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When we reported on the “official” list of items in the Illinois concealed carry bill, one of the more interesting developments was that the bill would implement statewide pre-emption of firearms laws. In other words, individual cities could no longer implement their own special gun control laws above and beyond those of the state. The pre-emption would be retroactive for handguns, but for long guns (rifles and shotguns) existing laws on the books more than 10 days before the legislation is signed into law would be grandfathered in. And a bunch of Illinois cities are getting in on the action, holding hearings on the plan TONIGHT . . .

Here’s the list of Illinois cities (via Reddit) holding hearings on proposed semi-auto rifle bans:

  1. Highland Park, IL. 1707 St. John’s Avenue, Monday, June 24, 2013, 7:30 PM (be there by 6:30 PM). Topic: semiautomatic firearm ban.
  2. Evanston, IL. City Hall, 2100 Ridge Avenue, Monday, June 24, 2013, 7:15 PM (be there by 6:30 PM). Topic: semiautomatic firearm ban.
  3. Melrose Park, IL. Police Station, One North Broadway, Monday, June 24, 2013, 6:00 PM (be there by 5:15 PM). Topic: semiautomatic firearm ban.
  4. St. Charles, IL. City Council Chambers, 2 E. Main Street, Monday, June 24, 2013, 7:00 PM (be there by 6:15 PM). Topic: semiautomatic firearm ban.
  5. Park Ridge, IL. City Hall, 505 Butler Place, Monday, June 24, 2013, 7:00 PM (be there by 6:15 PM). Topic: semiautomatic firearm ban.
  6. Berwyn, IL. City Hall, 6700 26th Street, Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 8:00 PM (be there by 7:15 PM). Topic: semiautomatic firearm ban.

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  1. Those communities listed are liberal,wealthy,and where most of Chicago’s money lives.Highland Park is the Midwest answer to Beverly Hills CA.

    • One of the towns not on this list that will be bringing it up is Marengo. That ought to be an interesting council meeting. I doubt any sort of “ban” would fly in that town.

    • St. Charles seems the odd one out on that list. It’s on the edge of farm country. I home that done doesn’t pass because that is where the Kane County fairgrounds is, which is where they host the Kane County Sport Show a.k.a. gun show.

  2. God forbid your neighbor could have a semi-auto rifle. Susie homemaker, home owner association paranoia… people that honestly want to keep living the illusion. Matrix blue pill people.

    • Thats why when i moved into my new house i pulled the car into the garage and closed the garage door to unload my firearms. Last thing i need is some old bat with nothing better to do calling the cops thinking i have a machine gun or something

  3. This, along with the AGs’ extensions, are a uniformed conspirasy to circumnavigate the courts mandate.

    Also, Highland Park hides behind their LEO but at an alarming property tax rate.

    I made a comment a while back about a mother of two that wanted to CC. She was from Highland Park. So in discussion with her, a person who actually lives there n I have gathered much information on what is the real situation on the ground.

      • Poor spellers are the least of our worries.
        Dirty, filthy libtards (democrats) are the real problem.
        Never, ever vote libtard (democrat) again.
        This is the true lesson of Newtown.

  4. This is good news, because it is SUPER EASY for the pro-gun crowd to flood town hall events and derail them. In MD, we derailed ALL of them. Wasn’t even hard. I can only think of one where we didn’t vastly outnumber the other side.

    Friends in IL: YOU CAN DO THIS.

    • ChainsawWieldingManiac, that’s why the gun control mania failed so badly in the “Formerly Free State,” yes? Maryland hangs her head in shame; the Mayor of New York City specifies our permitted activities…

      • There’s a difference between overloading a town hall event and a legislature strong-armed by a governor with higher political aspiriations running roughshod over the people.

    • I’m ecstatic Maryland was able to defeat the invaders of the soul. I have a certain reverence towards Maryland it’s a lovely state. Thanks for winning!

  5. Looks like a list of neighboring provinces to Chiraq. If it wasn’t a complete miscarriage of justice, I’d say good riddance.

  6. If plan to attend find out ahead of time how the City Code specifies process for amendment of code. Typical is posting, followed by multiple readings (like 3) with passage on the final reading. Council can (at their option) waive initial readings and proceed to final passage at any time (typical an emergency). What does the city code allow and what is typical practice?

    Waiving readings on this matter and proceed to final passage at ONE council meetings should be totally unacceptable and grounds for tar/feathers and a fence rail. Multiple readings would exceed that available time windows allowed. Stall them!!!.

  7. Just a small correction to the “existing laws on the books more than 10 days before the legislation is signed into law would be grandfathered in” statement — home rule communities actually have up until 10 days after the law is enacted to pass assault weapon bans. The stalling on the part of the governor serves the purpose of ensuring that these communities have each day he doesn’t sign in addition to those 10 days.

    Given when the bill was sent to the Governor’s desk, had he signed it immediately — these communities wouldn’t have gotten their acts together in time to pass bans. Which is as it should have been — the governor has circumvented the will of the legislature by making that time whatever he seems to want it to be.

  8. Meanwhile, the arms race to improve weapons held by local, state and federal LEOs continues apace.

  9. These are not *all* your Richie Rich sorts of ‘burbs.

    Berwyn was in fact heavily Bohemians and Polish for decades but is now heavily Mexican. Melrose Park was heavily Italian and is now also shifted to a very Mexican dominated demographic. Both of these are working class suburbs but are still highly dominated politically by the rapidly dwindling “old guard”.

    Could be why they are so interested in keeping the changing population as disarmed as possible.

    I can’t completely figure Marengo out in this – they are pretty far out into McHenry County which is heavily rural – should be interesting how that goes. Could be a lot of folks into their subdivisions without understanding the full rural experience.

    Highland Park, Evanston, Park Ridge – yeah, I can totally see those places (but parts of Evanston are actually a little on the rough side).

  10. Hanover park tried to pass an assualt weapons ban earlier this week. It was shelved after many pro 2a people showed up and announced their disapproval.

  11. It’s hard to describe how much disgust those of us who live in rural areas of Illinois have for the City of Chicago. I really wish that we could just give all of Crook County to Wisconsin…unfortunately, I don’t think there would be any takers!

    • Cook County should be forced to become it’s own state and take the $90 billion it debt it owes with it.

  12. Error in the article:

    “The pre-emption would be retroactive for handguns, but for long guns (rifles and shotguns) existing laws on the books more than 10 days before the legislation is signed into law would be grandfathered in.”

    The bill reads… “shall be invalid unless the ordinance or regulation is enacted on,
    before, or within 10 days after the effective date of this
    amendatory Act of the 98th General Assembly.”

    Therefore, the home-rule enactment opportunity closes not 10 days BEFORE, but 10 days AFTER it becomes law.

  13. Good to know. We’re house hunting…now I know which cities to eliminate from our search.

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