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Good morning! As you may have noticed, we’ve refreshed The Truth About Guns look and feel. Our designers and programmers have worked diligently and assiduously to ensure an improved user experience. I hope you agree that it’s cleaner, faster, shinier and happier; returning the site to our original Zen rock garden aesthetic. Let us know what you think.

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  1. The articles on the front page are badly out of date. The new look is shiny, but a bit hard to read.

        • “Also, credentials are not being retained.”

          Same here, TTAG.

          It worked just fine before (months back, when it first popped up), why not recently?

          Has your host updated the ‘nix kernel on you?

      • I agree, the ads before were bad; but now I can’t take it anymore. They pop up on my screen and I have to click the “X” button to continue. Also, the content and pictures of the ads are sleazy. There’s got to be a better alternative. Hope you find it soon.

      • I like the new site. The text is fine on my retina screened Mac but a bit dull on my old Win 7 laptop. The changes are good. I’ll say this though… when I first saw the Housekeeping: Give feedback headline… The first thing that came to mind was “Do they still have the crappy foul ads? I know you got to pay for the site and make a living but if I were an advertiser I’d ask myself if I wanted my products displayed alongside toe fungus, what celebrity died and no one noticed, and boner ads? The new popup that covers the screen is beyond annoying too.

        I’ll still come to the page daily as I have for several years… but it’s not a site that I would recommend to others as the ads and clickbait make it seem amateurish and not a site with serious news and content regarding firearms and legal/political issues. And then irony rears its ugly head in that TTAG is a site that does present important and timely information for all who are concerned about their 2nd amendment rights. AND you have great reviews and write-ups on firearms and accessories!

    • Was taken aback when the page first opened… wondered what the heck went wrong now?

      Loads super fast, AND GREAT: NO ADS!!!! (Yes, I know one ! point is sufficient!)

      Suffice to say, one happy camper here.

      Oh, I’m using FireFox with Ad-Blocker, if anyone’s interested.

  2. New look is good.

    I understand the need for ads, but it would be nice if they were relevant and not the same “you won’t believe what celebrity died” clickbait.

    The ads that take over the whole screen as you scroll down are very annoying.

  3. There is WAY too much screen real estate wasted with useless white space.
    You could list a lot more articles per page by removing white space
    and allowing the preview text to be much wider.
    It’s probably not as bad on a mobile device but on a desktop/laptop, content is pretty sparse.

    • “There is WAY too much screen real estate wasted with useless white space.
      You could list a lot more articles per page by removing white space”

      They probably did it so it looks better on ‘mobile’ devices like smartphones.

      And face it, quite a few TTAGers read and comment on ‘phones while at work…

      • The solution for mobile devices is not to make the desktop version look worse, though. A website in 2017 should serve up device-appropriate versions, not try for a one-size-fits-all approach.

    • Better to have ‘wasted white space’ than clutter everything with distracting ads and other useless materials. That is, unless one is borderline A-D-D and needs the distractions.

    • It’s annoying on a mobile device. The articles don’t fill up the screen so I’ve either got to zoom to get the text to a large/readable size and then the screen “moves around” as I’m trying to scroll up or I leave the text really small and squint to read. The worst change in my opinion is they have removed the arrows to go from one article to the next directly instead of having to navigate to the main page everytime. It’s a huge hassle to have to go to the main page every time I want to get to the next article and click “load more” at the bottom of the screen 4 or 5 times to get to the right page especially when I’m a couple days behind on articles. I also think the white is much too bright. It does look a bit cleaner I suppose but the downsides definitely outweigh the cleaner look in my opinion.

  4. When you hit the ‘load more’ button for more stories, click on a story, then hit the browser’s back button, you are back to the original ‘set’ of six blog posts. Very annoying

    • This. I usually read couple days behind since I have to actually work during my work time and to allow time for some comments. Where are the side arrows to jump to next post without going back to home page?
      (Chrome on Galaxy S7)

      • Yes, I miss the side buttons that let you move directly from post to post.

        I read *everything* on TTAG, and those buttons were very handy. Having to go back to home and hit “load more” every time is not.

        As for the new look, I like it. Very clean and simple.

        • Moving article to article was my favorite feature after content. I could miss a week or a month, and pick up where I left off.
          Going back to the home page and “loading more content” is disappointing.
          It might be worse than discovering a new roll of TP is backwards on the spindle.

      • Another vote for the next/back arrows and/or links. With those I read every article. Since I can’t go back to the article list without paging down repeatedly I’ll only open one story at a time (too many Chrome tabs takes up too much memory while I’m at work running CAD software) and I’ll skip at least half the articles (pocket dumps, sponsored content, autoplay vids) so your page clicks will go down.

        • Apparently I didn’t read down in comments far enough before responding but this is exactly what I’m talking about! Glad to see others are on the same page.

          It is saving my information now for comments though so that’s nice.

  5. Loaded quickly, wasn’t deluged with ads, but I do agree that the stark white was a startling thing.

    Solid B- for appearance, but A+ for not seeing a single clickbait ad.

  6. Seems to load faster for me on desktop. I’ll try it later on mobile. I like the new design of the webpage. The logo looks a little over engineered, maybe the italic look is too much or it’s not sharp enough making my eyes tired? Maybe I need glasses. 😛 Actually the new logo on white looks good, the one at the top of the page is the one that looks dim because it’s on grey.

  7. It was a bit shocking when first loaded, but I do like the clean appearance. I don’t see a single ad!

  8. I pretty much only read the site on my mobile device (iPhone), so the lack of forward/back buttons to move between articles is frustrating.

  9. The scripting trickery that is “Load More” is very annoying. It’s better to have hard-linked “pages” of article listing.

    • Yes please!

      The zen look is nice, but it’s a whole lot of white. I usually read the site at night so this is going to be blinding when I sit down to my desk later.

      • Agreed ! A dark theme alternative for the website would be relatively easy to implement. Please consider this change. Otherwise; I like the new look.

  10. I was used to the old look. I liked it just fine. The look, style and content had become “comfort food”.

    In my browser – Firefox – the new look is rendering as grey text on white background. It’s a little less readable to my eye.

    • “… the new look is rendering as grey text on white background. It’s a little less readable to my eye.”

      Same with me. The bright white background seems to be a little bit too bright. And the medium gray text does not produce as much contrast as I would like.

    • The log is probably least offensive change, but make no mistake the now logo is just as f*cking terrible as the rest of this design. I hate this new layout. Every single damn bit of it. The logo looks like crap, the color scheme is physically painful to look at, low contrast icons are just as terrible on a phone as they are on a monitor.

      If someone paid money for this design they need to really work on getting their money back. Because they got ripped off hard.

  11. You know engineers, they love to change things. Site seems to load faster. Top menu auto dropdown on scroll up is gone, bummer. Login name retention – working again, yeah.

    • Young engineers love to twiddle, tweek and frobnicate things that already work.

      Old engineers hit young engineers and yell “It works, stop *&*& with it!”

  12. Yep, way to white. It reminds me of when you start a new blog or website with a GoDaddy website starter kit. Kind of – blah. Sorry.

  13. Working with Ghostery browser, no problems yet. Seems like there’s fewer trackers operating as well.

  14. I like the theme (on Firefox Nightly Mobile, at least). To me, TTAG has become a household name; I dislike the trendy logo change.

  15. Looks like its formatting for a vertical mobile screen, but the font is way to small for all the dead space. On modern PC’s the rez is 1080p on most anything in the last 5 years, it should format so that you have at least 2 article columns, or add a main large panel, and 2 or 3 vert links for older/popular articles.

    I don’t know what engine your using, but those options should be available OOTB.

  16. The new format is neat and clean and appears to be slightly faster. I do not like the gray type on the white background as this makes reading long articles a strain on my eyes.

  17. Like the new look. Holy socks!!! It retained my info until I navigated to another page! Are the tags gonna be a navigation feature or just for the hell of it? Not really bothered by the ads too much as I kinda just ignore em. Now if you could just clean up the gun reviews tab a bit and give us a search function for reviews that’d be awesome. Especially since this is the only place’s reviews I base a purchase decision on.

  18. On Samsung flavored mobile Android browser:
    Credentials retained!
    Home page loses place when you hit “Back”from an article, need to open each in separate tabs now
    Page turning tabs gone (miss those badly!)
    Ad widths on different articles change the width of the screen/tab for that article, but not the text width
    Background is very bright

    • And editing a post doesn’t seem to work though it said comment was updated, so “loses” for the above comment

  19. I use Opera browser.

    The text in comments looks odd. It’s formatted correct but just looks strange compared to old site text formatting. Maybe a smaller font and darker, less gray.

    Agree with ATFAgebtBob about a search feature for reviews. I was looking for reviews of gun lights yesterday, frustrating.

    Just keep articles coming and it’s all good.

    • You’re right, on the front page the font is tiny, but in the article and comments, they’re huge. That was always a bit of an issue, but this is quite distinct. On a 1080p 13″ display, zoom on the front page needs to be 133%, but 110% on the article page.

  20. Got to give the new look a chance. Its a bit more organized. I like the category box. I know you depend on sponsors but I tend to skip them anyway.
    Id rather donate truthfully as I do to other blogs then have all these adds.
    But I know you have to make a living.
    I don’t or try not to even bother looking at the page on my phone. It was unreadable with the pop ups.

  21. way too much white on desktop screen.
    Gray text= hard on eyes.
    Basically looks like someone put up a site before they had enough info to fill it.

    Looks good on phone.

  22. Looks like a decent format, but still retains the horrendous trashy ads that have always been my main complaint.

  23. Q: How many TTAG bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: 13. One to change the lightbulb, and twelve to stand around talking about how great the old lightbulb was.

    I likes the new digs good enough, but (psychologically) I think RED is a bad color, it automatically puts people on the offensive against anything you post.


  24. Scrolling is so much smoother. I use an Android mobile device for most of my internet use and the improvements are fantastic. The old look was fine, the new look is fine too, but the readability just jumped 1000%. Well done.

  25. no issues as of yet.

    as far as layout, i dont like the little story subject posted above the article. its almost like you are summarizing for us.

    other than that, everything looks great and works fine. no issues with creds in Firefox at work or missing content.

  26. Yep, new look and a whole lot of more advertising, almost as much as the articles themselves. As soon as you start to read an article a full page advertisement pops up that your have to delete. Web site should be renamed TTAG’s advertising agency.

  27. Good UI design proceeds from data.

    Presuming you have gobs of data about your users’ behavior, it’s surprising I’m among an apparently tiny minority who found the previous/next arrows helpful.

    Perhaps the new next-article flow of returning to the main page and repeatedly hitting “load more” will increase my tribe. The sequence arrows would be even more helpful now than before.

    An alternate explanation would be you have a terrible CDN contract, which increases your cost of keeping more than the three current stories in its cache, so you’re trying to discourage hits on older content by making those pieces harder to find.

    Or maybe you get paid for eyeballs every time I hit “load more” as I pass through, looking for the oldest piece I haven’t yet read.

  28. After I have clicked several “Load more” and then click on a link, read the article and then click my back button it returns to the first page, not the one I left. I then have to click Load more till i find where I was at.

      • This, this… I’m just exactly lazy enough that this is a deal breaker for me. The page, layout, font, color, new logo, etc are fine, but I must have easy access to the next/previous article. I’ll check back in a few days to see if this oversight has been fixed, otherwise… well, it’s been real. Have a nice life.

  29. Wait, I’ve found the solution to the ad problem. I’ll just load the “Ad Remover” program software that’s offer for Chrome.

  30. The new logo image shown at the top left of each page is an overly compressed .PNG file and therefore does not have crisp looking text.

  31. I guess it’s a matter of taste, but I prefer less whitespace and more source code, i.e. more information crammed into each screenfull (excluding ads, of course). So I find new style a bit too “spread out and aired out”.

  32. Looks good on the computer, and working better on phone. No more bogging down with script error messages. Would prefer the main font to be darker and/or black, not racist, just OFWG eyes.

  33. not a fan. While it is more streamlined, i don’t like it. Too much white, not caring for the forum/chat/discussion lay out. It seems…jumbled. I dunno. whatever floats your boat, but I’m not digging it to much. I also liked be able to just scroll through the page and seeing what I missed rather than have this “flash” stuff, “click for more stories”. Every time a webpage “updates”, it always seems shittier than the last version.

    • And I will also add that full page “don’t go, check out more” ads are annoying as is the fact that I have to keep clicking to “show more” stories rather than bumping to the second page to get caught up since the last time i visited.

  34. “There is certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse! As I have often found in traveling in a stagecoach, that it is often a comfort to shift one’s position, and be bruised in a new place.”

    — Washington Irving

  35. 1) Grey text on a white background is a recipe for eyestrain. Didn’t we go through this exact issue on the last redesign?

    2) The new logo is terrible. Looks like something from a 1982 movie set in 1999.

    3) The grey header is enormous. Takes up almost 1/3 of my window (vertically) on Firefox.

  36. The page to page “jump” buttons have disappeared again (as they have on sister site TTAK). Seems to happen every time you “update”.

  37. One thing cannot possibly satisfy all of the constituencies of a (mostly) ad-supported content site on the InterWebz. I do hope you spared a though in the redesign for our small, loyal constellation of lurkers, bots, and trolls. We don’t want to drive them off. Without the derision they get here, they’d have nothing at all.

  38. Using Firefox 56 on a Windows 7 desktop. The full screen “pop over” ads for clickbait from “Spoutabout” are very annoying. Can you not find another better revenue source?

  39. The look is clean. I usually read articles on my iPad in Reader View which has a better look and easier to read font for my eyes. Not particularly fond of the new logo. Thanks for what you all do.

  40. Usefully, if you depend on a more or less sustaining cohort of people playing along, as any “media” site does, read Clay Shirky’s “A Group Is It’s Own Worst Enemy” in any of its variations. Shirky narrates a mechanism playing out, not the model. He’s not that formal a thinker. He’s yet less specific about what to do about it.

    Net: There’s a flavor of “contributing” to the group that destroys the reason people came and stayed in the first place. If you want it to last, you need to curate contribution from all sources of second and third-order effects and accumulations over time. Ads make money today, but too many, invasive pee-pee ads have a second order effect of driving some visits and users away, defeating the point of ads. I suspect the right kind of pee-pee ads would themselves be a draw, and that’s the model (as far as I have it figured out.) Each add on and kind of add on has to add to the draw.

    The solution is one of those paradoxes that’s hard to say well. I suspect that’s why Shirky hasn’t revisited this topic. Getting clearer than he did already is hard, so he punted.

    • Comment trolls are a degenerate case of the bad contribution that kills groups. (And several other things, too.)

      The mechanism is hijacking a place that’s got some offer, to say “Look at me!” vs. contribute something worth seeing. Arguably, Twitter is demonstrating this mechanism in the large.

      See also media, politics, and their intersection, political commentary.

  41. I’ve visited a couple of times today. I’m becoming less and less of a fan of the new color scheme. I’ll still visit because I like the content.

    I much prefer solid black serif on white background for text body. It’s much more readable Grey text on a red background for the headings isn’t my cup of tea either.

    But carry-on. I may get used to it.

  42. I liked the old site better. This one might grow on me.

    Please bring the old logo back, though. The new one looks like something a high school graphics designer wannabe made.

  43. The “greyed-out” look is definitely a bit difficult for my eyes. It would even be more difficult for those that are color blind. The layout is much better than the previous one. However, as everyone here has acknowledged, the pop-ups are borderline harassment.

    A few suggestions:
    1. Use black background with white fonts. The contrast would be much better. It will greatly reduce the over all glare and screen brightness. Currently, I had to tone down the screen brightness to ensure I’m not blinded.
    2. If can’t do #1, use darker fonts, although, not necessarily bolded.
    3. Those adds, definitely need to be toned down as well.
    4. Instead of using “LOAD MORE,” you should continue to use the “Previous” and “Next” buttons. However, they should be spaced apart. For instance, “Previous” should be on the bottom left corner, while “Next” should be on the bottom right corner. This way, there is no mistaking your choice. The previous design was too close to the other buttons (pages) that you end up clicking the unintended pages by mistake more often than not.

    Overwall, the site looks good.

  44. I like the new look, loads much quicker. Using Opera btw. Looks good on mobile too, not jumpy like it used to be, using Chrome mobile.
    Let see if I get email notifications for posts and subscriptions…

  45. Meh…and I’ve been here when TTAG was nearly impossible to navigate. I’d give a 👍IF I didn’t have to fill out required fields. Oddly I can ONLY comment on my phone-not the computer or tge wife’s phone. Yeah even with identical credentials…😫

  46. I don’t see any of the afore mentioned problems. It runs fine on Edge, the new look is snappy and the article headings make navigation easy. At least for me, it does. Good job! ^_^

  47. The fake news and other inappropriate adds, especially the new pop-up one from the bottom, are really annoying.

  48. Your new logo does not represent your BRAND well !!

    Here is why !! The old logo used a bold Helvetica font which represented strength and power. This works well when you are trying to convey your organization as a news outlet which focus on (Honesty, Discussion and most of all Truth). The NRA logo by way is all about strength and power in very big way. It’s bold Helvetica font translates this well.

    The new logo uses a thinner front which tend to covey Beauty and Femininity. The slanted font also means movement not stability. News outlets should not focus on movement but stability and strength.

    Over all your new logo from my perspective gives me a 50’s dinner feel. It looks like a good place to hang out eat and maybe do some target shooting at the indoor range in the back with some friends. It also has a Vegas vibe about it as well. I can understand why you want to get audience to come here and interact because that leads to more advertising dollars. Also, this thin and slanted font does not translate well to the favicon which is the logo used in the browser.

    What that being said I don’t think that will translate well to you audience. Before you design a logo you should always ask what is my demographic and what I am trying to communicate.

  49. Loads a little faster than before it feels. “LOAD MORE” is annoying as heck. The over all feel is cheaper than earlier incarnations, I hope your designers and programmers didn’t cost too much. I think its the white background, excessive white space, and gray lettering. Ads are still annoying enough that I’m running adblock plus.

    Why the heck does it feel like every year you all have to overhaul the look of the sight? Just stop it. Find something that people actually like and (wait for it)… LEAVE IT ALONE. New reader don’t care about the new look, old readers just get annoyed that everything is changed (again), and money goes down the drain because the head honchos have poor impulse control regarding “new” and “shiney”. By all means, make improvements under the hood and out of sight to improve the functionality. If some of those require changes to the layout and interface then that is understandable.

    If you are really worried about what people think about the layouts then run a “new” beta version alongside the “old” versions and let people vote. Otherwise it’s just a ego-stroke by the administrators at the expense of readers.

  50. I am grateful that the masthead no longer detaches and follows as I scroll down on the mobile site.. this caused more problems scrolling and reading as it forced text to jump down to make room and made me lose my mind and desire to read anything. I know what site I’m on, I took the trouble to bookmark it and read it 5-6 times a day. THANK YOU!!

    the indented comments are easier to read over the ridiculous dash box outline of the previous format. I don’t see ads. I would be HAPPY to disable my blocker but until the ads are exclusively GUN AND GUN ACCESSORIES RELATED I won’t. That one weird trick and crap ads of that ilk are insulting and lower your brand to that level. You know this, we all bitch about it, but here we still are.

  51. Much cleaner look, but would rather have the pages, instead of constantly loading on the same page. Also, I don’t see how I can scroll from one article to the next. I don’t want to have to have to go back to the home page to go to the next article.

  52. It lost my information for comments. The clean look is very popular so it would be hard to change and not have it – whether you like it or not. I’ve used Opera as my browser for many years and never had the issue with ads that other people fight so much. Sometimes had ad problems on the phone but I just stopped reading it on the phone as it became impossible.

    One thing I seriously miss is that the header for the comments section use to have the number of comments. That is a big miss in my opinion and was a very useful part of the previous system.

  53. Oh, one other thing. The “load more” is old school. If you want to go to that style, just use Javascript to trigger the load-more when you scroll to the bottom (look at duck-duck-go for an example that works well).

  54. A few things I wish to comment on:

    (1) The text looks gray on a white background. I would prefer more contrast, such as with black on white. (Also, a serif font might make it easier for me to read.)

    (2) Go back to pages, please. My reason for asking for that is the fact that I sometimes neglect to read TTAG for days, then go back and catch up. Having separate pages lets me do that at a fixed number of articles per page, not one giant page of 80 to 100 articles before I get back to the last one I had read days (or weeks) earlier.

    (3) That new logo: I admit that it’s stylish; but is that really the look you want for this site? The sloped (“italic?”) lettering makes it look as though the TRUTH is heavily “slanted to the right.”
    Any representation of actual TRUTH should be upright, “upstanding,” and not slanted at all.
    Similarly, the crosshairs are good; but that’s a little too reminiscent of Sarah Palin’s troubles after the shooting of Gabby Giffords for my tastes. However, I don’t have any good suggestions for what to put there in its place.

  55. I am a fairly new visitor to your site but I’ve been visiting pretty much daily for the past 2 months. When I visited your site today, I noticed that you introduced a new design. I am very dissatisfied for a number of reasons.

    It doesn’t actually *look* bad. The text and style is clean and the design is responsive so it functions well on a phone which is the main method I use to access. But there is no longer true pagination. Instead, the main page keeps extending further down with more articles when you select the “Load More” button at the bottom. Because of this, anytime I click on an article and then go back to the main page afterwards, I’m taken to the very top of the first page. If I had already hit the “Load More” button a few times, I need to do all this again just to get back to where I was. This is very inconvenient. There are a few other sites that function this way such as a popular video game site and I can tell you I now rarely visit that site and do so begrudgingly only if there is something specific I want to see.

    The other complaint I have is related to the ads on your new site. These stupid “sponsored by spoutable” ads pop up out of nowhere and take up about 30% of my phone’s screen.  and they are wide so I’m forced to scroll right to close it. I’m also incredibly sick of the BS clickbate ads by places like Revcontent on every damn website but clearly yours isn’t the only one who does that. 

    Although I did just think of I’ve other BIG positive. When reading an article, the header no longer jumps around and moves the page content around. Not sure if that makes sense but it was horribly obnoxious! Glad that’s over.

    Thanks for reading.

  56. This entire new design is absolutely. F*CKING. Terrible. Bright white backgrounds give me extreme eye and I do NOT need to have ONE SINGLE COMMENT take up the entire god damn page. This is a comment second, not a bod damn e-book.

    I’m sorry, but this is just absolutely sh*t webdesign. It looks like it was made by some intern that’s taken one basic class on design and god a C- in it. Not even a joke, I saw sites like this when I took that class. I’m not even joking, this design is so uncomfortable to use that it’s driving me to visit this site less.

  57. Mostly not bad, but the “Load More” is a deal breaker.

    I can’t check in multiple times a day to make sure I keep up with the content. That means that when I do stop in to catch up, I would read 5-6 pages back at a time on the old design.

    Now every time I finish reading an article, I start back at the beginning and have to click “Load More” and wait 5-6 times, just to get back to where I was.

    I’ll be honest, there were a few sites I used to frequent that went to this style of design, and I’ve all but stopped clicking through to read the articles there. It becomes a question of “Do I think this article that kind of interests me will be worth wrangling with the UI to get back here again when I’m done?” And more often than not, the answer is no.

    My opinion? Either go back to standard pagination, or have the page remember where you were and load back to that point. Otherwise I’ll probably stop clicking through here too (and I suspect I’m not the only one).

  58. I like the new look
    It’s clean and loads better.
    The page no longer jumps around
    The reply to in comments is a much better format
    The pages were better in the old layout
    I love that I don’t have to scroll through a bunch of embarrassing ads
    And I use to HATE the adds at the bottom of the window.
    My I Phone 6S seems to like it.

    • Oops. The embarrassing adds comment was supposed to be sarcasm.
      The sac/ got lost.

      And as I just found out, it doesn’t save my name/email either

  59. Individual articles/posts should have links pointing to the most recent newer/older posts, and those links should be crystal clear as to which is which.

    I frankly would be relieved not to have to navigate a full page of headers/subheads/teasers, and just keep moving forward from one post to the next.


  60. Format is good but the type is to light for good reading. I do not see the articles forward ‘ backwards buttons. Without the for/aft buttons it’s to much of a pain to read and enjoy. Glad to see that lower banner gone, it reduced the viewing area without going full-screen to cancel it on each page.

    Needs the for/aft buttons!

    I stand corrected that damn bottom popup is still there.

  61. My 2 cents worth as a loyal reader and “professional” website jockey :(Companies and organizations actually do pay me to design and maintain websites for them, but I am purely self taught.)

    I like the white space and the clean look. The logo isn’t awesome. You deserve something awesome.

    The grey text on bright white is hard on the eyes.

    The loss of the buttons to jump to the next or previous page is a grievous error. I read every page you post, so I like to be able to move quickly from one page to the next.

    The advertisements are obnoxious and intrusive. I would think that you could improve the quality of the types of advertising.

    I would pay to access an ad free version of this website. Seriously. Send me an invoice and I will subscribe. I am sure that I am not the only one.

    Also, why am I not getting my avatar on my comments? I don’t remember how I set that up, and I am not finding any information about registering with your comment system.

    Keep up the great content and the UI will get sorted out.

  62. I would have to agree with others that say to kill the “load more” – pages is much much better for usability. I do wish it would keep my name and email like it use to do.

  63. Another vote for way too white
    Glare is blinding
    I also want it to “ load more” automatically when I reach the bottom of the page

  64. Content is what makes this site.

    The new look is “OK”- but hopefully a great deal of $$ was not spent on this change.

  65. I couldn’t figure out why I stopped getting ttag digest/newsletters in my email. The upgrade/new format may be the reason. Do I need to sign-up again? I found this page by going to from Google. I prefer reading this with my morning coffee. Stopped the Chicago Tribune….only miss the crossword puzzle.

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