Gun Review: Kahr S9 9mm Pistol

I’ve never carried a single stack pistol. So when RF handed me a single-stack Kahr S9 in 9mm to review, I was on unfamiliar territory. While I appreciate the extra-concealability of a single stack handgun, is it worth sacrificing capacity for stealth and comfort? The Kahr S9 combines a matte stainless steel slide with a […]

New (Again) from Auto Ordnance: Thompson Custom 1911TC

Like a lot of firearms manufacturers, Kahr Arms is sitting pretty. The post-Obama, post-Newtown guns and ammo sales surge has been very, very good to them. So good, in fact, that they stopped making the Auto Ordnance Thompson Custom 1911TC to satisfy demand for concealed carry pistols. Well, that’s their story and they’re sticking to […]

Gun Review: Kahr PM45

I told my wife: when you finally make the decision to start carrying I will support you 100 percent. When she decided that 2012 was her year of the gun, I was ecstatic. Until I found out that my beloved Ruger LCR wasn’t really “mine” in the strict sense of the word. With my backup […]

Kahr Arms Buys Desert Eagle Maker Magnum Research

The general public knows the Desert Eagle® Pistol as a full-size hand cannon, firing .50 cal. Question: why would Minnesota gunmaker Magnum Research sell a Baby Desert Eagle (9mm or .40S&W) or a Micro Eagle? Somehow I don’t think that “The Science of KABOOM” applies to a weapon chambered in .380 ACP. Answer: money. Sure, the Eagle’s brand extensions sell. A cheap BMW […]

Sex. Now that I have your attention…

I dunno. Where manufacturers already have (some) products that would ostensibly appeal to women (guns with reduced recoil, smaller grips, easier disassembly for cleaning) their marketing is…well.. kind of Neanderthal. Hey, baby…look at this one. It’s a girls gun…you can tell because it’s PINK. Um…not so much. Most women I know are far more concerned with features like weight, recoil, and stopping power ratios, far more than what color the bloody thing is. You know. Just like men are.