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George Zimmerman (courtesy NBC)

The defense in the trial of George Zimmerman for the homicide of Trayvon Martin started with a knock-knock joke: “George Zimmerman who? You’re on the jury.” Zimmerman’s low-key lawyer then told the jury that the homicide was a sad event but “there are no monsters here.” Yes, well, that contention will change if the prosecution opens the door to testimony about Martin’s background and character. [Click here for live streaming via NBC.] Defense attorney Don West which included an off-hand reference to the soon-to-be-infamous “fucking punks” comment. The defense then played Zimmerman’s 911 call on the night. You’ve got to wonder . . .

what Zimmerman’s comment “there’s something wrong with him” [referring to Martin] meant. More than that, the overall tone of the call is about as angry as an episode of Mr. Rogers. Zimmerman sounds polite and, let’s face it, drugged. Even when he says “these assholes always get away.”

The recording’s Anti-Depressants R Us gestalt isn’t a million miles away from his lawyer’s demeanor today. A man who should know that you never wear a white shirt on TV (kills the white balance and washes out skin tones). Who never met a map he didn’t like.

“Second Degree murder requires a deprived mind,” West finally points out in the middle of a long, incredibly (intentionally?) boring, often shambolic run-down of the timeline and geography of the homicide.

At some point, West addressed the state of the Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm on the night in question, looking to defuse the idea that keeping one in the pipe indicated some kind of depravity. “The way George Zimmerman was carrying the gun was the way it was supposed to be carried,” Wes says after explaining that the gun was “double action” only and saying that he’d been advised in his choice of firearms by “his friend” a U.S. Air Marshal. “It was safe.”

West didn’t make it to lunch . . . TBC after the jury’s blood sugar levels are collectively elevated.

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  1. the defense attorney opening with a “joke” I couldn’t believe that, if I were Z I would’ve yelled at him to shut his damn mouth and have the other attorney make the statement.

    Stupid, I can’t believe this, the defense lawyer is not that good publically…

    • His point he was making didn’t come across very well in the form of a joke. He was trying to make the point that this incident has been covered by the media so much that any person who has NOT heard of GZ, would be put on the jury. Saying that in a joke is dumb

  2. I can’t believe that this is being live-streamed nationally… Didn’t we learn our lesson with the Simpson trial? The media circus is the only reason this case is happening in the first place and now we can all watch it live.

    This dog and pony show will not only fail to serve justice, but more people will die as a result if the “season finale” doesn’t meet expectations.

    • Could always tune in to the Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo. I mean its not like anything of educational value is on TV anymore.

  3. I was expecting Omara to handle this. He came across as intelligent and competent on all the TV interviews. This other defense attorney is an idiot. Besides the opening joke his statement is peppered with “I think”. “I don’t know”, doesn’t know the street names on his own photographs, halting himself and corrections. I guess this is what you get when you don’t have any money. Maybe Zman can appeal after he is convicted, making the case he had incompetent counsel.

    At this point I think I’ll look over the Vegas odds on Zman spending the rest of his life in jail.

    • I think the prosecution is going to have a really difficult time proving “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

      I also think I would not want to be Zimmerman when the civil case goes to court.

      • I thought Florida had a law protecting victims from civil suits in cases of self defense. As long as Zimmerman can avoid being convicted I’m pretty sure he’s protected in Florida.

        • Zman will have watch out for Federal civil rights prosecution from AG Holder’s Dept of Justice. That will be regardless of state outcome.

    • The FBI found no evidence of racial animus on Zimmerman’s part. That makes it nearly impossible to turn this into a civil rights case.

  4. I think West is dry, but I think he’s doing his job. Repetition is the key to retention, for most folks. Ever told anyone a story, and even if it appeared they were paying attention, it turns out they missed 90% of what you were saying?

    West is methodically pointing out the contradictions in what the prosecution will present, before the prosecution presents them. That way, when the jury hears the prosecution’s evidence, they can check it off and say, “Oh, yeah, this is what he was talking about. He’s right, that doesn’t add up.”

  5. Defense opening statement was a train wreck. Tone deaf joke, rambling and incoherent. If you are going to give details, give the narrative summary first, so that the jury has someplace to anchor those details. Otherwise its just an info dump that will get washed away.

  6. Just heard the defense say Zimmerman didn’t lawyer up when he talked to the police, like about half the other witnesses did, as if getting a lawyer makes you guilty of something.

  7. It really is reality TV. A gaggle of idiots gathered together for their moment of fame. Trayvon died because he was an egotistical A-hole who let GZ get under his skin, GZ is a dumbass for allowing/encouraging the escalation of the situation, the ‘spokesman’ for Trayvon’s family is an idiot who won’t recognize Trayvon’s obviously shady character, and the attorneys have created a bar association blooper reel on the FIRST DAY of proceedings. One of the biggest clustering of f^cks I’ve seen in a while. Shoot GZ into space where he can be a mall ninja by himself and shoot Trayvon’s family into space too for failing to raise him the right way and then raising holy hell when his odds ran out. Oh and send the attorneys back to law school, paid for by GZ’s and TM’s families.

    I do think that GZ did shoot in self defense, but the whole thing should’ve never gotten that far. Neither party is really innocent here. Both are guilty of spectacularly bad judgment.

    • You speak as if you have intimate details of the incident. Were you there? Do you know either of the parties of the case?

  8. The Non Emergency Operator testified today that he did NOT order Zimmerman to do or not to do anything. It’s almost like the state has no case.

  9. Trayvon Martin wasn’t the only one with a record, Robert. Google “George Zimmerman fired from security job” and you can read about Zimmerman’s hair-trigger temper, which got him fired the same year (’05) he was charged with scuffling with an officer and “resisting with violence.” There’s also a restraining order from an ex-girlfriend, etc., etc. Wonder how that will play with the all-female jury — if it comes out.

    Zimmerman’s lawyers should have never let him out on Hannity last year, either. The contradictions that Sean caught out could come back in the trial if the prosecution in on the ball.

  10. Libtards (democrats) love to play the race card (fast and loose). So, I wonder if the black racists will get Zimmerman, and what the Hispanic community would think about it?

  11. If this man is convicted,it will be a travesty of Justice.He protected himself from being beat to death by a fight club thug.The pictures of Trayvon Martin are from earlier in life,he had grown into a larger man.He lifted weights to be a better fighter in his fight club activities,he used drugs,even had them in his system at the time of the altercation.This is politically motivated,I bet that if he is convicted that the state AG,the one who brought charges against GZ,even though the local DA didn’t pursue charges due to the fact that there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest GZ,will run for higher office.It is already in the MSM that the prosecution is going to go after GZ’s Character,and use circumstanual evidence,as they don’t have the factual evidence they need.I hope he is exonerated.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • They will probably try to say that Zimmerman murdered the ghetto thug for his Skittles based on the weight he has gained before trial. Clearly, this overweight man cannot control himself and was craving to ‘taste the rainbow’ on the night in question.
      Stupid libtards.


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