Obscure Object Of Desire: MAB Model A

A French gun is an Obscure Object Of Desire? You’re probably wondering how much wood alcohol got into the hooch I’ve been drinking all winter. But bear with me, because something like this gun probably has a place in any true collector’s portfolio . . .

New from Wild West Guns: BLR Takedown Combo Rifle

We don’t want to leave objectivity completely at the door, but TTAG hearts Wild West Guns. Last year they sprinkled some pixie dust and transformed my deplorable Marlin 1894 into a cowboy race gun, and now they’ve opened a new shop in Nevada and turned their attention to Browning’s top-shelf BLR.  

Fanboys and Firearms.

I’m a marketing guy, first and foremost. I was raised that way. From a very tender age, my pater familias drilled into my head how to get past the hype and determine if the advertiser was playing us. So I tend to look at things from a very skeptical, analytical point. But I’m also human. Marketing […]

Gun Review: Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II

Life is all about balance. It’s a Zen thing. Yin. Yang. Black. White. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Name your poison. Like in anything else in life, all guns are a study in the art of compromise. Large calibers = big holes, but come with (more) expensive rounds and fewer […]

Gun Review: CZUB CZ 75 P-01 9mm

Sometimes I just get a “feeling.” Like the first time I ever stood in front of a classroom and realized I wanted to teach. Or the night I met a certain tall brunette. Every once in a while, for reasons that usually can’t be explained, something is just right, and in a moment of wonderful […]

Lynch HUMMER Says Goodbye to A Dead Brand—With A Bang

This is not the first time Lynch HUMMER has gained national publicity with its “free gun” with your vehicle purchase scheme. But it could well be the last, as the HUMMER brand fades into trivia-questionland. “Browning and Hummer are prestigious brands and American Icons,” Jim Lynch asserts in a press release. “Bringing them together is […]

Browning: High End Sporting Gun Market Dead in the Water

Browning PR manager Scott Grange tells TTAG that the high-end sporting gun market has rolled over and died. “Over-and-under guns that cost over eight thousand dollars are not selling, period.” Good thing, then, that Browning doesn’t sell firearms aimed at the top end of the market. Bad thing that they don’t make assault rifles, though. […]