Police Detective Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Detective Frank from the Buckeye State brings us his 2019 Everyday Carry, via the peeps at Everyday Carry.

He describes it as his off-duty, on-body carry for the current year.   Among his stuff, a Zero Tolerance folder, a Streamlight Microstream light in coyote (nice touch!), a Rick Hinderer Knives “Investigator Pen”, and lip balm.  Because nobody likes chapped lips.

He’s grip taped the heck out of his Glock 43.  He’s also a fan of the Taran Tactical +2 extensions on his magazines.   They seem to be a theme for a lot of folks.  (I wonder if he’s considered the SIG P365?)  Seems he must pocket carry the gun with his Aegis Armory Kydex Trigger Guard Holster.  The $1.98 question:  Pants pocket or jacket pocket?

Does he not carry keys?  Or are keys becoming “old school” when it comes to locks?  If so, our nation will be in a world of hurt if anyone launches an EMP attack on us.








  1. avatar Michael says:

    I guess they don’t do contium of force on days off. Got a gun, yup. Got a knife, yup. So you can shoot ’em and stab ’em. Oh well, if I don’t think about anything bad it can never happen to me. -30-

    1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

      Sooo, what do you want him to carry off-duty…Taser, O.C. spray, CSB, PR24, two pairs of cuffs…??

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      No, they don’t. Off duty you don’t go tackling shoplifters. You call the ‘real’ police.

      If you need to get involved in an off-duty capacity, it’s probably time for a gun.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        (Also, if necessary, one can use one’s own hands and body as a less-lethal weapon. I know it seems brutal in 2019 but it’s an option. Again, off-duty should mean not getting involved unless it’s necessary- not playing superman because you have a badge- so the phone is the most important ‘tool’ to have)

    3. avatar Frank says:

      **Off duty carry**

  2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Loose the grip tape. Slows down the draw. Especially pocket. Leave the mag extension for the reload. Otherwise, I’d bet my life on it.M8

    1. avatar Frank says:

      I carry the gun at 4 o’clock inside the waistband. The grip is made by a company called Talon Grips. It’s a rubberized texture. A recent addition but so far so good.

    2. avatar Mack The Knife says:

      BS, Talon grips are gooder than chicken. Do some research, you will like them. They actually “enhance ” your draw. Its like the gun gripping your hand instead of your hand gripping the gun. Spend $17.00 (includes shipping) for one for your piece. You’ll be simply amazed.

  3. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

    A 3,500 dollar watch.

    LE must pay well there…

    1. avatar Jeremy D. says:

      Being a detective is probably one of the higher paying LE jobs. Plus, you never know when someone got a thoughtful gift from a relative or inherited something

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        Being a ‘detective’ carries little or no particular pay raise over anyone else with the same seniority. It’s an assignment.

        1. avatar Hyep says:

          Detectives please weigh in

    2. avatar Swarf says:

      Asset forfeiture, yo.

    3. avatar Frank says:

      I’m just good with the money I earn, have to splurge every now and then

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        “I’m just good with the money I earn, …”

        Rock on!

        You would be surprised at the number of Rolexes I’ve seen in LE pocket dumps…

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          I know a guy that sells em cheap though. Weird, a lot of them are spelled “Bolex” but otherwise seem okay.

        2. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

          In a different galaxy a long long time ago when I was young and sent overseas I picked up a Ralex watch for $25….looked great, only worked for a few years. Took it apart and it was a cheap Taiwanese two-jewel movement…those were the days!

        3. avatar Porkchop says:

          I remember picking up a “Bolova” quite cheaply from a guy selling them out of his raincoat in the Atlanta Underground in 1975.

    4. avatar Cloudbuster says:

      Asset forfeiture is awesome.

    5. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

      He may have gotten it second hand.

      “Hey! that’s a nice watch you got there, Mr. drug dealer.”

    6. avatar Larry says:

      I get a chuckle out of these watch comments, if he rode a 20k Harley ,no one would bat an eye , but a $3,500 watch is a big deal .

      I was a FF ( retired ) my most often worn watch is a Rolex Blackface Explorer II. Like Frank I’d guess ,my wife and I are aggressive savers and investors,once we got the two kids through college ,I bought the watch . Which was about 1/3 of what we spent on college each year .

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Lotsa poor money management/earning skills amongst those jealous of a watch.

        1. avatar B.D. says:

          Or they never get a gift from someone who makes more than they do. Probably both though. Haters gonna hate.

    7. avatar B.D. says:

      You are too old for this shit.

      Go check the mail for your SS check.

    8. avatar Tile Floor says:

      You do realize that many officers are married, and the wife also brings in $$………..

  4. avatar Ben says:

    I don’t understand why anyone includes non weapon or weapon related items.

    No we don’t care if he carries keys or chapstick.

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      You don’t but people on the EDC site do. The site features EDCs from around the world. Because of that most don’t include a gun at all.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      Aside from the fact that it’s an external site that isn’t called ‘every day weapon carry’ where do you draw that line? Are flashlights not allowed? What about utility knives? How about a TQ?

    3. avatar B.D. says:

      You care enough to comment.

  5. avatar strych9 says:

    Seems well done. Pocket carry isn’t my preference but to each their own.

    IMHO, the light looks better in coyote than in black. Maybe Coyote is the New Black?

    1. avatar Frank says:

      I carry the gun at 4 o’clock IWB. The coyote brown version is high mode on first click of the button, low mode on a double click. The black version, which I also own is low first, high second. I prefer the coyote for off duty because the high mode of 250 lumens can be used to disorient a bad guy if needed in an instant. I can always double click to low if I’m using the light for most other purposes.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        Good to know on the light. Thanks.

        So, question, you’re carrying 4o’clock IWB, how are you attaching the holster to anything or are you Mexican carrying but with the holster on the gun to cover the trigger? (Halfsican carry?)

        1. avatar Frank says:

          The lanyard loops around my belt, the trigger guard snaps onto the gun and is very secure. I then tuck the gun into my waistband and the pressure from my belt holds it in place. Upon drawing the gun, the lanyard pulls taught and the holster slides off the gun. I’ve been using this holster with several guns for the past 5 years or so. The gun never moves, I can literally run and jump without it moving. 99% of Kydex holsters secure the gun via pressure around the trigger guard. This does the same thing but without all the extra bulk. You can also rack the slide to load/ unload while the holster is on.

    2. avatar B.D. says:

      And it’s a different variant of the microstream. It has two modes, high and low. Default is high and double press is low. The only downside is it’s a USB recharge type. I have one on the way though. I like that it is small and has two modes with high being the default. My full size Protac 2L-x doesn’t even do that with 10 tap mode switching through profiles. It’s either low to high, or just high… and a bunch of other useless crappy profiles.

  6. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

    Has TTAG covered this yet? :

    “Oregon’s SB-978 Gun Control Bill Is So Hysterically Restrictive That Pepper Spray Is A Felony”

    “A new gun control bill introduced in the Oregon State Legislature added 45 pages of draconian amendments the night before the vote. SB978 passed the Judiciary Committee yesterday and now heads to the Oregon Senate.”


  7. avatar Frank says:

    I am “Detective Frank” and this is actually my photo that I uploaded to everydaycarry.com. To answer some of your questions, I carry the Glock 43 inside the waistband at 4 o’clock. I do carry keys but no real gadgets on those other than a circular pet collar tag that I had made in one of those machines at the big named pet stores that says “If Found Please Call” with my phone number on it. Key fobs are expensive and I hope that if I were to ever lose my keys someone would have the decency to call me. I do carry a SWAT-T tourniquet in either a jacket pocket or my from left jeans pocket, I just forgot to put it in the photo. The spare mag is carried on my belt in a small Kydex holster, can’t remember the website that I bought it from. The grip on the 43 is a Talon Grip and is a recent addition. I’ve been a Law Enforcement Officer for the past 12 years and a Paramedic for the past 14, part of the reason for the tourniquet. I do not carry any less than lethal while off duty. I don’t even carry less than lethal while I’m on duty unless we are serving a warrant. This is the same for every detective that I’ve worked with or encountered. The best tactic for minor things while off duty is avoidance, the on duty police can be called for these things, no single person is “super cop.” My off duty carry is to protect family, the public and myself from an immediate threat of serious physical harm or death. Thanks for the repost.

    1. avatar Frank says:

      **Front left pocket**

      1. avatar Tim says:

        Curious: do you tie the Aegis armory lanyard to your belt, so it pulls off when you draw?

        *Sorry, already answered, I see.*

    2. avatar erich says:

      well said

  8. avatar possum says:

    I carry my Glock 15 at the three o’clock and the Glock 21 at the nine oclock the Glock 12 is pointed straight at the sun and the Glock 6 is pointed where the sun don’t shine.

    1. avatar Geoff "Roadkill, it's what's for dinner!" PR says:

      “…and the Glock 6 is pointed where the sun don’t shine.”

      You marsupials are into the kinky stuff, eh? 😉

  9. avatar Michael says:

    DHS/ICE shooting in Phoenix. Four police and four suspects transported to the hospital. One woman in the suspects’ vehicle believed to be dead. Neighbors report anywhere from twenty to fifty shots fired. At least three vehicles with multiple bullet holes, suspects’ vehicle crashed about one third of the way through a thick cement wall. No official statements at this time. One of the City Council members representing this district has posted some preliminary, non-official information on social media sites. The area is cordoned off. The local TV coverage has been very professional and subdued. Started out as a warrant service and ended up in an intense gun battle. Reported as a quiet, mostly over 50s’ neighborhood. News camera operator picked up a warning sign posted to keep people from driving their golf carts on the sidewalk. Wow. When this goes to the national news…I freaking hate living in interesting times. -30-

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      Woman killed, 4 Homeland Security agents taken to hospital after Ahwatukee shootout


      1. avatar jwm says:

        DHS/ICE? I wonder if any of the suspect weapons were connected to fast and furious?

  10. avatar machnuone says:

    Well thought out EDC and I’m liking the prevalent carbon fiber theme.

  11. avatar erich says:

    That’s a very practical EDC!

  12. avatar Mike says:

    Would someone please send in an everyday carry that has nothing to do with Glock?

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      go upload your own then…. or browse the website they get them from… or search google images. Really simple. Nobody is forcing you to look at or comment on a Glock share. You can skip them.

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