Abodo.com gun control survey of millenials (courtesy abodo.com)
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Abodo is an apartment rental service with over 1million listings. Their blog features posts like Apartments: The Ideal Lifestyle Choice for Seniors Who Want to Downsize. Wait. Does that say seniors? ‘Cause Adobo’s most recent post proclaims . . .

SURVEY: 74% of Millennials Don’t Trust Trump with Gun Control Policy. How do we know their 1155 opt-in respondents were millennials? Quite simply we don’t.

But we do know that the headline stat could very well include pro-gun folk who don’t trust Trump (or anyone else) with gun control policy. (Like you?) And we sure don’t expect a skeptical, common sense analysis of this urban-skewed survey from the anti-gun press. Here’s nypost.com‘s take on the stats . . .

Millennials [alleged] views on gun regulation (courtesy abodo.com)

The vast majority of people ages 18 to 35 in the US believe the country has a major problem with mass shootings and most support laws addressing the issue, according to a new survey of 1,155 number people from millennial-focused apartment listing site Abodo.

Some 78 percent of millennials believe it is too easy to purchase a gun and 59 percent believe that gun violence would decrease if gun regulations were strengthened.

And now a word from the NRA questioning the validity of the study, highlighting the uselessness of gun control laws. No, wait. Sorry. I meant here’s what The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence had to say about that.

The generational divide in support of gun control could be due to the prevalence of gun violence in the lives of millennials, said Kris Brown, co-president of anti-gun violence nonprofit the Brady Campaign. From the Columbine High School massacre in 1999 to the prevalence shootings in 2017, millennials have been surrounded by gun violence for most of their lives.

“They are rightly saying this is wrong, I live in America and if we say we are such a great nation, why is this not an issue worth solving?” Brown said.

If we say we’re such a great nation? The antis’ “America sucks” masks slips!

Anyway, the Post included the following pro-Second Amendment stat — even though Post scribe Kari Paul felt obliged to let the Brady’s spinmeister put millennials’ 2A support into “proper’ perspective.

Adobo.com gun control survey on support for Second Amendment (courtesy adobo.com)

Still, that doesn’t mean millennials are against banning firearms entirely: 67 percent of millennials surveyed by Abodo support the Second Amendment in some capacity and only 3 percent said they would endorse repealing it “tomorrow.” Brown said this reflects the views of many in the US — including advocates for gun control, who endorse regulation rather than outright bans.

Because if gun control advocates told the public what they really, really want, they’d lose all credibility. God forbid.

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  1. An apartment company posting surveys about gun control is right up there with an insurance company deciding to not insure rifles that “people don’t need.”

    Kind of outside the wheelhouse.

  2. Could this merely be a reflection of rural vs urban views on firearms? As previously mentioned by others it seems not within the scope of their business. Not only that but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that a lot of the properties they deal with actively discourage firearms ownership through one means or another.

    • Yep, beat me to it. This survey is strongly leaning towards an urban demographic, in which case the support is pretty dang high as I’m sure the rural support percentage to be significantly higher that actually makes a pretty healthy average.

    • And if there’s one thing we know about non-gun owning urbanites, is that they opine from a position of ignorance. They don’t know squat about guns or gun laws.

      They have no clue what hoops a person has to jump through to buy a gun, which is why Rahm in Chicago can make outrageous statements about thugs buying guns in Indiana and his sheeple will swallow it.

    • A problem with this line of thinking is that populations aren’t spread evenly among rural and urban communities. Guess where the people are? I don’t find it hard to believe that most millennials want more gun control. Gun owners have not been particularly good at getting young people into the shooting sports. The stereotype of old farts looking with suspicion at anyone not over 25 or non-white exists for a reason, double if you look like you’re the skinny-jean wearing, late-drinking, Prius-driving urbanite. Now, as one of such people, I don’t see why any of that should mean that I don’t care about the second amendment, or will not be responsible with a firearm. If millennials don’t want firearms, or don’t care about their 2A rights. That’s not on them. That’s on the gun-owning public. When is that last time most gun owners decided to mentor a younger person? This is the key to it, and we’re going to lose our rights in the long run if this isn’t fixed.

    • A silly business based in college towns and metro/urban area says……

      I wonder what they think about minivans, lawnmowers, ground source heatpumps, steel shingles, walmart/sears/Denny’s. The real world.

      No I’m not interested in what urban metrosexual progs think.

  3. You really can’t read anything by that ‘survey’, for example, where are those apartment properties located?

    The larger cities with a higher proportion of those that vote Leftist ‘ideals’, anyways?

    Public support for gun rights in general is on the ascent, especially by the demographics that had until the very recent past blindly backed and voted Progressive candidates.

    We’re winning the long game on gun rights and I can’t help but wonder if the reason they are so shrill about it now is that they know it and are frightened by it.

    (Thank *you* Hollywood, for making movies that show guns to be tools used by actors to save the day and get the romantic – lust interest.)

  4. Don’t believe a word of it. There have been multiple surveys with the exact opposite results. All this really says to me is ‘don’t trust Abodo with your apartment search.’

  5. Wait what? What the hell does gun control have to do with renting an apartment? Why would a real estate site run this survey? Shouldn’t they be more concerned with what features and options millenials prefer be included with their apartment?
    Honestly I think they should be surveying for things they actually deal with, such as surveying tenants in various apartment complexes to see which complex would be the best for a prospective tenant to apply to.

    P.S. lovin the new look just hoping this is an improvement and that we can eventually navigate by tags.

  6. 437% of millennials think the evil POS (D) are space aliens.

    627% of those people KNOW the evil POS (D) are space aliens.

    “Processes cannot be understood by stopping them” — Frank Herbert

    Let’s stop with all the Fing bullshit statistics, they’ve been F’d with too bad for so long that .1 percent of .00000000000000000000000000001% believe them.

    • I know you’re being facetious (and that was my first thought too!), but it’s actually A-bo-do… as in one’s abode. Cutesy.

  7. Who gives a damn what millenials or any other demographic think. The law of the land says “shall not be infringed” period, end of statement.

    • Because there is an amendment process, and we ignore the possibility in this and other future gens to our freedom’s peril.

      Yes, that seems far-fetched. So did the gun confiscations in Australia. So did 90s “assault rifle” ban here. So will…fill in the blank…

  8. Im a ‘millennial'( which is just a marketing term with no real meaning) living in California, and I disagree with this survey, we should have no limitations on our 2A rights!!
    Also, AR-15’s are not military weapons, these people man.

  9. As the last election clearly demonstrated (finally), these “polls” are instruments of the manipulative libtard msm, and they will twist the results to fit their narrative EVERY SINGLE TIME. They are completely untrustworthy and useless (for the avg. Joe out there) so why bother paying attention to lies upon lies.

  10. The firearms relevant ads are fine, but the click-bait / fake-news crap ads just serve to diminish the quality and image of this otherwise fine site. I simply can’t believe enough people actually click on them to justify their existence.

  11. Non-scientific and therefore disregarded.

    That said, I’d actually be interested to see a rigorous scientific study of not just opinions but what level of fact-based knowledge people have in terms of various age and demographic groups.

    When I was in college I took A LOT of millennials shooting and post-shooting the most common questions revolved around how they could acquire a gun themselves. While I didn’t take a tally I’d say the most common question, by far, was what licenses were required for various pistols, rifles etc. Well, I attended university in the relatively free state of Ohio where something like a FOID card didn’t exist. When I explained to people the process of buying a firearm and that it didn’t require a license most of them were somewhat startled but they were pleased that the hobby they were now seriously considering getting involved with didn’t have PITA licensing requirements.

    Now, the interesting thing about all that was that the folks who asked about licensing almost always asked about the 4473 once it was mentioned. When they were told there was no license, something they assumed existed, they then assumed that it was a retail deal like buying a widget from Best Buy and that scared them a bit. When the 4473 came up in the discussion they wanted to know about the background check. Again I didn’t take a tally but I’d say 95% of them were uncomfortable with the idea of 0 controls on who could buy a firearm but were satisfied that things were “safe” once they found out about the 4473 which, until it was explained to them, they didn’t know about either.

    So yeah, I’d like to see what people actually know because my anecdotal experience is that they probably don’t know anything, or much of anything, about the process of buying a gun and many of them make assumptions that have no basis in reality and then use those assumptions as a base for their opinion.

  12. Always good to know what those who do not have any working knowledge of guns or gun laws, think about the guns and gun laws of America.

    We really should ask the random millennial’s what they think of the pharmaceutical ownership and fda approval processes in america. Are they up to snuff, do they need some tweaking. i’m sure the typical millennial will know right?

  13. It wouldn’t even matter if this poll was actually reflective of the views of millennials in America, which thankfully it’s not that, either. It’s unscientific, pseudo-intellectual garbage that we are free to dismiss out-of-hand.

    Civil rights are not subject to the democratic process nor to (non)arguments grounded in social utility in the first place. Much to the chagrin of gun-grabbers, for sure.

  14. News Flash!

    Urban centers are anti-gun. Apartment rental website, catering to urbanites conducts internal poll to confirm their own bias.


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