Kamala Harris
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Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris — once pronounced America’s “best-looking attorney general” by the Commander in Chief when she held that office in California — has never met a gun control proposal she doesn’t support.

She thinks legislators are ignorant for supporting gun rights.

Sen. Kamala D. Harris, the California Democrat and presidential aspirant, lamented on Monday the lack of congressional action on gun control, saying a solution would have been possible after the 2012 massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., if only lawmakers had been placed in “a locked room, no press, no one, nobody else” and required to examine “the autopsy photographs of those babies (at Sandy Hook).”

“And then,” she said, “you vote your conscience.”

She wants to ban private gun sales and outlaw “assault weapons” once again.

“We have got to have smart gun safety laws in this country, and we’ve got to stop buying this false choice. You can be in favor of the Second Amendment and also understand that there is no reason in a civil society that we have assault weapons around communities that can kill babies and police officers,” Harris said.

Because the last time we banned scary-looking rifles was so wildly successful. And if infringing on Second Amendment rights isn’t enough, she’ll go after the First Amendment too by banning some advertising of guns.

Now Harris has admitted that she owns a firearm. And she isn’t alone among Dems running for high office.

What are the chances that these candidates — many of whom seem to own ancient, inoperable firearms — only have them as political fig leaves in order to be able to say, ‘I’m a gun owner and every gun owner I know agrees that we need common sense gun safety laws in this country!”

Here’s the AP’s report . . .

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris says she owns a gun and called it a “false choice” that the only two gun control options are complete, unrestricted access or a desire to seize everyone’s guns.

The senator from California told reporters after a campaign event in Iowa that she is a gun owner. She says, “I own a gun for probably the reason that a lot of people do: for personal safety.”

The 2020 White House hopeful says that Americans “are being offered a false choice, which suggests you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away.”

She says she supports “smart gun-safety laws,” such as universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons.

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  1. I want to know what policy would have prevented Sandy Hook and what would have prevented him from locking the room/pouring gasoline in/lighting people on fire.

    • I know that answer, no new policy would prevent him. How ever there is already a policy in place to prevent a recurrence, citizens armed as per the Second Amendment , that is if the armed citizen isn’t outlawed . The next time an idiot wants to execute children for some obscure reason, an armed citizen doing their civic duty will hopefully shoot the bastard until the threat is contained.

      • I do I just want to make Kamala sweat a bit.

        I also want her to tell me the make and model of the gun she owns and what caliber it’s in.

    • Sandy Hook, like LV and NZ, was a false flag perpetrated by the Deep State Intelligence ‘Community’ for the purpose of advancing Gun Confiscation.

      Too many inconsistencies to be anything else.

  2. Somebody should do something about all these communities killing babies and police officers.

  3. hipocracy runs rappid in the democratic pool along with their polticians. she or her cronies want to try and take what i have, they will meet the business end..or the butttt end nufff said

  4. The whole school shooting scenario ends when you put an armed staff on the premise, just like we do for courts and airlines and so on.

    • And to demonstrate just how effective those measures are, every test of the airports’ and courts’ gun search systems shows failures on a large scale.
      Such schemes rely on people. no matter how much hi-tech equipment is used. And people, being people, are not infallible.

      • I’ll stipulate that their ‘efforts’ have been less than stellar in far too many cases – and while there have been a few shooting incidents in both airports and court houses, when was the last time there was a ‘successful’ shooting on board an aircraft?
        And the shootings in both locations they shooter was stopped by –
        wait for it – a ‘good guy’ with a gun.

  5. Sen. Kamala Harris … lamented … the lack of congressional action on gun control …

    And if 70% of voters were adamant, ADAMANT I TELL YOU!, that rape should be legal, would Senator Harris be lamenting the lack of congressional action to legalize rape?

    • True….but neither would Republicans. Politicians on both sides are liars and hypocrites, they just lie about different subjects. With Democrats, the lies are about guns.

  6. The Democrat motto! Do as we say not what we do. At the Congress Black caucus set in few years ago against you having guns! Was 14 that did the set in! 12 was carrying!
    The word is Control!

  7. “You can be in favor of the Second Amendment and also understand that there is no reason in a civil society that we have assault weapons around communities that can kill babies and police officers,” Harris said.”
    Well, Ms. Harris, IF you were truly interested in promoting a civil society, you’d know that an armed society lends itself to a civil society.
    Personally, at one time, I had thought of running for office but always thought I wasn’t sufficiently educated and/or intelligent to properly serve the people I’d represent. Gee, how wrong I was. I may not be the brightest but Ms. Harris’ stance (on this as well as most subjects) proves that the dumbest two-legged critters can be elected to office AND continue to get elected!

  8. If smilin’ willie brown had been a little less “happy”, we wouldn’t be stuck with this harpy. Then again, everything she learned about politics, she learned at his knee, so what can we expect. -30-

    • She got her start in politics on her knees making him happy. Says rather a lot about Democrat politics that they are fine with this method of getting a head.

  9. The legislators who Harris wanted to view the Newtown bodies should also be forced to view the mass piles of bodies and bones from the results of a Progressive dream utopia society disarmed in WWII.

    • And it was politicians and others that wanted what others had and would commit genocide on mass scale to get it. It wasn’t firearms that started all this it was politicians lust for power and their desires could not be met with an adequately armed population.

  10. ‘You can be in favor of the Second Amendment and also understand that there is no reason in a civil society that we have assault weapons around communities that can kill babies and police officers…’

    Nope. What kind of weapon is useful for a militia that isn’t capable of killing babies and police officers?

    • If she was truthful about the Second Amendment she would admit that it is completely off limits to all legislators, local-state-federal. Of course if she was truthful she wouldn’t be in D C ( district of criminals ).

      • well, she certainly couldn’t get appointed to be in charge of the Firearms Dept/Bureau/wherever they moved it this year in the state of CA.

    • My weapons are for killing deer and any SOB who tried to hurt me or my family. I don’t have security details like she does.

  11. Hey…wake up all you deplorables and garbage people. Any criticism of the first sorta partial black women running for president is..it’s, uh, it’s, you know, like really bad. Like racist, you know. It just shows the idiocy of people who demand a minority candidate be, uuhhhmm, you know, like competent, or sensible, or something. And…and…and… well, it’s just really bad. Take it back. Right now.

    • “Any criticism of the first sorta partial black women running for president is..it’s, uh, it’s, you know, like really bad.”

      Look, we settled this during the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman ‘kerfuffle’.

      Since Zimmerman was labeled a ” white Mexican-American”, Harris is a “white African-American”.

      What’s good for the goose, etc.

      (Note – as is President Obama, BTW)…

        • I was in error –

          “Kamala Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, to a Tamil Indian mother and a Jamaican father. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, was a breast cancer scientist who immigrated to the United States from Madras (present-day Chennai) in 1960”

          So, an Indian African-American.

          But, never pass up the chance to throw racist terminology that the Leftists use right back in their smug faces.

          Obama is a white African-American…

  12. What country does she live in that has “unrestricted” access?
    The ATF form 4473 that is required for all commercial purchases of firearms asks if you are a straw purchaser, if you are indicted or convicted of a felony, if you have ever been judged mentally incompetent, are you a fugitive from justice (avoiding that felony indictment), dishonorably discharged, have any restraining orders in effect, ever been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, renounced your citizenship, are an illegal alien, or are on drugs, state laws permitting pot be damned. In what universe is that “unrestricted access” because lying on that form is also a felony.

  13. I have noticed that every time a Democrat runs for president on a anti gun platform, they lose terribly, ,,, I really do think it will happen again…
    There are people out there that are Democrats that fancy guns also, weather they admit that or not.

  14. I really doubt that Senator Kneepads owns any firearm. Moreover, the rest of the elitist clowns mentioned have NEVER bought a firearm nor underwent any background/NICS check.

    • Quoting the former POTUS…and one wonders how Biden thinks it’s appropriate to be all touchy-feely. Demoncraps have quite the record. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Lanza murdered his mother and stole her weapons. Both those things are already illegal.

  16. “once pronounced America’s “best-looking attorney general” by the Commander in Chief when she held that office in California”

    I guess Big O never met Pam Bondi of Florida.

  17. Harris’s idea of locking legislators in a closed room with the photos she wants them to see is the embodiment of the idea of making laws based on emotion, instead of facts, logic, and reason.
    As for her owning a gun, that’s a red herring, and she knows it. She is surrounded by armed bodyguards, and they have the very guns she wants to outlaw for the rest of us.
    Wait, that’s not quite true. The guns they have are full-auto, which the vast majority of us can’t own.

    • And if “assault weapons” are only good for war and maximum killing, that raises a sticky question… Who is she planning to kill?

  18. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was the best looking state attorney general until her term of office ended earlier this year. Absolutely!

  19. The only “part” of her head…no need to spell it out. There is only one reason this skank has a political career and that went in the ground with her “mentor”, …is that what you kids are calling ’em these days? … come the Rising…

      • Mark N. thanks for the update. I was sure that KH had depleted him to the point of his demise. Anyway, he’ll still be voting the straight party ticket long after he’s gone. -30-

      • “Slick Willie is alive and kickin.”

        Anyone spent any time considering the possible origins for the term “slick”?

  20. Gun Control is about Control and a complete ban on all guns so just the gooberment has guns… just like 1930’s Germany… google it if ur a young’n or did not have history @ ur libtard indoctrination school.

    Anyone believing its just semi-autos or black rifles is just the 1st step in a multiple step process.

    Freedom Lovers,Americans,Gun Owners if u just send ur 20 bucks a yr to the #NRA who has a big history of giving rights away and doing nothing else then WAKE-UP OR TURN UR GUNS IN….OR GIVE THEM TO A REAL #PRO2A PERSON.

    Its ok to support the #NRA who fights the ankle biter critters but, u need the 500magnum gun rights group for the big fight of all of our rights like these guys below!.


    Always be a great ambassador for the 2nd amendment!




    Support Trump and a Republican Congress in 2020-2022-2024 cuz the Dems have gone full retard on gun rights even though they are not as progun as we would like but, having #FUDDS is better than anti-gunners controlling all 3 branches of government!

    You can entirely determine the suitability of a politician by their stance on the Second Amendment. If they
    cannot trust you with a firearm, they are not going to trust you with your freedom of speech and so forth.

    No one with good intentions wants to disarm other people; only those who know their actions will be
    resisted want to render people unable to resist.

    America is a Representative republic were government is SUPPOSE 2 protect citizens rights.. not
    empowering government!

    Take someone Shooting and safely show them guns are fun.

  21. Every time a Kalfifornian politician opens their mouth.
    The crap that flows out of it.
    Just shows how dumb the average Kalifornian is. Surely the nutttz and berry state.
    The folks there should just leave our union already.
    Or better yet. Have the Border Patrol take every illegal caught and dump them there.
    The other 49 states would be better off in every way.

  22. She makes irrational statements. We should contact the sheriff in her country and suggest she may be a danger and should have her firearm removed.

    • Wouldn’t that be a hoot, tagged by her own “red flag” laws…Of course I’m quite sure it would be a violation of her rights, or so she’d claim, not being to site the correct Amendment…

  23. 13 of 2,669
    Fwd: The Corrupt Democratic Machine of Cook County, Illinois

    The June 2019 issue of Guns Magazine ran a lengthy commentary by Second Amendment activist Dave Workman. Titled: “Hypocrisy? Say It Ain’t So! From Anti-Gunners To Reluctant Pols, It’s A ‘Class Act.”

    From the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s bodyguard being arrested for bringing a gun into the Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., to celebrities who preach about banning guns, while they enjoy armed security, the “guns for me but not for thee” separation-of class principle remains alive and well.” It confirms what I have stated for years: “Class
    Warfare and People Control” of a Communist Party style ruling elite who want to dominate, control, and enslave the common masses and turn them into serfs, peons, and slaves for the almighty collectivist “Nanny State!”

    Courtesy of James A. Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)


    This is what the depraved Democratic Party of America historically is all about: deceit, crookedness, political corruption, graft, abuse of power, socialism, immorality, high treason, and much more! The next time some self righteous anti-gun activist tries
    to criticize and cross me (most are hard core unrepentant Democrats) I will throw this right back into their faces!

  24. Lest y’all forget, Kamala (or the staff she “blamed” it on) created her own private “police” force, complete with badges and concealed weapons, when she was the California AG. Eventually it was shut down, but many of the same people accompanied her to D.C. Meanwhile, she “certified” that the technology to implement microstamping existed and was generally available, despite not a single compliant pistol being in existence then (2013) or now, the result of which was the freezing of the pistols available for sale in the state, and ultimately a radical decrease in the number of pistols available to California residents. Her intent, then and now, was to ultimately ban the sale of new semi-auto pistols in the state as manufacturers stopped making “grandfathered” firearms. Talk about hypocrisy!

  25. “…America’s “best-looking attorney general”….”

    Yeah, that’s quite a “horse-race”, is t it, Barack?

  26. Saturday Night Special, Assault Weapon and now ‘Weapons of War’ are the latest buzz words for ‘gun control’ oh my bad, ‘Gun Safety’.

  27. The other California senator, Dianne Feinstein was, and may still be a gun owner. While an elected official in San Francisco, she had, and may still have a Concealed Carry Permit, something that she would deny to the “ordinary” citizen. Strange isn’t it, or is it?

  28. I’d like to know if Pete buttigieg, Democrat Presidential candidate, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and a proud gay man, does he have a gun permit? Does he own guns like the proud gay mayor of Lexington Ky, Jim Gray? Who said he supports universal background checks. Gray is a proud owner of his grandfathers guns collection.

    “Pete Buttigieg on Gun Reform, Universal Background Checks, and Banning AR-15s”


    “Jim Gray Is Testing Gun Control as Way to Unseat Republicans”


    Any who claims to be a member of a “minority” and is working to disarm the civil population in the enemy of the american people.

    • BTW
      Besides Sen Harris, former Gov Jerry Brown Jr. is also a gun owner. In fact he use to regularly go plinking with his ruger 10/22.

  29. I would like to see a lawsuit challenging the way the politicians always exclude themselves from the laws they pass as well as social security, health care etc.

  30. “…Gun ownership among Dems? Beto O’Rourke inherited several from his great-uncle (they’re not in operating condition). Pete Buttigieg owns two antique guns that he doesn’t use. Tim Ryan won a shotgun in a raffle but hasn’t used it….”

    Kinda sounds like “I’ve tried it but I didn’t inhale….” from back in the day. No point here, just reminded me (in a weird way) of the 70s.

    • So in other words the firearms are simply dangerous trinkets in the collections of idiots who have no real purpose for them.

      • “So in other words the firearms are simply dangerous trinkets in the collections of idiots who have no real purpose for them.”

        Now you’re getting it.

  31. It’s got to be a FLINTLOCK. Cause that’s what the founders knew and approved of. Right kammi?


  33. There are more “Babies” killed weekly, possibly even daily, by abortion, than “Babies” killed by guns, annually, but that is PERFECTLY OK, because Infanticide is “A Right”. Ask any Democrat.

  34. Her premise is false. The Democrats have amply proven that we do NOT have a civil society. If we did have then Candance Owens and Charlie Kirk could have finished their meal in peace. The Covington Kids would not have been attacked – first by the drum beating Indian and then by the Liberal media. Congress would have passed the bill protecting abortion survivors. Congress would secure our southern border and allocate enough money to deport all illegal aliens – including the DED and TPS. Jussie Smollett would at the bare minimum be at trial for his hoax crime, if not actually in jail..

  35. I looked at pictures of internment camps from Europe from the 30’s and 40’s. I Know why I support gun ownership. Since a big part of the group in our country making policy today were related to those committing those acts.Or were related to people profiting in trade with that government.

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