of service… again yes. 2000 rounds of M60 ammo ? Sure, what’s that? The Gunner carrying 2-3 500-round boxes in those silly assed like slings… the Asst Gunner carrying 5-6 more along with the spare barrel… and 2000 is easy to reach. A paranoid squad leader having the other men in the squad carrying a couple each as well… and the squad leader could very well have been justifiably paranoid we still call M60s “pigs” for a reason.
    That he hasn’t touched a weapon in the 30-40 years since then… as an inner city inhabitant, likely. Like many, he probably tells stories that “emphasize” certain parts of his “Tour of Duty” most likely somewhere in West Germany, maybe along the Korean DMZ… maybe even just state-side. Over so many bongs or beers or bottles or so much hatred M60 evolved into “60-caliber and “2000 rounds” sounds like a whole heavy lot…gee, I carried eight 30-round mags if 5.56 as a basic load- that’s 240 add a “mandatory” bandalier and heck! I could fight my very own war! Oh, and “Banana Clips” was a commonly used term back in the 70’s soooo…. 15 minutes of fame

  27. Well if you, wanna see the sun rise
    Honey, I know where
    We’ll go out and see it sometime
    We’ll both just sit there and stare
    Me with my belt wrapped around my head
    And you just sittin’ there
    In your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat


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