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This is a surprisingly fatuous argument about the Democrats’ appetite for more gun control laws if and when they flip the Senate. Any newly elected Democrat Senators will have no trouble at all signing on to gun control legislation with their party in control.

However, we can’t solely point to Biden for our lack of gun control dialogue in this fraught moment. As a people, we Americans don’t rush to debate the issue after most shootings. We only do it after public mass shootings. A public mass shooting is a form of domestic terrorism, designed to terrorize the public. The media obliges, and the public tunes in. Gun control and gun rights advocates seize the traumatic moment to press their respective cases. Eventually, the media focus shifts elsewhere and the debate subsides, only to resurge after the next public mass shooting.

Since what happened in Kenosha and Portland were limited in scope, we aren’t seeing any public pressure on politicians to turn their attention to gun control. But this is not a new problem for gun control activists. The vast majority of deaths from guns are suicides. Many more gun deaths stem from domestic violence, other crimes and accidents than from public mass shootings. Yet advocates for gun control haven’t figured out how to draw attention to that daily violence, in between the far less frequent but more traumatic episodes. That takes the pressure off of Biden and his fellow Democrats to press the issue now.

Yet if they don’t emphasize gun control now, they can’t easily argue next year that they have a broad mandate, cutting across political and cultural fault lines, to act. Any newly elected Democratic senators may not be so eager to sign on to gun control legislation, especially partisan legislation, for fear of losing tenuous support at home.

– Bill Sher in After Kenosha & Portland, Why Aren’t We Talking About Guns?

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  1. Hopefully the illusion of laws having utility is shattered after having seen their efficacy when no one enforces them.

    • After 4 years of a forced taxpayer funded sleazy, diabolical, slanderous, libelous witch-hunt concocted to overthrow a duly elected POTUS Gun Control need not be a factor. There is already more than enough poo on democRat Party to keep those despicable slimeballs out of office for 1000 years. Anyone needing a bit more democRat Party lunacy in order to get off their butts to vote has not been paying attention.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • The point of broad, ineffective gun control laws like the safe act isn’t about improving anything except for the DNC. Those laws have the desired effect: when you get very little compliance from laws that won’t really be enforced, you silence an opposition voting block and those who represent that block as activists. You just only enforce it against the outspoken ones to increase the hassle and risk of speaking out against them politically.

      It strikes me as odd that this isn’t discussed more.

  2. “Since what happened in Kenosha and Portland were limited in scope, we aren’t seeing any public pressure on politicians to turn their attention to gun control.”

    I don’t think it’s got to do with the scope of it. It’s probably more to do with the public at large tooling up in the wake of constant videos of burning cars and dead racists. The only people who are pushing gun control right now are the same people who ALWAYS push gun control, because that’s how they get paid. Normally it’s a matter of them getting people who just don’t care and aren’t involved to parrot their message, but since they started going into residential areas and waking people up at night, we’re all involved now whether we want to be or not.

  3. Yes, this is the unfortunate effect of the necessary changes to rectify the state of government in the US after Trump was elected and defended since.

    Thanks to everyone who put him in a position of power, and have defended, for this necessary but detestable outcome. You all did *exactly what the Founders warned against*, and now the balance of power must swing back, but too far. But let’s be clear who is at fault, here: those who supported Trump.

    The only way forward is to burn the GOP to the ground, salt the earth, and piss on the ashes. Every Trump supporter must be turfed out on their ear, never to be welcome in polite society again.

    • “Turfed out”?

      Leave the UK slang in the UK, troll.

      How long did that take you to type al those important sounding sentences?
      You’re not blending in.

      • “To jsled:

        GTFO you Leftist troll.”

        “Fuck around and find out.”

        Actually, having these types (jsled, Montana Actual, among others) around here are a good thing- having only a choir to preach to/from doesn’t do a damn thing unless that’s all it takes to make some of you “feel good”. It changes absolutely nothing except to make the average firearms owner appear more “radical” and less trustworthy with their fare to the general public shoud they ever read or hear such comments. Quite the debate…

        Now, if we could only teach TTAG posters to come up with more educated, less juvenile responses, troll posters would do us a great service. If all you can come up with is Carl B’s or Montana Actuial’s best efforts (I assume), the Leftist trolls are pushing you over a cliff as they desire.

        Look around you! There’s ample evidence to convince scared, suburban women and metrosexual males that having firearms for one’s defense right now is as necessary as ever in the United States. What do these people think they’ll do when the Black Lies Matter and their anarchist, anti-US handlers come marching into their neighborhoods next, with the express tacit approval of their elected officials? The Second Amendment couldn’t be an easier sell right now if we had some true sales people. Stop with the easy way out route…

        • Do try to keep up, 007.

          In case you didn’t get the memo, we moved passed trying to convince anyone of anything a while back. Now the message is leave us and decent people alone or get Rittenhoused. That is the gist of “Fuck around and find out.”

          Also, it would appear that, based on the exponentially increasing gun sales to new people and 1st timers this year, those in the middle, women, metro males, and others who were unconvinced about the utility of guns, and even many who opposed their private ownership altogether, have now been convinced of the utility of firearms ownership. They have availed themselves of their newly discovered rights en masse.

          The public has spoken on gun ownership, democratically, with their own money, in the biggest pro gun vote ever in human history.

    • Every Trump supporter must be turfed out on their ear, never to be welcome in polite society again.

      Damn you really know how to hurt a guys feelings, NOT really, why the fuck should I care whether or not your supposed POLITE Society welcomes me whoever they are? I’m guessing you are talking about a bunch of pissy, whiney ass snowflakes.. And if that’s the case you can thank them for me for not including me in their “society” As for the rest of that garbage you wasted the space to print, GFY…. and get a life..

      • Guys like jsled are the low hanging fruit of the conflict they are asking for and don’t even realize it. They are begging for war because they think other people (esp. the ones they think will fight for them) will be the casualties.

    • jsled…Did your pimpled arsonist behind concoct that slander and libel in your dorm room or did you allow some pos that dropped out of bill ayers’ butt take a dump in your ear? When a twerp like you mentions “Founding Fathers” it’s nothing but an sneaky little attempt to cloak your marxism in righteousness. It is clear you are a politically inept history illiterate scumbag. How do you know that you ask? I will prove it by asking you the following questions and you need to answer or you confirm yourself as a Gutless Wonder…

      If you left children beneath a Gun Free Zone Sign and a criminal comes by a shoots them, stabs them, beats them to death who or what is at fault? A)The Individuals who lead gullible people into believing children were safe beneath Gun Free Zone Signs. B) The weapon used in the crime. If you answered A you are not as dumb as you appear. If you answered B you should face a firing squad.

      Next question…History clearly shows Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide and that makes Gun Control a racist and nazi based agenda. Since you have established yourself as a democRat Party useful idiot and democRat Party useful idiots march along with Gun Control will you or can you justify your racist and nazi based Gun Control agenda I ask you jsled on this day of Our Lord Monday September 7, 2020? Answer or gfy.

      • After reading the dribble from jsled again it has attributes of the forum’s resident democRat Party lint licker enuf. If it’s not him it’s one of his like-minded relatives. To enuf et al…

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • You can just edit your previous post if you forget lint licker, oh you forgot dirty diaper too. Still love your posts…………PM… don’t hold back so much.

    • You can tell the difference between the two sides from their response to rioting in Kenosha. President Trump went to talk to the people whose businesses were destroyed by an army of misfits, rapists and pedophiles. Biden went to commiserate with a rapist and his virulantly anti-Semitic father.

    • “You all did *exactly what the Founders warned against*…”


      You’re busted!

      Since when has a ‘Progressive’ like yourself ever been interested in what the ‘founders’ wanted? You’re the one constantly lecturing about how the Constitution is an archaic, outmoded document that must be seen as a ‘living’ document that keeps pace with the times.

      Make up your mind, Fascist. Does it mean what it meant at the time it was written, or is it open to interpretation?

      • It means what it meant when it was written, it’s just that the Government doesn’t abide by the Constitution. What Bill of Rights hasn’t been infringed I ask.

      • “Exactly what the founders warned against…” And what does he even think that is, anyway? Voting for somebody the collectivists disapprove of?

        This idiot is just another progtard hyperventilating about muh democracy! when what he really means is that democracy only counts when he wins.

    • The only way forward is to send fools like you to someplace like Venezuela to see first hand what a socialist country will look like if the DEMONcRATS get into power. Obviously you do not know your history because you were not taught it in school, or you conveniently forgot it. Maybe you should re-learn what we have gone through as a country and how we have improved. If you want to blame someone for ALL the troubles we have today, blame the people responsible, and it is NOT Donald Trump. Take a look around and see who is causing the problems and who is supporting them. You will find BLM and Antifa, supported by the DEMONcRATS, main stream media, George Soros, Silicon Valley tech executives, Hollywood “elites”, and other liberal, “progressive” people and groups. Get your head out of your behind and look around before you vote our country into oblivion. There is no such thing as “systemic Racism” or “Systemic Police Violence” either. It is ALL something thought up by BLM, Antifa, and “progressives” to further instill dissent in our country.

    • to rectify the state of government in the US after Trump was elected and defended since.

      “in the US” is redundant and is a clear indication that the author is not a U S citizen. Other things in the post also point to the non-citizen status of the writer.

  4. Yes.
    Let’s talk about gun control after a prohibited person shot and killed a guy ambush style and a minor used one to fend off an assaulting pedophile, wife beater and a burglar who was also armed as a prohibited person.
    Let’s talk about that.

  5. My theory is all the typical mass shooter types are focused on playing with Antifa right now. Once that becomes no longer fashionable, watch for a shooting in a district that removed their police from schools.

    • Maybe then people will wake up to the fact we must protect our children from the shooters, pedophiles, marxists and the rest of the left leaning trash in this country/world.

      • Quote: “Maybe then people will wake up to the fact we must protect our children from the shooters, pedophiles.”

        Too many people take no responsibility for their children.

        They turn them over to TV (the media) as babies, turn them over to public schools (marxist indoctrination centers), and listen only to major (communist controlled) media blame inanimate objects when perp commits a crime.

        It would be nice if they would wake up but their indoctrination is strong and they will likely keep voting for democrats (communist party USA).

        As a side issue, it is likely some substantial percentage of the 5 million “new gun owners” are in fact AntiFa / BLM gearing up for coming celebrations in their utopian cities. Have you not heard some of their leaders saying “white people need to die.”

        Be Prepared !!

        • Gordon, it’s not a side issue, it’s THE MAIN ISSUE antifa/blm anarchists are arming up for the post election festivities. sad but true.

  6. As America’s founding stock of Europeans is replaced with Jewish, black, and brown people- this is inevitable. Demographic replace means Republicans as they exist today will never win again. Republicans already gave up on gay marriage, abortion, divorce, etc. America’s historic most popular religion, mainline Protestantism, is a shell of its former self. I think you have to be gay now to be an Episcopalian? All industries that are still run by “whites” are actually run by Jews. Non-Jewish Whites are institutionally discriminated against in medical school admissions, private equity, etc.

    You’re going to start having a lot of boating accidents.

    • Ahh, I see, the Joos did it. Did they team up with the Reptilians? Or maybe an unholy alliance with the Templars? Are the Joos going to help the Illuminati herd us all into FEMA death camps? Do they get their marching orders from Elvis via brainwaves transmitted by the Grays hiding out in the Hollow Earth? Or from the Moon Nazis who helped Kubrick fake the Apollo landing…

      • I think my (((wife))) might be a gray. She is short, pale, and thinks i should know what she is thinking and feeling so she clearly has telepathy. If she is an alien I am disappointed that we aren’t flying around in her space ship. I would do all the house work for a month for a ride in a flying saucer.

    • “Demographic replace means Republicans as they exist today will never win again.”

      For your sake, pray that never happens. If it ever gets to the point where we can never have a voice in government, the founding documents provides for a bail-out clause; revolution. We will exercise it, and since we have the guns, we will get what we want.

      “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,…”

      To bad, so sad, as an ex of mine once said. About you and your ilk.

      You will have two choices, pack your luggage and leave, or we kick your asses out by whatever means we see fit. 🙂

    • Good chance this is McCrystalite pretending to be one of Spencer’s guys. I guess he doesn’t know that Spencer is on his side now.

  7. I love my guns, but this “come and take it” stuff is non-sense. I have a wife and kids. I can’t fight the government on my own. If the ATF shows up at the door, I’ll have to hand them over. I’m not going to jail over it. Hate me, but I’m just being honest.

    Really- you’re going to go Waco over your guns? Do you people have families?

    • This is the same moment the founding fathers faced. Is one really going to fight the British troops or quietly give up your guns and obey their dictates. Every man has that line in their life that he is will fight over when it is crossed. To some men, fighting and standing up is more important than being subservient on their knees. It looks like that moment is coming up at all of us now.

      • If giving up your guns, which were intended to keep “we the people” the masters of our government, and they can go house to house, one victim at a time, liberty will have been shut down forever. If we lose our liberty, there is no place to go.

        “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing that is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself”
        ——John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873)

      • This is the #1 reply in the comments.
        After saying “hell yes, they will take your AR and AK”, then emptying the prisons because of “Covid” while simultaneously “defunding” the police.
        It should be clear to everyone the radical left (communist) agenda is to genocide their political opponents. So, yeah, when they pass more gun control, I’m just turning mine in. How about you???
        Die on your feet or on your knees.
        Worried about your family? Want to watch the goons repeatedly rape and then kill your family before they kill you? That’s what’s going to happen to all the spineless wimpy men. Time to put on our big boy pants. Stuff’s rolling down the hill on us like it or not. This maybe the moment of truth except for a miraculous gift of Grace averting it.

        “ We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

        Benjamin Franklin

        The only remedy I have to all our civil war, and maybe a communist invasion is prayer. So, everyone… take a knee… Bible in one hand… rifle in the other.

    • Most of us on here have families, some of us with small children. This is the reason that so many militias, citizens defense leagues, etc are being founded and people are joining everyday. One man alone can’t stop the gov from taking his guns. Put that man in with a few hundred others, all well equipped of course, and then you have something. Just a thought, hope this finds you well.

    • Larp,

      There is far, FAR, FAR more at stake here than mere firearm ownership.

      At the absolute best:
      The other side does not trust that you are peaceable, does not trust your competence with firearms, and does not respect you and your family’s sanctity of human life. Therefore, the other side is quite content to forcibly disarm you.

      At the absolute worst:
      The other side views you as mortal political enemies and does not respect you and your family’s sanctity of human life. Therefore, the other side is brimming with spite and hatred and will cheer when government agents do whatever it takes to disarm you.

      And regardless of which of the above characterizations is correct, the downstream consequences will be the same:
      — you will have no effective means to defend your family
      — your family will have no effective means to defend themselves
      — this will increase attacks from robbers, thugs, rapists, and murderers.

      More importantly, either characterization above means that the other side will not stop at simply disarming you. Since they do not respect you and your family’s sanctity of human life, they will come back for more and more and more — more of your dignity, more of your rights, more of your property, more of your money, more of your life. And why wouldn’t they if you cannot stop them and they have no regard for your humanity?

      I will close with this simple parallel:
      You and your wife are in your bedroom when three surly men break down your home’s entry door. The men then demand that your wife come to them, loosen her pants, and submit to all three men feeling her up with the promise that they will leave peacefully and not rape her or your daughters if she complies. Do you trust those men and kindly present your wife to them for a “minor” sexual assault? Or do you and your wife come out of your bedroom and resist with everything in your power? If you would not trust those men to keep their promise (of leaving you alone) after you let them sexually assault your wife, why would you trust a government which promises to leave you alone after you kindly give up your firearms and make your family vulnerable to all manner of exploitation, coercion, and attack?

      • But they already destroyed everything that was important to me. I can’t be openly Christian at work. My sister-in-laws’s new boyfriend is black. My daughter can get birth control pills and an abortion without my permission. My wife can “no-fault” divorce me. My other sister in law married a Jewish guy and they aren’t going to raise their kids Christian. I got passed over for partner at my firm because I wasn’t diverse enough.

        What good are my guns? Other than toys?

        • “My sister-in-laws’s new boyfriend is black.”

          What does that irrelevant fact have to do with you? You’re a racist?

          (A moot question, you are obviously one of the paid trolls trying to seed despair. it won’t work. Things are really gonna suck for you when Trump wins again… 😉 )

        • Let me crawl into another mans shoes.
          Pretend to be him, that is the life I now choose.
          My own life felt bad.
          So in a way I’m glad.
          To pretend to be what many view as a disciple of the beast.
          To accept his faults and sins does not bother me in the least.
          For unlike Cyrus the Great the imposter who took his name.
          Left death and destruction of innocents as his only real claim to fame.
          I’m proud to pretend to be this man.
          Of his strange beliefs I am a fan.
          And with this poem ol No Poet and I know it will depart.
          Cause once again I created crappy art.

        • Hahaha what a shitty troll. I swear, it’s amateur hour around here. Seen better trolling on the Youtube comment section.

        • Good point Geoff. Everyone play the find the false flag straw man bs in larper’s post. I got “gun owner is a closet racist and anti-Semite”.

    • Waiting until they are at your door and then resisting is insanity. No civil war is fought that way, nor would this one. More than a few people have read Sun Tzu and read about the likes of Fabius. That is the horrible miscalculation those that are trying to make this war happen are making – they think it will be a police and military action against suicidal idiots rather a guerrilla war with both sides having police and military assets.

    • Well, guess what!? We have enough socked away that the bride will do fine for the rest of her life, and still leave a nice memory for the kids. So, yes, I plan to take out one or two and then surrender if possible, to spend the rest of my days pleading not guilty, demanding jury trials, and doing interviews while the government pays my medical bills in my old age. If 500 ATF raids result in 100 people like me, there would be around 200 agents dead and legal systems backed up for 50 years, there will be no more raids for over 100 years. So, there’s a serious answer for a smart-ass question.

  8. If the Senate Goes Blue, We’ll See a Rash of Gun Control Bills Passed in 2021

    And in other news, water is wet.

    Back to being serious. The real question is whether Democrats will gain enough seats to have 60 votes — in order to satisfy the U.S. Senate’s procedural rule that they must have 60 votes to approve legislation for full debate and then (and only then) go to the U.S. Senate floor to vote for actual passage.

    Alternatively, the other question is whether Democrats will gain a simple majority in the U.S. Senate and revoke their procedural rule that requires 60 votes on legislation before it goes to the Senate floor for full debate and a vote for passage.

      • I think they would need a two-thirds vote to get rid of it, but the fact that they’re saying it out loud just goes to show how brazen the real wannabe authoritarians have become. They know they won’t be checked by the corrupt media. Actually, the media has been the loudest cheerleader for this effort.

        • Dude, I would have thought that as well, but it has been done twice in the past 8-10 years, for judicial and then SCOTUS confirmations, and took 51 votes to change. It is apparently a given that Dems will kill the filibuster immediately after they have 51 votes.

    • What is happening in Virginia will go nationwide.

      So get out and VOTE! Even if your choice of candidate has no chance of winning, it lets the other side know there is opposition.

  9. Why Aren’t We Talking About Guns?

    Really? They’re always talking about guns. What they mean is, “Why aren’t we banning guns?”

    • Sorry lintlickers but i hit my breaking point. This shitsreal. Im done!

      Two former US officials confirm Trump Vietnam War quote
      Sep. 04, 2020 – 2:10 – Two former senior U.S. officials who were on the trip to France with President Trump confirmed key parts of The Atlantic article; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports.

      BIDEN/HARRIS 2020

      • More anonymous accusations aren’t confirmations, they’re just more rumor-mongering. When someone has the guts to stand up and put their name to the accusations maybe I’ll give them some credence.

        Parts of Goldberg’s article that can be independently verified, such as the claim that the trip wasn’t really canceled due to weather, have been proven false. I assume everything Goldberg writes is a lie unless it’s proven with verifiable on-the-record sources.

        Also, the Vietnam war was a stupid war. It wasn’t worth the lives of the brave men we lost there.

      • Debbie W.,

        Right! It is far better to vote for Democrats who openly and cheerfully vow to take most of your property and money and condemn you to all manner of misery, exploitation, abuse, and attack.

        That is clearly superior to voting for a despicable blowhard who has demonstrated that he will take significantly less of your property and money and facilitate policies which PREVENT all manner of misery, exploitation, abuse, and attack.

        Our nation is royally screwed if people are this weak of mind.

      • “Two former senior U.S. officials who were on the trip to France with President Trump confirmed key parts”

        Cool! So the exact same unnamed sources for the Atlantic confirmed the report. Genius! Meanwhile, a person with an actual name, John Bolton, a bitter former employee turned Trump critic said it was 100% BS. A sucker’s born every minute…

        • If this were actually a real story, it would have come out immediately after it happened. Rolling out such an easily identifiable (if your IQ is over 80) BS story just shows how desperate they are.

        • LarryinTexas is absolutely correct. Only the media and anti-Trump folk care. When one thinks about that, then why should anyone care about what they care about?
          Also, Dude is correct when he stated, “If this were actually a real story, it would have come out immediately after it happened”. Since the msm and anti-Trump crowd have been eager in their quest to destroy this presidency, why would they wait until less than 60 days before the election. Just more evidence of the arrogance on display daily. Not to mention the dishonesty.

    • @fake debbie
      You lie about who you are and think anyone will believe anything else you say? Or are you just to lacking in brain cells to do something asxsimpke coming up with your own screen name?

  10. Only if fillibusters cease to exist. We saw how hard it was to garner even a straight majority vote on repealing obamacare when the republicans has all three senate, house and president. You really think something as contentious as gun control will get 60 even if the Dems narrowly win it back? Possible? Yes. Likely? I suspect not.

  11. If the Senate goes blue and they start passing a lot of bills that we don’t follow they will delegitimize their authority. They will start slow and work from there. We need to fight them every step of the way and never comply.

    • I hope the Senate doesn’t turn blue. The Dems control the majority of the media and sheeple blindly following msnbc and cnn, don’t realize antifa is growing threat. Our primary problem is we have challenges exposing this truth to the wider voting audience.

      • That same media is showing the truth every day. Riots, arson, looting. Convicted pedo’s acting as brown shirts for the dems. As a result guns are being sold in record numbers and another result will be the red wave in November.

    • According to the real vote the Democratic Party is probably going to be dead and buried this time. Unfortunately, they’ve been improving their ability to cheat and they probably don’t even need to have anyone actually vote for them any more. I wouldn’t count on anything yet.

  12. And I won’t obey a single one of them. These people have no respect for any law that inconveniences them in the slightest and have no respect for the ones who have to enforce them. These past three months are proof of this.

    I have no love for any law enforcement officer if they enforce this nonsense after the way they have been attacked and dragged through the mud recently.

  13. If the left wins their idiots will have “parties ” in the streets, then they try to take our guns. When Trump wins they will riot in the streets and we will willingly give them our boolits.

  14. Just remember that they only need to flip 4 seats to have a majority in the senate. If Biden wins, and they flip those 4 seats, they will control the congress, the senate, and the white house. Now imagine what will happen in 2024 if Mrs Harris is elected when Biden magically decides not to run for reelection due to “health reasons” I think the Dems are playing the long ball and positioning Mrs. Harris to be elected in 2024 because that’s who they really want.

    • The dems have lost control of the ball. AOC and her cabal, coupled with antifa, have run the democrat party on the rocks. The only reason we have biden/harris is because the adults in the party knew they stood not a chance in hell of beating Trump.

      Unfortunately for the adults their party has completely gone to shit.

    • I bet they plan on installing Harris within two years, earlier if Biden can’t keep it together. Then she’ll have the incumbent advantage.

  15. A democrat controlled Senate!? Might as well lock the doors and turn out the lights, it’s over. All but the fighting!

  16. If republicans would GTF onboard with ending the illegal drug war and stop criminalizing plants, they would take away the single biggest card the democrats have. Just about everyone has been affected by the drug war, even me when plain clothed cops attacked me in my own back yard when they got the wrong house.

    Even here in Texas, Lt Gov Dan Patrick treats the residents of Texas like children that are incapable of making their own decisions and blocks any pro-cannabis legislation. The illegal drug war is one of the biggest reasons both the house and the senate are turning blue. I’m putting Mike Collier under the microscope and if I think hes better than Dan Patrick, I’ll vote for him when I cast my vote for President Trump.

    That do-nothing governor Greg Abbott better count his lucky stars hes not on the ballot this year. He didn’t protect our monuments, bent the knee to the WuFlu hysteria, and hasn’t protected our schools at all.

    Tbh, I think both Dan Patrick and Mike Collier stink and I’m getting pretty fed up with holding my nose and voting for the person who stinks the least. One wants red flag laws, the other owns stocks in Chinese companies and thinks liberty is but a suggestion. Both want to destroy my rights and freedoms in different ways for their own ends. I want a government that leaves me the hell alone!

  17. We the people, are pissed! Says the over 3000 counties that Trump won! Get rid of the 49 that hilljack won!

  18. We had our govt. want to confiscate our guns, in fact they put the plan in action. The result was Americans defending themselves in April of 1775, from their British Govt. Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat the mistakes


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