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You’re cheating yourself if you don’t check out and their rebates, offers, and discounted firearms before shelling out your cash.

Good, you’ve once again convinced yourself that you need a new gun. Seems to get easier as you go along, doesn’t it?!

But it’s far more justifiable if you can manage to save some money with your purchase. And, if you just want to devote the difference to more ammo, we’re all for it.

If you want to keep the costs down in a market where it’s sometimes hard to do so, we have a thought on where you should start., the trusted news and info source, has also dedicated themselves to becoming a top online resource for gun purchases.

The result? We get a worth-it destination for buying a gun at a lower cost than most anywhere else.


They’ve conveniently listed out all the top rebates currently available to you, and are constantly adding new ones. It is a great place to start shopping, because you’ll typically find top brand names and will be able to quickly compare make, model, and cost. Right now, you’ll find rebates from Browning, Rock Island Armory, Taurus, and Winchester.

The rebates typically come via the source as a manufacturer’s rebate, and has provided easy ways to get all the details without much searching.

Don’t forget that these rebates almost always have a time limit. Don’t let it pressure you into something, but just know the clock is usually ticking to some extent.

Weekly Deals

If you want to take advantage of a more diverse and dynamic offer, then the Weekly Best Deals is the next destination to check off the list.

This curated page is refreshed constantly with new inventory, and includes both brand new as well as used or modified guns available in the vast stock.

Just glancing at the list of deals gives you a good idea of the savings. There’s currently a Weatherby Element Deluxe shotgun for under $800, a used Marlin Model 9 for under $900, and a Kahr Arms CW9 for less than $450. If you’re the type that likes to know they’re seeing a discount, this is the way to go.

The thing is, these Weekly Best Deals tend to include a limited number of guns, meaning some don’t even last the full week before they’re sold out. Keep that in mind as you’re scrolling through the impressive discounts.

Featured Deals

If you want a wider, bird’s eye view of all the below-market prices has marked their guns at, then the Featured Deals, broken down by gun category, is where to look. This is how you can generate a full list, with quick-click links of specs and descriptions, across the entire discounted lineup.

Of course, the used gun market, something has really embraced and simplified for the buyer’s sake, is worth a look as well. Prices can fluctuate and be influenced by outside factors, but you’re almost always going to save money if you go the used route. Consider perusing the list of certified preowned firearms, but only if you’re viewing them on a reputable site like

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