Final Illinois Concealed Carry Agreement: Exclusive Details

TTAG has learned from sources close to the discussions that Illinois House and Senate members have finally agreed on the details of the new concealed carry bill. Forced to enact some form of concealed carry law by the courts, the final form of the bill has been hotly debated between upstate Democrats and downstate Republicans. While some believed the state wouldn’t come to an agreement before the court-mandated deadline, it apparently has indeed happened. And it’s a bill that New York and California residents would be jealous of . . .

First things first – the law will be SHALL ISSUE.

Statewide pre-emption for all handguns is part of the bill. It had been hoped that the bill would include full pre-emption for all firearms, but the final bill was only able to keep handguns free from Chicago’s ridiculous laws. This means that local permits will no longer be required for handguns, cities cannot regulate magazine size or the kind of handgun you can buy and there will be no local restrictions on concealed carry. Concealed carry permits issued or recognized by the state will be valid in Rahm Emanuel’s disarmed utopia.

The bill will not pre-empt existing laws when it comes to long guns, but new laws will indeed be pre-empted by the new state statute. So while Chicago’s existing laws regarding assault weapons and other long guns will remain in place, any newly enacted laws will be invalid. Also in the legislation are safe passage provisions, allowing residents of places other than Chicago to pass through the city unscathed. Legally speaking, at least.

As of now, the requirements for a permit will include 16 hours of training. However, the type and manner of training is not legislated. So one hour of classroom training and fifteen hours on the range will work. Theoretically. Also, eight hours worth of credit toward the 16-hour total will be awarded for hunter safety classes, or prior military experience.

Is it the best concealed carry bill in the nation? Not by a long shot. But it’s a damn sight better than New York.